The process of dental pulp treatment

The process of dental pulp treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is performed by a specialist with the help of modern imaging equipment, combined with safe and painless anesthetic devices, provide a smooth and painless procedure.

Root canal is not clean

Sometimes after making dentures, there is pain and swelling in the gums in the denture area, on the gums, there is a white protrusion, sometimes when you press on, you can see cloudy yellow mucus flowing out, sometimes you can't see it. what. Those are signs that the root canal is not clean.

Avoiding pulpal death during fixed prosthodontic procedures

Broken, large chipped teeth or teeth with pulp problems should be carefully analyzed before making fixed restorations. If pulp survival is in doubt, endodontic treatment should be performed before restoration rather than fixed restoration and root canal therapy as needed.

Causes of bleeding gums and treatment

Hello doctor, I am 22 years old this year, I often have bleeding gums every time I brush my teeth, eat tough, hard foods... I don't know the cause of bleeding gums and how to cure them effectively, please counselor helps me. Thank you (Truc Linh – HCMC).