Dr Vo Van Nhan was invited to teach Indian doctors

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Dr. Vo Van Nhan is one of the leading doctors in Vietnam in the field of implant surgery. Recently, Dr. Nhan was invited to teach Indian Doctors with the topic "Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation". This event is a testament to the development of Vietnamese dentistry, contributing to enhancing the position of Vietnamese dentistry in the international arena.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan is a famous dentist in Vietnam, with 25 years of experience in the field of implant surgery.

Not only is he a pioneer in applying new techniques to implant surgery, Dr. Nhan is also a passionate teacher, a Vietnamese doctor invited to teach foreign doctors.

The first Vietnamese doctor invited to teach foreign doctors

In September 2023, Dr. Vo Van Nhan, a Doctor in Vietnam, was invited to teach Indian Doctors with the topic: "Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation".

This is a very new and attractive topic about solutions without bone grafting in Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Doctor Nhan shared his valuable knowledge and experience throughout the 3-days workshop through theoretical and practical activities

First day of Workshop Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation

On the first day, Dr. Vo Van Nhan had a theoretical lecture at the Holiday Inn hotel (18E Cong Hoa, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City). In this teaching session, Dr. Nhan shared basic knowledge about implant surgery.

On the same afternoon, Doctor Nhan taught through Live Surgery: Dental Implant with X-guide Navigation technology and stackable surgical guide. These are new and advanced techniques, helping to increase accuracy and reduce surgery time.

Day 2 - Practical teaching session on tooth models at Workshop Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation

On the second day, Dr. Vo Van Nhan had a practical teaching session on tooth models at the Nobel Biocare Vietnam office. Nobel Biocare is a leading company in the field of providing dental implants, with many high quality and reputable products.

In this teaching session, Dr. Vo Van Nhan guided Indian doctors to practice implant techniques without bone grafting on tooth models. Indian Doctors were very excited to participate in this teaching session and learned a lot of valuable knowledge and skills.

On the last day, Dr. Nhan had a practical teaching session on All On 4 Implant and Zygomatic Implant at Ho Chi Minh City National University. Dr. Nhan dedicatedly guided and supported doctors, helping them perform operations accurately and safely. The practice session took place successfully, helping Indian doctors improve their skills in practicing difficult techniques in dental implant.

Day 3 - Practical teaching session on All On 4 Implant and Zygomatic Implant

The sharing comes from Indian Doctors

Dr. Vo Van Nhan's teaching session was highly appreciated. Indian doctors expressed their satisfaction and thanked Dr. Nhan for sharing his valuable knowledge and experience.

Dr. Rohit Kulkani from Mumbai, India, chose Vietnam and Dr. Nhan as a place for him to study and exchange experiences: "I attended his lecture last year and what he said that day was very impressive. That's why I decided at that moment. I told the Nobel representative in India that I would really like to participate if they have any plans to take place in Vietnam."

Dr. Vo Van Nhan's teaching session was highly appreciated by experts and doctors from India.

Dr Arjun D. from New Delhi shared: “Last year, when Dr. Nhan arrived in New Delhi, I attended his “Train the Trainer” workshop. Like everyone, I really like him. So when the opportunity arose, I chose to join this class."

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Dr. Arvin - Prosthodontist specializing in Implant and Veneers from Hyderabad, India shared about the teaching session: "I have experience with All on 4 implants. But through the teaching session from Dr Nhan, I have been able to master my technique to become more precise and effective. It's really easy because of all the tips and techniques he's already taught. The practical guide that Dr. Nhan provided, I think it’s really useful."

As an expert with more than 12 years of experience in implant surgery, Dr. Tashveen Singh praised Dr. Vo Van Nhan: "Dr. Nhan is a very professional and experienced implant specialist. He is an excellent speaker, he has a wealth of practical knowledge. So he helped me understand the problem easily."

The shares of Indian doctors have shown the positive results that the teaching session has achieved. Indian doctors have highly appreciated the knowledge and experience of Dr. Vo Van Nhan. The techniques that Dr. Nhan shared are very complex but were explained very clearly and easily to understand.

This event is also considered an important turning point in promoting cooperation between the Vietnamese and Indian health sectors

Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Enthusiastic dedication to the Vietnamese Dentistry

Dr. Vo Van Nhan is the founder and developer of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic into one of the leading aesthetic and high-tech dental addresses in Viet Nam.

Not content with this achievement, Dr. Nhan aspires to establish a dental center of excellence, modern, and on par with international standards.

On December 12, 2023, Dr. Vo Van Nhan officially commenced the establishment of Nhan Tam Dental Specialized Hospital Joint Stock Company - a project that he has nurtured and prepared for over 8 years.

Nhan Tam Dental and Maxillofacial Specialty Hospital promises to be a 5-star dental care center in Vietnam

Here, Dr. Nhan aims to provide patients with high-quality services using the most advanced dental equipment in the world, at a reasonable cost, only a quarter of what it would be abroad.

His vision goes beyond creating a center that merely conducts examinations, treatments, and high-quality dental care activities. Dr. Nhan also envisions it as a training center to contribute to passing on clinical experiences and dental knowledge to the younger generations of dentists, both locally and internationally.

Despite facing challenges in his medical career, the joy of seeing patients's smiles after treatment has become a significant source of motivation, enabling Dr. Nhan to continue steadfastly on the chosen path.

As a result, Dr. Vo Van Nhan has achieved numerous remarkable successes, acknowledged by experts both nationally and internationally. He has been invited to participate in various international conferences on maxillofacial surgery worldwide, such as in Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and has also hosted many reputable training programs and conferences like VIDEC, HSDI, NIDP Biotech Dental Vietnam.