Nightguard for Bruxism

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Nightguard is a tool for each individual patient to gently cover the upper teeth. It is removable and usually made of rigid acrylic. Nightguard helps relieve pain and fatigue, balances the chewing system and helps the protect teeth.

Nightguard - an effective anti-Bruxism solution

The main method to overcome Bruxism (teeth grinding) is wearing a Nightguard. If teeth grinding become chronic, it will lead to many dental problems, such as tooth erosion, tooth decay, tooth fracture, and in more serious cases, it can change the structure of your face. By wearing a nightguard to treat Bruxism, these problems can be prevented. Patients will wear the Nightguard before going to bed, which will not cause pain or uncomfortableness because each Nightguard will be designed to fit the parameters and teeth impression of each person to bring comfort and convenience.

Patiently wearing a nightguard for a period of time will help the patient effectively overcome Bruxism. At the same time, it also helps to protect enamel as well as oral health, limiting the impact on the chewing surface.

Nightguard - an effective anti-Bruxism solution

Depending on the condition of Bruxism, the nightguard can be worn at night or during the day. Nightguard should be periodically checked every few weeks or months.

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