How to prevent tooth decay?

Tooth decay is a common oral disease that infects many different individuals, most commonly in children due to the habit of regular consumption of milk and candy in the evening. If not treated in time, tooth decay will endanger dental health as well as bodily health.

Common oral diseases

According to the statistics from the Ministry of Health, up to 90% of Vietnamese are suffering from dental diseases, most of which are tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, and bruxism, etc. However, more than half of them only go to the clinic after the disease has become severe and negatively influenced life as well as work.

Hello doctor: Tooth decay due to bottle-feeding

Many parents do not understand why their children from 1-3 years of age are more likely to have multiple tooth decay in the front teeth of both jaws, the cause of this is because the baby has had bottle feeding for a long time with poor oral hygiene.

Cavities: Causes and preventions

Cavities are holes that develop on teeth as a result of decay. They can cause symptoms including toothache. Without treatment, cavities can worsen over time and cause other problems. Practicing good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent them.

Tooth Decay - Causes and Prevention

Tooth decay is damage that occurs to your teeth, which can potentially result in cavities, dental abscesses, or even tooth loss. It’s caused by the activity of certain species of bacteria that can live in dental plaque.

Signs that you about to have tooth decay

Tooth decay is a common dental disease that not only causes pain but also causes bad breath, even teeth loss. Therefore, as soon as the early symptom appeared, you should take good care of your teeth and go to the dentist for thorough treatment. Here are indications that show you are going to suffer from tooth decay that cannot be ignored.

How to get rid of decay toothache quicker?

How to get rid of decay toothache quicker?