Price of porcelain crowns

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Today, there are many types of porcelain crowns with different quality and price. Understanding the characteristics as well as the cost of porcelain teeth will help you to make the right decision.

Types of dental porcelain cosmetic restoration

The porcelain crowns consist of two parts: the inner side which can make of metal or porcelain and the coated enamel.

1. Types of porcelain crowns

Replacement crown

The crown restores a decayed tooth or cracked tooth to the initial shape which also helps to strengthen the tooth and enhance the cosmetic outside of the tooth. The crown can make by the ceramic material, metal, precious metal (gold) or a combination of the two, the all- porcelain crown prefer better color, pure, and aesthetics.

Dental bridge

The dental bridge uses to replace one or more missing teeth, by bridging the two teeth. The bridge is a type of denture, consisting of a bridge span connected to two crowns on either side to replace missing teeth. Like the crown, the dental bridge can make of porcelain, precious metal (gold), or a combination of the two. The Porcelain Dental Bridge can perform on the front teeth bringing highly aesthetic as real teeth.

The dental bridge is a type of denture, consisting of a bridge span connected to two crowns on either side to replace missing teeth

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneer or porcelain cosmetic restoration is the ideal solutions for too large or small teeth, including the small holes. This method will help you to have a long lasting beautiful smile.

Commonly, people have defective teeth such as imperfect tooth shape, chipped tooth, bent tooth, or irregular shape. Porcelain veneer solution will help you to solve all of these problems and bring you pretty healthy teeth and your confidence.

Porcelain Veneer will help you to have a beautiful and permanent smile

2. Types of porcelain teeth

Nickel Porcelain Crown(Cr-Ni)

The Nickel porcelain crown(Cr-Ni) is also called the normal crown. The internal alloy is Cr-Ni which has the disadvantage that after a period of use it can be oxidized leading to black tooth neck and no good biological correlation with the gum tissue, which easily leads to the gum shrinking phenomena and shows the tooth root. However, this type of crown cost is quite low.

Titan porcelain crown

The Titan porcelain crown is similar to the conventional porcelain crown but the inner metal structure made of Titanium, a type a metal which has well biocompatible and does not cause allergic reactions. So it can replace the Nickel porcelain crown and minimize the dark around the root after a long using period.

Precious metal crown

The precious metal crown is a type of porcelain crown, the inner metal structure made of gold, which completely overcomes the disadvantage of the ordinary metals. However, the price is very high because of requiring the high-quality production process, and modern equipment to achieve high accuracy.


  • High durability.
  • When using precious metal, you will not have to worry about the black tooth neck after years of use.
  • The teeth color more nature than the standard metal crown.
  • Easy to adapt to teeth and gums as well as to limit discoloration of teeth.
  • Gold is antiseptic, so the precious metal crown has the anti-inflammatory effect.

Dental porcelain precious metal

Disadvantages: Because of using rare metal and high technical requirements, so the cost is higher than Titan porcelain crown and normals metal crowns. There are very few dental clinics that can do this technique and you need to choose reputable, reliable addresses.

Cercon Porcelain crown

The Cercon porcelain crown is a type of porcelain crown that made of all porcelain. The Cercon porcelain crowns completely overcome the disadvantage of common metal crowns (no black border gums, do not change color, not affected by light ...) excellent tissue biocompatibility. Therefore, the cost is quite high because of the CAD/CAM technology production process, and the modern equipment to reach absolute accuracy.

Advantages: The Cercon porcelain crown has natural color, not allergenic. This type of porcelain crown has high precision, and aesthetic. Made of Zirconia material which is the high-tech material used in spacecraft, artificial joints in medicine...has great durability and bearing force. With these advantages, the Cercon porcelain crown is currently a popular choice.

Cercon porcelain

Disadvantages: High investment in expensive machines because of using CAD/CAM technology, Zirconia ingots must be imported from the US or Germany, so the cost of Cercon porcelain crown is quite high (about 4.500.000 VND/ one crown). However, the full porcelain crown has many significant advantages than the traditional crown, more and more people choose this type of porcelain crown, especially the front teeth.

Porcelain crowns prices at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

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