How much does implant placement cost at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic?

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Nowadays, many people choose implant placement to restore lost teeth and improve the chewing function while maintaining the smile aesthetic. In addition to treatment duration, what to avoid, etc., the cost of implant placement is also a question of many people.

Why does implant placement cost is always higher than other services?

Dr. Vo Van Nhan said that implant price is often higher than other methods of dental restoration because the implant fixtures are imported from abroad, the quality is always guaranteed.

In addition, implant placement is a difficult dental technique, only doctors who have in-depth training with a clear understanding of this method can implement it successfully without being rejected. And of course, the result gained worth the money spent.

It is difficult to give the exact cost of implant treatment, as the cost varies depending on a number of factors that may be involved such as bone grafting, type of implants, type of crowns, number of implants, etc.

Specifically, to know the implant cost you can refer to the price list of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic below:

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