Literally toothless man treated by doctors in Ho Chi Minh City

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Doctors at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City have finished operating on a young man who suffered missing teeth due to a rare condition.

B.Q.L., 23, from Bien Hoa City in the southern Vietnamese province of Dong Nai, has recovered after a four-hour operation conducted by doctors at the Van Hanh General Hospital on January 13.

L. suffered from tooth agenesis when he was little, a rare genetic disorder.

The medical practitioners applied two techniques during the surgery, including the replacement of the mandibular nerve and the implant of cheekbones, for the full recovery of the patient’s teeth.

Despite the complicated nature of the surgical procedure, the success rate is rather high, between 98 and 100 percent, doctors stated, adding that the number of surgeries, treatments, and recovery time has been greatly reduced.

According to L.’s father, he had his first and only tooth when he was one year old, before it decayed and was removed nine years later.

L.’s parents took him to a major hospital in Ho Chi Minh City at the time, where doctors failed to provide any guidance or treatment for the issue.

The family continued seeking solutions at other hospitals in the southern hub and in Bien Hoa, the father shared, adding that his son been using dentures prior to his surgery last week.

The dentures were mainly designed for their aesthetics feature, providing little to no assistance in L.’s chewing ability.

According to Doctor Vo Van Nhan, L.’s doctor, about one in 100,000 people suffer from the condition, with common symptoms including lack of hair and sweat, concave nasal bridge, sunken cheeks, wrinkled skins around the eyes, and more.

It is recommended for patients with the problem receive early treatment for better recovery and increased safety, he added.

Following the surgery, L. will first continue using dentures and later before he is equipped with permanent ceramic teeth to help him eat and chew normally.

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