Porcelain Crowns process at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

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Porcelain crowns are gradually becoming an aesthetic trend chosen by many people recently. Because this method helps overcome tooth defects, bringing beautiful, naturally white teeth and a bright, radiant smile. The following article will reveal to you everything about cosmetic porcelain crowns.

Aesthetic porcelain crowns are currently being chosen by many people

If in the past, porcelain teeth were only applied in cases of large broken teeth, teeth that had root canal treatment, etc., now, with the development of modern porcelain tooth technology, porcelain tooth implants have gradually become more popular. becoming a popular dental aesthetic trend, capable of bringing teeth that are both beautiful, white, and natural like real teeth.

What is Aesthetic porcelain crowns

What are porcelain crowns? It can be simply understood that cosmetic porcelain crowns are a method of "dressing" teeth, giving teeth a completely new look.

Porcelain crowns are done as follows: first, the doctor will grind away part of the real tooth, then take tooth impressions and make porcelain crowns. Finally, the porcelain crown is placed on top so that it fits closely to the real teeth, does not cause problems when chewing, ensures aesthetics and stabilizes chewing function, and limits dental diseases.

Aesthetic porcelain dental crown technique

Detailed structure of an aesthetic porcelain tooth

Aesthetic porcelain crowns are usually composed of 2 parts as follows:

  • Inner frame: Made of alloy, titanium metal, precious metal or porcelain.
  • Outer shell: Made of pure porcelain, the color can be chosen to match the color of real teeth.

The most popular porcelain tooth implant method today

Currently, there are many methods of porcelain tooth implantation. Depending on the level of tooth defect, each person's needs and conditions, the appropriate method can be chosen to bring the best results.

Porcelain crowns

This is a method in which the doctor will grind around the real tooth at an appropriate ratio to make a tooth abutment, then use a porcelain crown to cover it. Porcelain crowns will cover the entire tooth tissue on the inside, outside, chewing surface and both sides, thereby completely improving the aesthetics and chewing function of the teeth.

This method is often indicated for cases of chipped teeth, cavities, teeth that have had root canal treatment, severely discolored teeth or mildly overbite or underbite teeth,... but the tooth roots are still strong.

Porcelain crowns restore aesthetics and chewing function

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a method of making porcelain teeth that many customers choose at the present time. This is a thin layer of porcelain, made using CAD/CAM technology, with a thickness of 0.5 - 0.6 mm, in many cases it can even be made with a thickness of only 0.3 mm.

With this thickness, the rate of grinding real teeth will be very small or you can have porcelain veneers without grinding the teeth, no need for root canal, the tooth is completely preserved. The method of making porcelain veneers is relatively complicated, requiring doctors to have high levels of expertise and LAB technicians to be very professional to bring about the desired results.

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The doctor will use porcelain veneers to paste on the outside of the teeth, thereby improving the shape, size and color of the teeth, helping you have a perfect smile without destroying the real tooth structure. affects the health of teeth. This method is very suitable for cases where teeth are relatively even but sparse and have few breaks; Lightly discolored teeth;…

Porcelain veneers minimize tooth grinding

Make porcelain dental bridges

The porcelain dental bridge method is often applied in cases of tooth loss, but both sides of the missing tooth must have strong, real teeth. Because the doctor will grind these two teeth to make pillars, then create a porcelain bridge to attach on top.

Porcelain dental bridges are considered a relatively low-cost method of dental implantation but still ensure the aesthetics and chewing ability of the teeth.

However, the disadvantage of this method is that it cannot prevent bone loss at the tooth loss site, causing gum recession, exposing tooth roots, etc. In addition, when the real tooth pillar is weakened, it cannot If it is still strong enough to serve as an abutment, you will need to replace it with a new porcelain bridge.

Porcelain dental bridge when one or several teeth are missing

Porcelain teeth on implants

Dental implants are a remarkable development in modern dentistry. After the implant is inserted into the jawbone, the porcelain crown will be attached on top. This method is suitable for cases of losing one tooth, losing many teeth or even losing all teeth in both young and elderly people.

Because the implant is firmly attached to the jawbone like a real tooth root, bone loss is prevented. Furthermore, dental implants are very durable. If you maintain them properly, they can be used for a lifetime without needing to be replaced.

Porcelain teeth on implants have very high durability

Porcelain crowns process at Nhan Tam dental clinic

In order for the porcelain tooth implant process to be safe, uncomplicated and achieve satisfactory results, it is very important that the process is carried out according to standards. Nhan Tam Dental Clinic would like to specifically share the steps in the porcelain crowns process so that customers can clearly understand.

Step 1: Examination and X-rays

First, the doctor will specifically examine the customer's oral condition. Then take an X-ray to check the periodontal tissue, see if the tooth is infected or not, etc. If so, the disease needs to be thoroughly treated to ensure the effectiveness of future restorations.

Take X-rays to review overall dental condition

Step 2: Design your smile and create a treatment plan

The porcelain tooth making process at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will include additional steps of taking photos and designing the smile. This is a great combination of dentistry and digital technology.

With 3D face scanning technology, customers can preview their smile with a vivid video from many different angles. This step will also help the doctor create a specific treatment plan, thereby limiting possible risks and shortening treatment time.

Smile design allows customers to preview treatment results

Step 3: Oral hygiene and anesthesia

Customers will have their teeth cleaned and disinfected to prevent infection. In addition, if there is too much tartar plaque, it is necessary to perform scaling before getting porcelain crowns. Next, the doctor will anesthetize the area where the porcelain teeth need to be made to help the customer not feel any sensitivity in the next tooth grinding step.

Anesthesia will help customers not feel pain when grinding porcelain-covered teeth

Step 4: Grind the pulp and take tooth impressions

The doctor will gently grind the tooth at a previously determined rate, without touching the pulp or neighboring teeth.

This is an important step to help the porcelain teeth attach closely to real teeth, without becoming thick, rough, or unnatural. In case the tooth is too damaged or has pulpitis, it will be treated with a root canal before grinding the tooth.

When the tooth preparation process is completed, the doctor will take an impression of the tooth using 3Shape 3D technology. This technology helps doctors quickly take tooth impressions with almost absolute accuracy, without being affected by external factors like the conventional tooth impression method with bite paper. Data after taking the impression will be transferred to the LAB room for technicians to make porcelain teeth.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic takes tooth impressions using 3Shape 3D digital technology

Step 5: Design porcelain teeth

Currently, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is applying CAD/CAM technology to make porcelain teeth. This is a technology for automatically designing and manufacturing porcelain teeth, creating porcelain teeth with high precision, sophistication, meticulousness and natural color like real teeth.

Besides, this technology will help porcelain teeth be completed quickly, very convenient for busy customers who don't have much time or customers who live far away from the dentist.

CAD/CAM technology creates perfect porcelain teeth

Step 6: Attach porcelain teeth

After the porcelain tooth is completed, the doctor will install the porcelain tooth into the tooth base but only temporarily so that the customer can try eating with the porcelain tooth. If you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable when eating, it will be adjusted immediately. If you can chew and eat comfortably without any obstructions, it will be permanently fixed with cement.

Porcelain teeth need to be closely attached to real teeth

Step 7: Instructions for oral care

After completing the porcelain crown process, the doctor will instruct customers on how to care for porcelain teeth to maintain aesthetics and long-term use.

Porcelain dental crowns are the most popular today

The porcelain crown method can be applied to many different cases of tooth defects, including popular types of porcelain crowns such as:

Porcelain crowns for gap teeth

Gap teeth are cases where the teeth do not grow close together, revealing gaps between the teeth, which can cause food stuffing or make the smile unsightly.

For cases of large gaps in teeth where dental fillings cannot be applied because the fillings will easily peel off, porcelain crowns will be the optimal solution.

Slightly spaced teeth are very suitable for porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns for protruding and underbite teeth

Porcelain crowns can fix buck teeth and underbites, but to a mild degree, not too serious. On the contrary, in cases of severe buck teeth and underbites, this method cannot be applied. Instead, you should look into braces or jaw surgery (depending on each specific case).

Porcelain restoration method for buck teeth and underbite brings many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Shortening treatment time, customers only need to go to the dentist for about 2-3 appointments to complete the treatment.
  • Improves bite, solves buck teeth and underbites.
  • Helps teeth become white, bright, even, beautiful and aesthetically superior, as natural as real teeth.
  • Porcelain teeth help improve the bite relationship between the two jaws, supporting effective chewing and crushing of food.

Porcelain teeth help correct mild buck teeth

Porcelain crowns for misaligned and crooked teeth

Porcelain crowns are also the choice of many people when encountering misaligned or crooked teeth because this method helps shape teeth quickly, while also making teeth more beautiful and whiter.

However, porcelain crowns in this case are similar to buck teeth. In cases where teeth are misaligned or crooked, you should choose braces to adjust the bite more harmoniously and preserve real teeth as much as possible.

Slightly misaligned teeth can choose porcelain crowns to improve aesthetics

Anesthesia porcelain crowns for snaggle-tooth

Snaggle-tooth have always been considered a hidden charm, helping the smile look more charming and adorable.

However, this is only true if the teeth have moderate deviation. If the tooth are crooked a lot, tend to protrude forward and cover the lips, it will cause loss of aesthetics and can also lead to dental diseases. Therefore, porcelain crowns will help you solve this problem.

If Snaggle-tooth are not too crooked, they can be kept

Top 10 most naturally beautiful porcelain teeth shapes

Natural tooth shape

This is a porcelain tooth shaped like a "corn kernel", the color is natural, not too prominent. Teeth are restored to the correct size and shape of real teeth to ensure harmony between teeth.

Rabbit teeth shape

This is a style in which the upper front teeth are designed to be larger and longer than the remaining front teeth. The shape of this type of porcelain teeth is very cute, elegant and a bit mischievous. This is a very popular tooth shape in recent years, loved by many young people.

Personality of canine teeth

This tooth style stands out with 2 canine teeth (tooth number 3) that are a bit longer than normal, creating a personality for the owner.

Gentle Oval tooth shape

This is a simple, round tooth shape but brings a gentle, noble look, suitable for gentle girls. This is also the tooth shape favored by businessmen, singers, and actors.

Personalized porcelain teeth shape

The shape of porcelain teeth is different from natural teeth. The incisors are somewhat square and the surrounding teeth are somewhat rounded. In particular, the front teeth will be designed to be smaller to improve the aesthetics of the front teeth. This tooth shape is suitable for people with strong and active personalities.

Sexy teeth shape

This tooth shape is very suitable for girls who like to stand out with square incisors and slightly pointed canines. At the same time, with its natural shine and sexy teeth shape, it will attract the eyes of many people even if it's just passing by.

Natural porcelain tooth shape

Cute porcelain teeth shape

If you have a small, pretty figure, slightly rounded, even and bright white teeth will be the most suitable choice.

Masculine porcelain teeth shape

The teeth are square in shape, evenly colored and nearly equal from the incisors to the first molars. This is a more male-friendly design and is often chosen by men.

Square incisor shape

In this tooth shape, the front teeth are square, the left teeth are slightly shorter than the right teeth, the teeth are regular, the edges and corners are not too large. This style shows a strong personality while being elegant and calm. This is a very popular choice, loved by men.

Charming Snaggle-tooth shape

Snaggle-tooth are known as the most beautiful porcelain teeth today because of their charm and cuteness. Furthermore, this tooth shape does not require much skin color and is suitable for everyone.

Thus, there are many beautiful porcelain tooth shapes for you to choose from. Depending on the face, shape and color of the teeth, the appropriate type of porcelain teeth can be chosen.

  • Round face: Teeth with long shapes such as natural teeth, buck teeth, and bunny teeth will make the face more beautiful and cute.
  • Heart-shaped face: Suitable for round and short teeth. Therefore, oval-shaped porcelain crowns are the most suitable choice.
  • Oval face: Square teeth help expand the shape of the face and increase the fullness of the face, making the face more beautiful.
  • Square face: Suitable for round teeth because this tooth shape softens the edges. Cute tooth shape, oval or natural tooth shape will be the most suitable choice.

Types of porcelain teeth are available at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

On the market today there are many types of porcelain teeth, classified based on the material used to make them. Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is providing a variety of different types of porcelain teeth , suitable for most customer needs.

Ordinary metal porcelain teeth

Metal-porcelain teeth are usually porcelain teeth with an inner frame made of a common metal compound (Co-Cr or Ni-Cr) and covered with a layer of Ceramco3 porcelain.

This type of porcelain tooth has high hardness and good bearing capacity, suitable for restoring teeth that have to chew a lot such as molars. Furthermore, the color is quite natural, similar to the color of real teeth. In particular, the price is cheap, suitable for many people.

Titanium alloy porcelain teeth

Titanium porcelain teeth are a type of porcelain tooth composed of 2 parts: the inner frame is made from Nickel-Chromium-Titanium alloy (of which Titan accounts for about 4 - 8%, this makes Titanium porcelain teeth much lighter. many, beneficial when making long bridges) and the outside is Ceramco III porcelain enamel, whose color is similar to real teeth. So are Titan porcelain teeth good? How many types of Titan porcelain teeth are there?

The advantage of Titanium porcelain teeth is that the cost is quite cheap, suitable for those who are allergic to metals or have teeth with large pulp chambers that cannot use all-porcelain teeth.

In addition, this type of porcelain teeth does not cause irritation, affecting oral health or overall health. The titanium porcelain tooth core is extremely sturdy, capable of withstanding as much force as, or even greater than, real teeth.

Therefore, to the question of whether titanium porcelain teeth are good, the answer will be yes.

However, many people wonder if titanium porcelain teeth will turn black. The answer is yes. After a period of use, the gum line will become black. In addition, if there is too much light, you will see a black light due to the metal inside. The main frame component is made of metal, so after a period of use, titanium porcelain teeth, under the influence of bacteria and acids in the oral cavity, will cause an oxidation reaction that darkens the gum line, causing loss of aesthetics.

Currently, the types of titanium porcelain teeth widely used in Vietnam include Berlin, Margin and Vita titanium porcelain teeth.

  • Titanium Berlin porcelain teeth: Titanium Berlin porcelain teeth are porcelain teeth made of American Titanium Tilite alloy inside, covered with ivoclar porcelain layer from the Federal Republic of Germany. The advantage of Berlin teeth is that they are very sturdy and can withstand greater chewing force than real teeth, limiting bleeding or blackening of the gum line when restored with titanium after many years of use.
  • Titan Margin porcelain teeth: Titan Margin is a line of high-quality titanium porcelain teeth made of titanium with ribs and a Margin porcelain coating on the outside. The advantage of this type of porcelain teeth is that the price is moderate but it ensures to limit blackening of the gum line, natural color and ensures good bite force.
  • Titan Vita Porcelain Teeth: Vita Porcelain Teeth have an 8% titanium frame and an outer porcelain layer, manufactured by the German company Vita. The advantage of this line of porcelain teeth is its outstanding hardness and relative durability of 5-7 years.

Titanium porcelain teeth are low cost, suitable for many people

Precious metal porcelain teeth

Precious metal porcelain teeth use a gold inner frame, completely overcoming the shortcomings of regular metal porcelain teeth. However, the price is very high because the production process requires modern technology and equipment with high precision.

All-porcelain teeth (no CAD/CAM)

CAD/CAM-free all-porcelain teeth, also known as metal-free porcelain teeth, are made entirely from pure porcelain and are made by highly skilled and experienced LAB technicians.

With all-porcelain teeth, you will have bright white teeth because porcelain teeth will have clarity, shine, natural ripples, will not have a black glow when light passes through, and will not darken the gum line.

In addition, all-porcelain teeth have high biocompatibility and do not cause irritation to gum tissues, so they do not affect oral health. In particular, long-term use, can last up to 20 years or longer if well taken care of.

All-porcelain teeth are made from pure porcelain

All-porcelain teeth (Cercon Zirconia CAD/CAM)

What are Cercon porcelain teeth and Zirconia porcelain teeth? This is an all-porcelain tooth line, made entirely of monolithic porcelain. Both Cercon and Zirconia porcelain teeth have many outstanding advantages: the color of porcelain teeth is natural and unaffected by light, making it difficult for others to recognize.

In addition, because it is made of 100% porcelain, it is highly biocompatible, does not cause irritation, and does not cause blackening of the gum line after use. In particular, this type of porcelain tooth has a strength of up to 900 Mpa, 7 times greater than real teeth.

The entire design and manufacturing process of this type of porcelain teeth is done using CAD/CAM technology. Thanks to that, porcelain teeth will ensure absolute accuracy, ensure a close fit with real teeth, and limit the grinding of too much tooth tissue because porcelain teeth can achieve maximum thinness and very high aesthetics. Very delicate, very unlikely to break when chewed because it is cut in one piece.

All-porcelain teeth are crafted using CAD/CAM technology

IPS E.Max all-porcelain teeth

IPS E.Max all-porcelain teeth are known as the material with maximum aesthetics. This type of porcelain tooth has a rib layer made from Lithium Disilicate porcelain, fired at a temperature of >1600 degrees Celsius and has a hardness of 900 - 1300 Mpa, and a bearing capacity of up to 400 Mpa.

E.Max porcelain teeth have very high aesthetics and are the number one choice when covering front teeth with porcelain. In particular, this type of porcelain tooth has antibacterial and anti-food coloring properties, thus limiting plaque that causes yellow teeth. In addition, like other all-porcelain teeth, E.Max porcelain teeth do not cause irritation or blacken the gum line after use.

IPS E.Max porcelain teeth have high aesthetics

Lava Esthetic porcelain teeth

Lava Esthetic porcelain teeth are a product of 3M ESPE Group, one of the highest quality porcelain lines today. Lava Esthetic porcelain teeth are made based on unique color technology, combined with the aesthetics of glass porcelain and the high hardness of monolithic porcelain.

Therefore, this type of porcelain tooth possesses many outstanding advantages: it has the same fluorescence as real teeth, helps teeth look many times brighter under lights or sunlight, and preserves real teeth as much as possible by grinding less tissue. teeth than conventional porcelain lines.

Lava Esthetic porcelain teeth are a high-end porcelain line today

Porcelain Veneers

As mentioned above, porcelain veneers are an ultra-thin layer of porcelain, used to stick to the outside of the tooth instead of using the entire crown. Therefore, this method limits tooth grinding and preserves real teeth as much as possible.

Possessing many advantages, many people wonder how much porcelain veneers cost per tooth. This is also an obvious question because the price of porcelain veneers is quite high.

Currently, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is providing different types of porcelain veneers such as: Zirconia porcelain veneers, IPS E.Max porcelain veneers, Lisi porcelain veneers (GC - Japan),... One type will have other advantages. Depending on each customer's needs, the doctor will advise on the appropriate type of porcelain.

Porcelain veneers are often suitable for cases where the teeth are dark and the whitening method is not effective, teeth are crooked or slightly misaligned with other teeth in the jaw, teeth have worn enamel, teeth are slightly chipped, Teeth are spaced (gaps) but not too large (less than 2mm).

Compared to the porcelain crown method, porcelain veneers require more advanced techniques, requiring the doctor to be experienced and perform the operation accurately. With this method, the doctor only grinds the outer surface of the tooth about 0.5 - 0.6 mm, does not affect the tooth pulp, does not change the bite, and does not cause discomfort after the tooth is installed.

Besides, many studies show that after 10 years, the repair rate of porcelain veneers will be less than with traditional techniques, and gingivitis and periodontitis will also be less.

Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of porcelain and do not require too much grinding of teeth

Price list of porcelain dental services 2023 at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Regarding the method of cosmetic porcelain crowns, there are many questions, in which the cost of porcelain crowns is the most concerning issue. In fact, it is difficult to give an exact number for the price of porcelain crowns. Because the price of porcelain teeth is very diverse, depending on factors such as:

Customer's dental condition

The cost of porcelain crowns depends greatly on the condition of the customer's teeth. If the customer needs to cover many teeth, the price of porcelain teeth will certainly be higher than when making fewer teeth.

In addition, in case of tooth decay, pulpitis, gingivitis, etc., it is necessary to treat these diseases thoroughly, then proceed with porcelain crown. Therefore, the cost of porcelain crowns will include the cost of treating these diseases.

The position of the tooth that needs porcelain covering

If you have a broken molar, you can choose metal porcelain crowns to save costs while still maintaining high durability and aesthetics.

As for cases of front tooth crowns, this is the tooth that will be exposed when smiling and speaking, so you should use all-porcelain teeth to improve aesthetics, because all-porcelain teeth will bring natural beauty. no different from real teeth, does not cause blackening of the gum line over time. The cost of porcelain teeth in this case will be a little higher than metal porcelain teeth.

Porcelain type

Because there are many types of porcelain teeth with different prices, the cost of porcelain teeth will depend on the type of porcelain you choose. There are two popular types of porcelain teeth on the market: metal porcelain teeth and all-porcelain porcelain teeth. Among them, metal porcelain teeth are relatively cheap (except for precious metal porcelain teeth).

Normally, the price of titanium porcelain teeth will be lower than the price of Zirconia porcelain teeth or porcelain dental veneers. Depending on your needs and financial conditions, you can choose the appropriate type of porcelain.

The current price of Zirconia porcelain teeth on the market ranges from 4,500,000 - 6,000,000 VND/tooth. This fee may vary depending on the customer's dental condition as well as the service quality of each dental clinic.

Dental clinic address

The service quality of the dentist you choose also determines how much a porcelain crown costs. Large, highly reputable dental clinics gather a team of skilled and experienced specialists, apply modern technology, and carry out procedures according to international medical standards, strictly following the elements. Sterility, professional customer care service, long-term warranty policy,... will often have a higher price for porcelain dental implants than less reputable and quality dentists.

Although the cost of making porcelain teeth at these locations is higher, the results you will receive will be completely commensurate. Therefore, don't put too much emphasis on the issue of how much it costs to get porcelain crowns, don't be cheap to avoid the situation of "wasting money", but instead find out where to get good porcelain crowns in Ho Chi Minh City.

The price of porcelain crowns depends greatly on the dentistry you choose

In order not to have to wonder how much a porcelain tooth implant costs or how much a full porcelain crown costs, and want to know clearly how much porcelain crowns on front teeth cost, how much all-porcelain teeth cost, and how much porcelain veneers cost, It's best to consider going to a reputable dentist so the doctor can examine you and give you specific advice on how much porcelain dental implants cost. If you need porcelain crowns, immediately refer to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic's porcelain crown price list below:

Titanium alloy porcelain crownsTooth2,800,000 VNĐ
Treatment of gingivitisTooth2,000,000 VND
All-porcelain crowns - No CAD/CAMTooth5,200,000 VNĐ
All-porcelain crowns (Cercon Zirconia CAD/CAM)Tooth6,000,000 VNĐ
IPS E.Max all-porcelain crownsTooth7,000,000 VNĐ
Zirconia porcelain veneersTooth7,000,000 VNĐ
Porcelain Veneer IPS E.MaxTooth7,500,000 VNĐ
Lisi Porcelain Veneer (GC-Japan)Tooth10.000.000 VND
Lava Esthetic porcelain crowns (3M - USA)Tooth12.000.000 VND
(Price list is applicable from January 15, 2018)
(*) Complicated procedures/surgeries will be transferred to the hospital to be performed.

Should I get cheap porcelain crowns or not?

Nowadays, cosmetic porcelain crowns are very attractive, so a series of porcelain crown services have appeared on the market. Many dentists have lowered the cost of making porcelain teeth to the lowest possible level to attract customers and compete with competitors. However, are cheap porcelain crowns reliable?

Decoding cheap porcelain dental crowns

Decoding cheap porcelain dental crowns

Tricks often used by dental facilities to explain this low price are incentives, discounts, etc. However, you need to understand that porcelain crowns are a service that uses porcelain crowns, and other All types of porcelain crowns have a certain cost.

Even if it is difficult for the dentist to reduce the cost of performing the service, the cost of materials cannot be too low compared to the general level. Therefore, if the porcelain crown service is too cheap, the cause may be due to low quality crown materials, poor doctor skills, and unreliable service.

The unpredictable consequences of cheap porcelain crowns

Cheap porcelain teeth will easily oxidize, quickly turning yellow and causing black gums. After a short time, your teeth will become ugly and make you feel self-conscious.

Not only that, cheap porcelain crowns can cause lasting pain and discomfort because the teeth are not covered carefully and properly.

Cheap porcelain teeth can cause dental problems

Some dangerous dental diseases can occur such as swollen gums and gingivitis because when covering the teeth, the doctor has created a gap, from which food will be trapped, causing inflammation.

This service also carries the risk of tooth root opening because the doctor lacks experience, when installing the crown does not fit tightly with the abutment, the porcelain tooth is crafted incorrectly with the characteristics of the tooth abutment or jaw model,...

To avoid choosing the wrong dentist with an unreasonable price, you need to learn carefully about the quality of that dentist's service. Besides, you should consider how much porcelain dental crowns cost and whether the quality is commensurate with the price.

You can find out through comments from customers who have had porcelain crowns done at that dental address. At the same time, come in person to directly observe the facilities and service style.

Outstanding advantages of cosmetic porcelain crown service

To help you not have to worry about whether you should get porcelain crowns or not? Or worried about porcelain dental implants being painful? Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will review the outstanding advantages of cosmetic porcelain crown services.

Overcome many defects of teeth

Porcelain crowns can fix many tooth problems such as: gapped teeth, severely chipped teeth that cannot be filled, dark teeth that whitening does not have an effect on, teeth with dead pulp, and overbite teeth. often grow slightly misaligned, lose teeth and need a bridge to restore them, etc.

Brings high aesthetics

Porcelain teeth are designed and manufactured with the same natural shape and color as real teeth, so others will not realize that you have dentures. From there, your teeth will become more beautiful and whiter, helping you be more confident when communicating with others.

This is also the reason why many artists, public figures or people with jobs that require high appearance often choose porcelain crowns to improve the aesthetics of their teeth.

In addition, with porcelain crowns, you can also choose beautiful and modern porcelain tooth shapes such as: bunny tooth shape, square tooth shape, unique canine tooth shape, etc. Beautiful porcelain tooth shape, suitable for your face. will enhance your smile and help you score absolute points in the heart of that person. However, to make porcelain teeth as beautiful as you want, you need to pay attention to finding a trustworthy porcelain dentist.

Aesthetic porcelain teeth provide beautiful, bright white teeth

Restore chewing function

Porcelain-covered teeth are very strong and resistant to force. Some types of porcelain are many times stronger than real teeth, thus ensuring good chewing function. In addition, in cases of porcelain crowns for decayed or broken teeth, porcelain crowns not only improve aesthetics but also restore chewing function, helping you preserve the real teeth inside to the maximum.

Implementation time is quick

One advantage of porcelain crowns that makes many people choose it is that the construction time is very fast. It only takes customers about 3 - 5 days with 2 appointments to complete the service. However, this time period will also depend on the condition of the teeth as well as the number of teeth that need porcelain restoration.

  • At the first appointment, the doctor will give the customer a general oral examination. If your oral health is healthy and you do not have any diseases, you can grind your teeth and take impressions to make porcelain teeth. If the customer has dental problems, they will be thoroughly treated before taking the next steps.
  • At the second appointment, the doctor will continue to examine the teeth and then place a porcelain crown on the tooth. When the bite is standard and the color meets the customer's wishes, the porcelain teeth will be permanently attached to the real teeth, completing the porcelain crown process.

Maintain long-term results

Porcelain crowns are durable and long-lasting if they are restored with the correct techniques and cared for properly. Normally, porcelain crowns with all-ceramic teeth will give longer-lasting results than metal-ceramic crowns. Because metal is easily corroded and acidified in the oral cavity, after a period of use it will cause blackening of the gum line, at which point it is necessary to replace new porcelain teeth to ensure aesthetics and chewing ability.

Meanwhile, all-ceramic teeth give a long lifespan, on average about 15 - 20 years. In addition, this type of porcelain is very safe for teeth and gums, does not cause oral irritation.

Losing a tooth, should I get porcelain crowns or dental implant?

Both porcelain dental implants and dental implants can restore lost teeth. However, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, when you lose a tooth, should you get porcelain teeth or an implant?

Answering this question, dental experts said: If you have sufficient health and financial conditions, you should choose the implant solution. The method brings many outstanding benefits, helping to overcome the limitations of the porcelain crown method.

  • Dental implants ensure the stable functioning of the jawbone and surrounding tissues, keeping teeth strong and healthy for the long term. Including cases of bone loss, receding gums due to long-term tooth loss or broken porcelain bridges due to poor technique.
  • Brings high aesthetics and chewing function because the durability of the implant is equivalent to that of a real tooth root. The porcelain crown placed on the implant is usually made of all-ceramic teeth, designed with high technology so the color is very natural. just like real teeth.
  • Dental implants are a completely independent method, meaning that if a tooth is lost in any position, it will be implanted in that position, without affecting the adjacent teeth. Meanwhile, when getting porcelain dental implants, you have to grind two adjacent real teeth to make pillars to support the bridge.
  • Effective in preventing jaw bone loss, because this method integrates the implant into the jaw bone, acting like a real tooth root. In particular, if the customer has a good care plan, porcelain crowns can be used permanently without additional costs or time needed to rework.
  • With these great advantages, the cost of the implant method will be higher than that of the porcelain bridge method. However, the effectiveness of this method is completely worth it. Dental implants are still the most ideal choice for cases of tooth loss.
  • The choice of porcelain crowns or implants depends largely on the specific dental condition and economic situation of each customer. It's best to go directly to a reputable dentist to have the doctor examine you and advise you on the most suitable method for you.

How long is the durability of porcelain teeth?

The lifespan of porcelain teeth depends on many factors, specifically:

Porcelain tooth material

Currently, there are two popular types of porcelain teeth: metal porcelain teeth and all-ceramic teeth. In particular, all-ceramic teeth will have higher durability and less irritation than other types.

Customer's tooth condition

If your teeth are healthy, the durability of porcelain teeth will certainly be very long-lasting. However, for broken or decayed teeth that require root canal treatment, the teeth will easily break and weaken over time, affecting the results of porcelain crowns.

The position of the tooth that needs porcelain covering

The position of the tooth is also a factor that affects the longevity of the tooth. Normally, molars are the ones that have to work a lot and have constant friction to grind food, so they are more susceptible to wear and tear than other positions.

Doctor's skills

The experience and skill of the performing doctor will determine the level of sensitivity when grinding the tooth base, the precision when making porcelain crowns, and the future care and warranty.

Frequently asked questions about porcelain dental implant services

Besides questions such as how much does porcelain teeth cost , how much does cosmetic porcelain teeth cost, and what are the advantages of porcelain teeth, there are many other questions surrounding this service. Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will review some frequently asked questions for your reference.

Are porcelain dental crowns good? Are porcelain crowns harmful?

Many people, when learning about porcelain teeth, often wonder if porcelain crowns are good? Are porcelain crowns harmful? Or does porcelain crowns have any effect? Answering this problem, experts said: Technically, porcelain crowns only impact hard tissue to create tooth pulp, then install a porcelain crown on top, helping to protect the real tooth inside.

In addition, from the advantages of porcelain crowns above, you can see that porcelain crowns overcome tooth defects, and even bring you many benefits in terms of aesthetics and chewing function. Furthermore, porcelain crowns are a highly safe restoration method that does not affect or harm oral health, especially overall health.

However, in reality there are still cases where porcelain crowns can cause pain, discomfort or some other problems for the following reasons:

  • Poor quality porcelain teeth: There are many types of porcelain teeth with different prices and quality. If you unfortunately choose a poor quality porcelain crown product, it can cause irritation when used and negatively affect your oral health.
  • Porcelain crowns are not properly technical: If you do not carefully calculate the steps to remove the molar pulp to make the pillar, there is a risk of affecting the tooth pulp, causing pain, and in more serious cases, the pulp can be completely damaged. teeth, limiting the ability to eat and chew,...
  • The process of grinding teeth with porcelain crowns is not technically correct: If the doctor does it incorrectly or at the wrong rate, it can cause pain and sensitivity for the customer. From there, it makes eating more difficult, leading to swollen teeth, swollen gums, etc.
  • The doctor's expertise is not good: the porcelain crown doctor has little experience, poor skills, and inaccurate assessment of the molar ratio will cause the real teeth to invade, causing pain, discomfort, and obstruction. eating and chewing.
  • It can be seen that choosing porcelain crowns with good quality porcelain teeth will not affect your health. In addition, cosmetic porcelain crowns at a reputable dental facility will help you ensure safety, comfort and high restoration efficiency.

What complications can porcelain crowns cause?

Porcelain crowns without a doctor's prescription and performed in poor quality dental centers can lead to many complicated complications such as:

  • Makes teeth sensitive: If grinding is too invasive to real teeth, it will expose dentin, making teeth sensitive and uncomfortable when eating, especially cold or hot foods.
  • Pulp damage: Improper tooth grinding techniques can also damage the tooth pulp, more seriously, kill the pulp and cause permanent tooth damage.
  • Gingivitis: Many customers feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable after getting porcelain crowns. That's because incorrectly determining the grinding rate can lead to gingivitis and prolonged pain.

Is porcelain tooth implant painful?

The fear of pain makes many people worry about whether porcelain teeth will hurt. With the outstanding development of dental techniques, cosmetic porcelain dental implants have now reduced the feeling of sensitivity and discomfort for customers.

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, before crowning porcelain teeth, the doctor will anesthetize the treatment area. Furthermore, the doctor also applies modern tooth grinding techniques with the criteria of minimal tooth grinding, not invasive to the pulp, so You don't need to worry too much about porcelain crowns being painful, just keep a comfortable mind when getting dental work.

How long does it take for tooth sensitivity to go away after getting porcelain teeth?

Making porcelain teeth with modern techniques usually does not cause sensitivity for customers. However, some customers will feel pain due to improper tooth grinding techniques, porcelain teeth without thorough treatment of dental diseases, incorrectly installed porcelain teeth, and quality porcelain materials. weakness, teeth grinding or caused by the customer's eating habits (eating foods and drinks that are too hot or too cold). This makes many people wonder how long it will take for the sensitivity to go away after porcelain teeth are made.

Normally, the sensitivity will last about 2-3 days, however, many customers only feel the sensitivity in the first few hours after getting porcelain veneers. Meanwhile, for people with sensitive teeth, this condition can last from 5 to 7 days.

  • If the customer has porcelain teeth and has some dental diseases, the sensitivity will not go away after a few days. In this case, customers must go to a reputable dental clinic to receive the best advice and treatment from experts.
  • If teeth are sensitive due to the doctor's porcelain crown technique, customers should choose a reputable dentist to be examined, consulted and treated by a highly qualified and experienced doctor.

Does porcelain crowns cause bad breath?

To the question of whether porcelain crowns cause bad breath Nhan Tam Dental Clinic would like to answer that porcelain crowns do not cause bad breath at all. However, if the quality of the porcelain teeth is not guaranteed, the porcelain crown process is not technically correct, the porcelain teeth do not fit closely to the real teeth but there are gaps, it can easily cause food stuffing, or because of your cleaning. Improper oral hygiene will lead to bad breath.

Should I get cosmetic porcelain teeth?

Whether or not you should have porcelain teeth will depend on the condition of your teeth as well as your needs. If your teeth have defects such as broken, chipped teeth, yellow tooth color, etc., porcelain crowns will be the optimal choice to help you improve the aesthetics of your teeth and have a smile. Smile brightly, full of confidence.

However, if your teeth are severely crooked or misaligned; teeth are too sensitive; tooth decay, periodontitis, severe infection; Weak, loose teeth, etc., when asked whether to have cosmetic porcelain teeth, the answer will be no because if done, it will cause pain to the porcelain teeth and cause many other dangerous complications.

What type of porcelain crown should I have?

Which type of porcelain crown you should choose will depend on your dental condition, needs and finances. Although the aesthetics of metal-ceramic teeth are not high, they have blackened gum edges and a black sheen when light shines on them, but they have good hardness and low cost. Therefore, you can choose this type of porcelain teeth to cover your inner molars with porcelain. In the case of porcelain crowns on front teeth that require high aesthetics, you should choose all-ceramic teeth such as Cercon and Emax porcelain teeth, Zirconia porcelain teeth, etc.

Which type of porcelain teeth is the best today?

Which type of porcelain teeth is the best today among the countless types on the market? In fact, each type of porcelain tooth has its own unique characteristics. However, if you have the means, you can choose all-ceramic teeth made with CAD/CAM technology such as: Cercon HT porcelain teeth, Zirconia porcelain teeth, IPS E.Max porcelain teeth, Lava Esthetic porcelain teeth.

Are porcelain crowns permanent?

Anyone who has porcelain crowns is concerned about whether porcelain crowns are durable? Are porcelain crowns permanent? How long does porcelain crown last?

You need to know that porcelain teeth cannot be maintained permanently because they are also subject to mechanical and chemical effects during use. But if you choose high quality porcelain materials, have it done at reputable locations and have the right way to care for your porcelain teeth, then certainly, your porcelain teeth will last and maintain their beauty for as long as possible.

Which type should I choose between Cercon and Emax porcelain teeth?

Comparison between Cercon and Emax porcelain teeth shows that Emax has more outstanding features, but not too much. Emax porcelain teeth will make your teeth look more beautiful and natural if you appear regularly on stage and in public. If you do not need to be too strict or use it in daily life, Cercon porcelain teeth are enough to satisfy you in terms of aesthetics and chewing function.

Coming to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, you will be examined and advised on the right method for you, as well as specific quotes for the most popular types of porcelain teeth.

Is cavities painful?

In cases where the tooth is severely decayed, the tooth tissue is broken a lot and requires root canal treatment, porcelain crowns will be the perfect solution to help protect the tooth as much as possible. Because when the pulp is gone, the tooth is no longer nourished and becomes quite fragile.

At this time, the porcelain crown will help restore the damaged tooth to the same color and shape as a real tooth. At the same time, porcelain crowns are designed to be antibacterial and anti-plaque, thereby preventing the development of damage and absolutely protecting the real tooth inside.

Porcelain crowns for cavities, if done at a reputable dental clinic, you will not need to worry about pain thanks to the following factors: highly qualified and experienced doctor; Using high quality anesthetics, the home dental care process follows the doctor's instructions,...

How long is the warranty for porcelain crowns?

The warranty period of porcelain teeth depends on the type and price of porcelain teeth. Metal-ceramic teeth are relatively cheap and have a warranty period of 2-4 years, while high-quality all-ceramic teeth have a higher price and a warranty period of 6-12 years. In addition, the warranty period also depends on the reputation of the dental center you choose.

When should you get porcelain crowns on your front teeth? How much does it cost to cover front teeth with porcelain?

Incisors are a group of teeth that belong to the aesthetic area of ​​the teeth. Therefore, when having defects in front teeth, many people often choose porcelain crowns to improve the problem. Below are some cases where doctors recommend porcelain crowns on front teeth:

  • The front teeth are chipped or broken and cosmetic fillings are not effective.
  • Front teeth are spaced.
  • The front teeth are protruding but not too severe.

In fact, the price of porcelain crowns for front teeth will depend on many factors such as: the number of teeth needing restoration, the type of porcelain teeth as well as the quality of the dentistry you choose.

In what ways is Cercon HT porcelain teeth different from regular Cercon porcelain teeth?

Cercon HT Porcelain Teeth are the next generation of Cercon Porcelain Teeth but are improved and more complete. Advantages of Cercon HT porcelain teeth have many outstanding features:

  • Materials are imported from the US and Germany, ensuring high quality. Furthermore, this type of porcelain teeth is also produced using automatic software, so it has very high accuracy, suitable for each customer's tooth condition.
  • Teeth do not conduct heat, do not irritate the gums, and do not cause adverse health effects.
  • Highly aesthetic, translucent like natural teeth in all lighting conditions, does not blacken the gum line and does not stain yellow, helping customers confidently communicate with a charming smile.
  • Good biological compatibility, teeth will not change or abrasion in the oral environment, will not cause bad breath and gingivitis.
  • Cercon HT porcelain teeth are highly durable, can withstand good pressure when chewing food without chipping or breaking, bringing a sense of security to customers when enjoying food.
  • Has little effect on the tooth pulp, because Cercon HT braces are only 0.5 mm thin, so there is no need to grind many teeth to cover the porcelain teeth, giving patients a feeling of security and helping to protect real teeth.
  • Porcelain teeth fit tightly to the tooth roots, there are no gaps between teeth, the fit between gums and teeth is excellent, helping patients have naturally beautiful teeth, with no gaps between teeth after porcelain veneers are applied.
  • If you take good care of your teeth and eat properly, Cercon HT porcelain teeth can last more than 15 years.

You may be wondering how to distinguish between Cercon and Cercon ht porcelain teeth? Cercon HT porcelain teeth have better bearing capacity than regular Cercon porcelain teeth. This is also a type of all-ceramic tooth that can be used effectively when covering deep porcelain teeth. However, the cost of Cercon HT porcelain teeth is also higher than regular Cercon porcelain teeth.

Images of customers before and after porcelain crowns at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

To help you visualize more clearly the advantages that the porcelain crown method brings, let's admire the images of customers before and after porcelain crowns at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic below.

What customers say after experiencing the porcelain tooth implant service at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

What does the press say about the porcelain tooth implant service at Nhan Tam dental clinic?

Above is all the information related to the porcelain crown method. Currently, porcelain crown prices are quite diverse. There are dentists that advertise porcelain crowns at surprisingly cheap prices but do not guarantee quality. Therefore, don't worry too much about how much porcelain crowns cost, but consider choosing a reputable porcelain dentistry. If you are wondering where is the best place to get porcelain teeth in Ho Chi Minh City, please refer to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic immediately. This is a dental center specializing in cosmetic porcelain teeth with over 23 years of operation, and will definitely bring you beautiful and safe porcelain teeth.

Besides, with professional porcelain tooth implants, the price list of porcelain teeth is clearly publicized before implementation along with attractive incentives, you will not have to worry about the price of porcelain teeth. How much can you feel secure about restoring your teeth? If you have any questions that need to be answered or want to make an appointment to experience the cosmetic porcelain crown service in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic immediately at Hotline 1900 56 5678, experts will provide quick support. Fast and completely free for you.


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