Bruxism and its effects

Bruxism is a case in which patients involuntary grind or clench their teeth due to chewing muscle contraction. This is a fairly common disease that occurs in both children and adults, affected about 8% of the population. This phenomenon usually occurs when sleeping and sometimes even while awake. Dr. Franxois Unger (France) said that a person who has bruxism can grind his/her teeth continuously for 6-8 minutes at night when sleeping and 5-6 times in an hour.

Infographic: Teeth grinding - From causes to treatment

Teeth grinding, medically called bruxism, stem form stress or anxiety that affects people subconsciously while they are sleep.

Causes and symptoms of bruxism

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: bruxism is a phenomenon in which the patient clenches their teeth often and generate grinding sound. Causes of bruxism are due to the bite joint (between upper and lower jaw) dysfunction; Anxiety or stress; agitated or excessive emotions; Side effects of some neurological drugs such as antidepressants; etc.