Underbite and treatment

Underbite is a condition in which the mandible overgrow or the lower teeth angled outward. People with underbite will have bite joint misalignment because the upper teeth sit behind the lower jaw.

Types of braces today

Braces are one of the most important factors in cosmetic dentistry. Knowing the characteristics and features of each type will help you to make the right choice for you, thus bringing the highest efficiency.

Things to know when braces

Braces are one of the most effective ways to get your teeth done. However, how to get effective and have a healthy teeth, a smile in the process of braces is a matter of much interest.

The recommended Braces cases

Braces are the method that reorganizes the bite joint helping teeth to grow straight and bringing a bright smile. Here are the cases of braces that you need to know.

The secrets of invisible braces!

Invisalign or invisible braces can help your teeth straight again and have a perfect smile without any metal brackets, that is a great improvement. The invisible braces help the people wearing braces no longer suffer the bad look from the others like traditional braces. You can completely have a nice smile without wearing the hard braces as well as saving time. Let's study more about this new braces solution with Nhan Tam dental clinic.

Protrusion braces treatment with modern technology

Upper front teeth protrusion is one of the things that make people uncomfortable when talking or laughing as they make you less attractive. This can be due to genetic, congenital and protrusion can also be derived from the external impact that teeth have suffered since the eruption.

Proper oral hygiene when wearing braces

How to maintain oral hygiene to avoid affecting the braces while having a clean mouth and teeth?

How long does it take to wear Braces?

"How long does it take to wear Braces?" is the question that many people are interested in when choosing to use this method to the orthodontist. In fact, it is not possible to give an exact answer to this question because the braces time lapse depends on many factors.

Effective cosmetic brace at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Cosmetic brace is a dental restorative method that is prescribed for cases of protrusion - retrusion, crooked or deviated teeth. 3M Unitek Gemini SL brackets, as well as porcelain brackets, guarantee proper teeth adjustment, bringing aligned and cosmetic teeth.

Braces for diviated teeth

Deviated teeth, simply understand as teeth that grow unevenly, affect chewing capability as well as cosmetic. In this case, braces treatment is the most suitable solution to bring an aligned, balanced and beautiful teeth.

Invisible braces-Invisalign - The latest orthodontic technology

Invisalign is evaluated as the most modern orthodontic technique. This method does not only bring the high efficiency in braces but also ensuring the aesthetic during throughout the treatment process, overcome the disadvantages of the traditional braces.

Benefits of braces

The benefits of braces are one of the things many people want to know. Most people think that they will have more aligned, beautiful teeth after the braces. But the benefits of braces do not stop there.

At what age braces are effective?

Braces are one of the solutions to repair teeth defects such as overjet, underbite, deviated teeth, etc. In addition to price and time, the effective age for braces treatment is also a concern for many customers.

Price list of braces services at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic guarantees to provide customers with top quality braces for the best price. We are confident that the price of braces will suit the effectiveness of the service, to help the customers overcome the problem of deviated teeth, protrusion, underbite, crooked teeth,etc., and possess the desired sets of teeth.

Braces treatment prices at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

A beautiful smile and aligned teeth will project an approachable aura to other people. Because of that, many people today choose braces to improve their teeth so that they are both beautiful and aligned. Apart from paying attention to how long braces treatment last, many people are also wondering how much braces cost.

The procedure and stages of the braces process at Nhan Tam Dental Center

Braces are no longer a strange concept in recent years. This method helps to overcome the defects of the teeth, has a regular and beautiful teeth and standard bite. However, a long-term orthodontic process requires the patience from both doctor and patient. Here are the steps and stages of progression that you should know about braces.