Nhan Tam Dental Clinic Facilities

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Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is proud to be one of the leading dental clinics in modern equipment with a closed, completed system that synchronized with the most advanced technical features to provide the best treatment for customers.

3-in-1 digital dental CT scan system

Modern equipment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic includes the 3-in-1 digital dental CT system including: CT Cone Beam 3D, Panorama and Cephalo, belonging to HDX Will - Korea.

CT Cone Beam 3D

Allows surveying 3-dimensional images of the entire maxillofacial structure, helping doctors accurately determine important anatomical details in implant surgery, orthodontics, wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, and jaw surgery. Face and in some cases support complex root canal treatment, etc. to create a treatment plan to get the best results for customers.

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3D CT Cone Beam imaging system

Panorama (panoramic X-ray)

Through Panorama film, you will be able to observe the positions of cavities and impacted teeth, distinguishing between teeth that have not had a root canal removed and teeth that have had a root canal removed. Infected or periodontal teeth, mandibular nerves, maxillary sinuses, and dentures are also shown on Panorama film.

When consulted directly on Panorama film, you will easily visualize your oral health status and treatment plan.


Cephalo X-ray films are very important data in orthodontics. Radiographs of the upright skull, tilted skull, and hand bones help evaluate and predict the growth and development of the craniofacial system (in children).

Orthodontic software helps detect and determine the time for early orthodontic treatment in children to limit tooth extraction and jaw surgery in cases where the craniofacial system has passed the development stage.

3SHAPE 3D digital tooth impression technology

3Shape 3D digital dental impression technology is a technology that takes dental impressions using a scanner, showing a three-dimensional image of the teeth on a computer screen. This technology helps scan directly in the patient's mouth, automatically compares tooth color and creates intuitive 3D images, providing maximum support for doctors in treatment.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic applies digital scanners for:

  • Serving digital treatment using CAD/CAM technology in porcelain and implant restorations.
  • Serving Invisalign orthodontic treatment (without braces).

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X-Guide Navigation Technology in Dental Implant

Dr. Vo Van Nhan is the first Vietnamese doctor to successfully apply implant technology to treatment.

X-guide Navigation technology is the most advanced implant support technology today. With this technology, doctors can plan specific treatment and perform implant placement immediately without wasting time making a guide.

X-guide Navigation technology has created breakthroughs with outstanding advantages over old technology, helping to implant implants accurately, quickly and ensuring absolute safety.

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3-D face scanning technology

3-D face scanning technology uses a scanner system to record the entire customer's face. If with old technology, customers can only see changes in the smile in 2-dimensional space on static images, then 3-dimensional face scanning technology will show changes in the face and smile after treatment. Many different angles in detail and accuracy with a vivid video.

With the application of 3-D face scanning technology, doctors can predict treatment results, minimize possible errors, meet each customer's aesthetic wishes, and help Minimize treatment time.

3-D face scanning technology

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CAD/CAM porcelain tooth manufacturing technology

The CAD/CAM (Computer Added Design/Computer Added Manufacturing) system developed by Germany's Sirona system is a technology for designing and manufacturing monolithic porcelain teeth completely automatically by machine.

Currently, for porcelain tooth restorations, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic can complete them quickly within just 12-24 hours, bringing maximum convenience to customers, especially those who live far away and do not have access to dental implants. a lot of time with just the CAD/CAM system.

In addition, this system also helps restore teeth accurately according to jaw impressions, with absolute accuracy, natural color like real teeth, does not change color over time, limits tooth grinding to only 0.6 mm.

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T-SCAN bite assessment and analysis system

The T-Scan machine with an extremely thin and sensitive sensor will accurately record the bite force, contact points, order and contact time of the teeth through the computer screen, overcoming the errors of the old method.

This helps balance the bite, limiting risks such as breakage, breakage, loss, and damage to restorations or implants.

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Laser Whitening teeth machine

The teeth whitening machine that Nhan Tam Dental Clinic uses is the safest and most effective LED technology whitening machine system in the world today.

The bleaching machine has a high light density, so it will maximally activate the light-sensing catalytic molecules in the bleach, helping to achieve the best possible results. In addition, LED light is very safe for the eyes of patients and doctors, helping to reduce tooth pulp irritation and sensitivity.

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Intraoaral X-Ray Unit

The periapical radiograph shows the entire tooth, from the incisors to the root and the bones that support the tooth. Periapical radiographs are used to find dental problems under the gums or in the jaw such as teeth, pimples, cysts, tumors and changes in bone structure that lead to certain diseases.

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PIEZOTOME ultrasound machine

Sharp Piezotome ultrasound wavelengths move flexibly with selective frequencies from 28 - 36 Khz, affecting hard tissues, without damaging soft tissues. This helps to extract teeth gently and heal faster than with conventional tooth extraction methods.

Tooth extraction with the Piezotome ultrasound machine is performed quickly, only about 10-15 minutes/tooth; In cases of wisdom tooth extraction, it may take a little longer, not hours like before.

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Root canal length measuring device

The root canal length meter helps accurately determine over 95% of the required length of the root canal, helping dentists perform accurate and thorough root canal removal without affecting the tooth apex. In particular, the machine is very useful in cases where root canals are narrow, complex or have many root canals.

The machine has the ability to automatically calibrate, when the file approaches the tip area, there will be a warning sound system. Short test leads help prevent electromagnetic waves from affecting measurement results.

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Ultrasonic tooth scaling machine

Sophisticated probes combine non-thermal ultrasound waves with extremely high vibrations, capable of detecting compounds of inorganic salts (including carbonates and phosphates) and soft residues (including food scraps and impurities minerals) to gently and quickly separate them from the tooth surface.

The ultrasonic wavelengths create safe oscillations on the machine heads that easily penetrate into the gaps between teeth, under the gums, etc., removing hard, long-lasting tartar but completely without affecting tooth tissue and teeth. gums, does not cause bleeding.

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