Consequences of tooth loss

The oral system is the first gateway of the digestive system, where most of the nutrients are received to feed the body. Teeth help chew food, saliva smoothes food pellets, helping the digestive organs in the intestines absorb nutrients easily and effectively. For some reason losing teeth, people feel a lack of confidence, difficulties in communication and daily activities, even guilt, sometimes mental breakdown.

Does tooth filling requires pulp removal?

Hello doctor, I have a tooth that being decay for more than 2 years old. I also don't know how bad it is. I want to go to the dentist and get tooth filling but I have heard that it require pulp removal. I hope you can advise me if it is necessary to remove my pulp for tooth filling? (Thu Hien - HCMC)

How to use mouthwash correctly and most effectively?

Mouthwash's main use is to eliminate bacteria in the oral cavity and bring fresh breath. However, do you know how to use mouthwash to ensure safety and maximum effectiveness?

What should we do if toothache happen at 4th, 5th, 6th tooth?

Dear doctor, I am fifty years old this year, I have had 2 molars extracted in the innermost part for a long time. I made dentures on 3 teeth numbers 4, 5, 6, then came home with pain for 1 week. What should I do now, Doctor?

What causes toothache and treatment?

Hello doctor, I am 24 years old this year, my upper front teeth have been hurting for a few days now. I feel my teeth are a bit loose, especially when I eat cold food, it hurts even more. Can you advise me on the cause of my toothache and how to treat it, doctor? (Kim Anh - Can Tho)

Some tips for wisdom teeth pain relief

Hello doctor, I am 21 years old, currently have one wisdom tooth, now I am preparing to grow a second one in the upper jaw. I'm waiting for it to grow all the way and then pluck it once. However, I was in so much pain that I could not eat or speak. The doctor can advise me some tips for wisdom teeth pain relief. Thank you. (Phuong Nhi – Long An)

Is tooth root inflammation dangerous?

Dear doctor, for the past few months I have noticed that my tooth roots are bleeding and reddened. Especially when I brush my teeth or eat hard food, the doctor advises me if I have root inflammation, and if I have root inflammation, how to treat it, is it dangerous? (Hoai Thu - Nghe An)

I have a broken and decay incisor. What should I do?

Dear doctor, I am 27 years old this year, I have a chipped front tooth. So what should I do? (Pham Trang, Dong Nai)

What is the best way to fix the overbite?

Hello Doctor Nhan Tam. My teeth are protruding and now I have the conditions to fix it, but I don't know how to fix it. Your doctor can advise you on the best way to deal with it. Thank you, doctor. (Hoang Thuy Hien – Ca Mau)

Allo doctors: Unknown things about cosmetic fillings (P3)

Are teeth discolored after a period of filling, teeth are sensitive after filling, are Amalgam fillings in the mouth good,... are questions that many readers are interested in. Allo doctors: Unknown things about cosmetic fillings will advise and answer the questions above.

Allo doctors: Q & A about tooth decay prevention

Dental caries is a very common disease, which can be seen in all ages, from children with baby teeth to the elderly without any distinction. So how to prevent tooth decay effectively?

Allo Doctors: Q & A about cosmetic fillings (P2)

Cosmetic fillings have the same color as natural teeth to help restore shape, and even help cover some defects in enamel. Then a layer of Composite with the same color as the tooth is covered with special glue in dentistry. Nhan Tam Dental Clinic continues to advise and answer customers' questions about cosmetic dental fillings.

Allo Doctors: Q & A about cosmetic fillings (P1)

Cosmetic fillings are a common dental treatment that does not cause you any discomfort. For small cavities, filling treatment can help prevent the development of cavities, so you should have a filling as soon as the decay has started or the cavity is small. Here are some answers and advice from Nhan Tam Dental Clinic about customers' questions about cosmetic dental fillings.

Allo doctors: Q & A about extractions

Allo doctor - answer questions related to tooth extraction such as: in which cases it is impossible to extract teeth, can pregnant patients have teeth extracted, tooth extraction will cause any neurological complications or not...

Allo doctors: Q & A about periodontal disease

Equipping general knowledge about periodontal disease will help people have ways to prevent it, as well as early detection and treatment in time to avoid unfortunate consequences such as tooth loss, tooth abscess,...

Why should I replace multiple teeth with dental implants

Dental implants are the most natural looking and feeling tooth replacement and will keep you smiling for years to come with very low maintenance. Dental implants for multiple missing teeth can do the following: Stop the bone resorption process (deterioration) Are much more comfortable and stable than partial dentures.