The first Vietnamese doctor repositioning the nerve for the dental implants

Nerve repositioning technique for dental implants has only been done in some countries with advanced health care system. Currently, Dr. Vo Van Nhan, DDS, PhD, director of the Nhan Tam Dental Center, has performed the nerve repositioning technique for the first time in Vietnam. There are 44 doctors in the world who have done and published in scientific journals.

New breakthrough in Implant Dentistry in Vietnam: Tooth Replacement Made Possible by Nerve Repositioning Operation

Nguyen Van Luom has now fully recovered. He can chew very well - even tough, hard foods - just five months after he was operated upon by Dr Vo Van Nhan, director of Nhan Tam Dental Implant Surgery Center, to reposition nerves and place dental implants.

Literally toothless man treated by doctors in Ho Chi Minh City

Doctors at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City have finished operating on a young man who suffered missing teeth due to a rare condition.