Can cosmetic fillings become discolored?

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 581
Can cosmetic fillings become discolored is a question that had puzzled many people. Let's find the answer to this question!

Can cosmetic fillings become discolored?

The color of the cosmetic fillings or, in other words, the tooth color of the fillings depends not only on the choice of color from the beginning but also on the relative color changes occurred over time: both the filling and the tooth structure change color with age.

Although cosmetic materials are increasingly being improved with ultraviolet absorbers, antioxidants and are less likely to discolor, but their structure remains subject to color changes over time due to the darkening of the dentin. Therefore, the fillings become unsuitable after many years is inevitable. In addition, it is important to distinguish between true discoloration from discoloration caused by food, drink or smoke.

Take care of your teeth so that the fillings do not become discolored

Limit foods that are too hard or too chewy to protect the filling from external influences. Colored foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. should also be limited so as not to stain the filling.

In case of use, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly so that the food color does not stick on your teeth. It is even more remarkable that when brushing your teeth, you need to pay attention to gently brush at a 45-degree angle because any strong impact on the teeth such as brushing horizontally will make the filling more easily dislodged.