Cosmetic filling - An effective tooth decay treatment

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Cosmetic filling is a treatment to remedy tooth decay or tooth damage that is not too severe. Doctors will use the material to fill the cavities, protect the enamel, dentin, avoid further decay.

This is considered to be a simple and cost-effective way to overcome tooth decay. However, which condition is suitable for cosmetic filling and where to get effective filling treatment is still puzzling to many people. Cosmetic filling which resembles real natural teeth color helps restore shape, even cover some of the enamel imperfection.

Tooth filling solution and tooth decay prevention

When your teeth are just started to decay or slightly decayed, you should visit a dental clinic to fill your teeth. The tooth enamel is easy to dissolve in the acid due to the mineral salt composition in the enamel surface. The enamel surface has many indentations, grooves, easy for food to get stuck in but difficult to brush clean. Leftover food is a nutrient source for bacteria, creating acid which causes tooth decay in those grooves worsens the tooth decay condition. This is the reason we should visit dentists for dental fillings.

Cosmetic filling is a cosmetic procedure that helps restore the appearance of teeth, protect and prevent cavities. Your doctor will use a composite material to cover the tooth cavity or imperfection. This composite has the same color as the real teeth, covered on the tooth that needs treatment with a special dental adhesive.

Cosmetic filling is a dental procedure that helps restore the appearance of teeth, protect and prevent cavities

In addition to composite, the dental industry now has many other materials for teeth filling such as amalgam, gold, alloy, etc.

Cosmetic filling technology is a fairly simple method of dental restoration. However, if it is performed by an unprofessional doctor or unqualified specialist, the results will not be guaranteed. So, choosing the right dentist is one thing you should consider.

Cosmetic filling at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, patients will undergo dental examination and treatment by a team of experienced doctors in the field of overall dentistry, deep understanding of cosmetic restoration and skilled, meticulous in the treatment, promising to bring the best result possible.

A team of doctors at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

There are many cases of dental fillings in unqualified clinics, in which the doctor misdiagnose and lead to ineffective treatments. There are patients who have had pulp inflammation, dead pulp yet still go without proper treatment, which can lead to complications such as infection, sensitivity, and even more severe pain.

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