Over 30 Indian Doctors Attend Dr. Vo Van Nhan's Class

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 67
Over 30 Indian doctors came to Vietnam to participate in the class led by Dr. Vo Van Nhan with the topic: "Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation" in September, 2023.

This event has helped Dr. Vo Van Nhan become a renowned dentist in Vietnam, invited to teach foreign doctors.

This is a special achievement for Dr. Vo Van Nhan after making a significant impact during his 4-days mission in India in 2022, teaching students at Saveetha Dental College and providing training for the dental team at Clove Dental Center.

This short-term training class is part of the event program of the Nobel Biocare Vietnam company. Dr. Vo Van Nhan participated as a special lecturer, his class attracted more than 30 doctors flying from India to Vietnam to attend.

On the first day of the course, Indian Doctors learned important theoretical knowledge in rehabilitation with Dental Implant techniques, and learned about graftless solutions.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan guides doctors on how to determine the implant location

At the same time, the doctors observed live clinical surgeries applying the All-on-4 Implant technique, Zygomatic Implant surgery with stackable surgical guide and X-guide Navigation technology led by Dr. Vo Van Nhan and his team.

On the second day, the doctors practiced the Zygomatic Implant technique and temporary prosthesis conversion guidance using realistic tooth models. Dr. Vo Van Nhan provided direct guidance, and the Indian doctors were able to discuss and exchange their challenges with him during the practical session.

The doctors practiced on realistic tooth models

On the last day of the Workshop "Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation", Dr. Vo Van Nhan conducted practical sessions on All-on-4 Implant and Zygomatic Implant for the doctors at the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, helping them master these two complex techniques and provide accurate treatment for their patients.

Although it lasted only for 3 short days, Dr. Vo Van Nhan's training course for the Indian doctors was remarkably successful. The dry and complex knowledge in the field of Dental Implant was simplified and explained thoroughly by Dr. Vo Van Nhan in a very understandable manner.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan Guides Doctors in detail

The atmosphere of the class sessions was extremely exciting with Dr. Nhan's enthusiasm and friendly and humorous explanations. However, there are also moments when doctors are reminded of customer stories, extremely special and emotional cases that Dr. Vo Van Nhan has been treated in his 25-year journey of creating smiles.

The atmosphere of the class was extremely bustling

It can be affirmed that Workshop “Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation" opens up opportunities for doctors to change their thinking and approach to treatment cases with different conditions, improve their skills and bring more practical benefits to patients.

This short course helps Indian Doctors improve their expertise and skills

After the course, Indian doctors expressed their love, gratitude, respect and admiration for Dr. Vo Van Nhan for his extensive expertise and valuable experience as well as his generosity in teaching knowledge and experience to generations of young doctors.

Dr. Rohit Kulkani shared: “I must say that he is the most dynamic speaker and teacher I have ever met worldwide. Even though I have been practicing All On 4 for many years, after taking this course I discovered that some things were still missing in my workflow. After taking the course, I see how things can be done much better.”

Doctor Advind Nahata said Dr. Vo Van Nhan is “a very excellent, wonderful and good person. The way he explains is very simple and easy to understand. I was able to master my technique more, become more accurate and effective thanks to Dr. Nhan's useful sharing.”

This course is part of the plan to realize the desire of Dr. Vo Van Nhan to train a generation of young dentists.

This event once again affirms the talent of Dr. Vo Van Nhan and his great contributions to dentistry. At the same time, it also fulfills the desire to train and teach clinical experience and knowledge to young generations of dentists so that the next generation can follow in his footsteps and help many patients in all parts of the world.