Invisible braces-Invisalign - The latest orthodontic technology

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Invisalign is evaluated as the most modern orthodontic technique. This method does not only bring the high efficiency in braces but also ensuring the aesthetic during throughout the treatment process, overcome the disadvantages of the traditional braces.

What is Invisalign?

Unlike the other bracing technique using the metal mouth stigma, the non-metal mouth stigma Invisalign does not use the working principle of metal mouth stigma system and elastic to fix the teeth replaced by the easily removable, and invisible braces. These braces create appropriate force, help the teeth to move to the correct position, bring you beautiful teeth, and standard bite.

Invisalign uses the invisible trays to straighten the teeth

Thanks to the advanced digital technology, Invisalign outlines your treatment plan from start to finish. You will see the results of your treatment through 3D images. Then the technicians will produce a series of invisible trays of less than 1mm in thickness, designed based on the jaw shape of each customer, so that why each customer has their own Invisalign. You will carry each tray for 2 weeks until the teeth move to the desired position. The treatment time depends on each person.

Who fit the Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign is a step marked the rapid development of modern dental technology. This invisible brace an apply to these customers:

  • Overbite, underbite.
  • Crooked teeth, impacted teeth, hypodontia,...
  • Backward biting-joint, open bite, deep bite, ...
  • Allergic to metal braces
  • High aesthetic requirements during the orthodontic process.

Advantages of Invisalign

The Invisalign technique is not as inferior to the traditional braces, it even overcomes the disadvantages that old techniques have during the treatment, and bring the outweigh advantages:


When the traditional brace techniques use metal mouth stigma that creates the spot on teeth, the Invisalign with transparent trays is made from the dental polymer which is similar in color to the physiological teeth will bring a high level of aesthetic even during the brace procedure. Patients can laugh, speak naturally, without fear of the realization of the opposites while wearing the orthodontic instruments.

With transparent trays, others will find it difficult to recognize that you are braces


With Invisalign, patients can be easily removed whenever possible without the doctor's intervention, that the traditional brace technique cannot apply. Moreover, the trays are designed to hug the teeth closely so you will not see many differences, you will feel comfortable, eat and talk as easily as normal in just a few days.

Easy to clean

Because the trays can be disassembled, the patient will be more comfortable with oral hygiene. This will prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, thereby ensuring good oral health.

With Invisalign, you will feel comfortable, eat and talk as easily as normal

Shorten your visit time

Based on the detailed braces plan, the doctors will assign the number of trays in the order corresponding to each stage of the bracing to help you not to confuse. Therefore, you can replace the tray at home without having to go directly to the dentist. Besides that, the trays are limited to damage or break as the metal mouth stigma, help you limit the time to go to dental for reparation. Suitable for those who are on business or away from the city.

Ensure safety

When using Invisalign, you no need to worry about bruises that cause damage to the jaw bone or allergy with the metal,...Because the transparent trays are made from dental specific plastic, familiar with your body, not deformed in the oral cavity environment, ensuring safety when using.

The trays are made of the very safe delicate dental plastic

With the advantages of the above, many people prefer to choose Invisalign for their orthodontic solution. It is important that you find the quality, and reputation place to gain the high efficiency, speed and security.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is one of the prestige places where perform the non-metal mouth stigma, Invisalign, which is highly evaluated by many domestic and foreign customers. With the excellent, experienced team of doctors; modern machines, and equipment; professional services,... Nhan Tam dental clinic confidently bring the effect in the bracing process as you wish, bringing a beautiful smile and confidence to our customers.