What should we do if toothache happen at 4th, 5th, 6th tooth?

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Dear doctor, I am fifty years old this year, I have had 2 molars extracted in the innermost part for a long time. I made dentures on 3 teeth numbers 4, 5, 6, then came home with pain for 1 week. What should I do now, Doctor?

PhD, DDS Vo Van Nhan:


To treat teeth numbers 4, 5, 6 how best, first determine the cause of the pain.

Problem 1: It is possible that the cause of the pain is due to joint pain, the second is because the denture is open, so food is stuffed and the third is during the process of grinding teeth or attaching teeth, causing trauma to the pulp tooth. If it is the cause of joint pain, it can be examined and resolved by adjusting the bite, not the need for root canal treatment.

Problem 2: The tooth is stuffed with food, the restoration is open and leads to gingivitis, so the restoration must be redone to fit closer. In the case of really due to trauma to the tooth pulp, then only the root canal treatment. Root canal treatment through crowns can be done, but requires a skilled and experienced doctor, otherwise, drilling into the pulp area will go wrong, causing a perforation to the outside and it is necessary to determine whether the tooth is rotated or not. are not. If the direction of the tooth is rotated, it will be difficult to orient the position of the pulp chamber and may be deflected.

You can arrange a time to come to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic to check and consult directly to get the most accurate answer through 3D CT Cone Beam. Especially when visiting directly, the dentist will advise you in the most accurate way about the problem you are facing. You should have an x-ray to check the pulp chamber so that the dentist can have the best treatment method.