Cercon® Zirconia Systems

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Cercon® Zirconia is an innovative system for esthetic metal-free crowns and bridges. The reliability of Cercon® Zirconia restorations is backed by more nine years of proven clinical success.

The Cercon® Zirconia System

The Cercon® Zirconia System takes advantage of the exceptional strength, toughness, reliability and biocompatibility of translucent Zirconia through the accuracy and control of an innovative computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) process.

Whether your prescription calls for single units or long span bridges, Cercon has the solution.

The Cercon CAD components consist of the Cercon Eye Scanner which is used in conjunction with the Cercon Art CAD Module for virtual preparation of crowns and bridges. The digital output of the Cercon Eye can be visualized and customized using Cercon Art and then sent to the Cercon Brain or our Central Manufacturing facility in York, PA for milling.

The Cercon Eye scans dies and models for crowns, bridges and abutments using a three camera system as well as a laser, which can precisely map out up to 16 units per model. Automatic margin detection enables ease of case design. Coping thickness, margins and occlusion can all be adjusted. With a scan time of less than 20 seconds per unit, and a scanning precision of 10 microns or less, even difficult model geometries such as undercuts are easily read.

Cercon Zirconia blocks are manufactured in both white and ivory shaded blocks so darker shades are easily achievable without any infiltration required. Meet your esthetic requirements with the milled substructure that optimizes the esthetics of anterior restorations by creating a warm, natural appearance.

Cercon® Ceram S Veneering Ceramic

Extend your esthetic reach with Cercon® Ceram S veneering ceramic. This porcelain was designed exclusively for use with the Cercon® Zirconia system. It has been shown in extensive long term studies to be compatible with the zirconia core material. Technically an excellent porcelain, Cercon® Ceram S meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of ISO 6872 for dental ceramics.

In addition, it offers proven bond strength to Cercon® Zirconia. This low-fusing, leucite-free porcelain is also highly biocompatible. In the artistic dimension, Cercon® Ceram S is available in many assortments, including the Light Dynamics system, which mimics the natural tooth. The interplay of light and vitality in this porcelain creates a natural, vivid interchange of colors between opalescence and natural fluorescence. The Cercon® Ceram S Porcelain System also contains the 8 new illuminé™ White Shades, making matching ultra white dentition with even high strength ceramics simple.

Clinical case

The procedure was performed by Dr Vo Van Nhan

Patient: a 36 year old female patient, she complained discolored teeth and wishes to restore her color teeth. She also requested long-term stability with both color and shape.

Lip movement when smilling generally exposes the anterior teeth.

In this case, 10 teeth in the upper and 10 teeth in the lower expose when she smiles so we only need to restore 20 teeth in total.

After root canal, 20 teeth was prepared for final crown.

The next step, the dentist tried ceramic frame to make sure accurate final crown. This is very important because it affect esthetic and stability of crown.

* The effecitveness of treatment depends on each person's particular health condition