What is a precious metal crown?

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When referring to dental crowns, many people still think that there is only one kind of crown. However, there are two types of metal crowns, regular metal, and precious metal.

What is a precious metal crown?

A precious metal crown is a type of dental crown with 2 components: the inside is made of a type of precious metal or alloy such as gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, etc., and the outer shell is made of layers porcelain, creating the cosmetic effect for the teeth.

This type of dental crown is very popular in the world today, usually prescribed in veneer restoration, bridgework, inlay or onlay. With proper care and usage, the crowns can last up to 25 years, even entire life.

A precious metal crown is designed with precious metal in the inside and porcelain layers in the outside

Advantages of precious metal crown

Precious metal crowns have a lot of benefits, including:

  • High durability, restoring chewing ability, protecting teeth from outside influences, furthermore, it will not be broken or chipped.
  • Compatible with the gum, integrate well with bone structure and does not oxidize in the oral environment under the influence of saliva.
  • Does not cause allergic reactions or complications for the patient.
  • The color of the precious metal crown is natural, identical to real teeth, low reflection, at the same time, minimize discoloration.
  • Gold has anti-bacterial properties so the crown can have anti-inflammation ability.

The color of the precious metal crown is natural and identical to real teeth

With the benefits mentioned above, the precious metal crown is quite a high-cost line of crowns. Often, the cost for a precious metal crown is not stable as it also depends on the gold value on the market at that time, but overall, it still higher than the price of other types of crowns.

Precious metal crowns use rare material, require complex restorative technique, so there is not many clinics have this kind of service. Because of that, you should consider and choose reputable dental clinics, with a team of skilled, experienced doctors to ensure health and cosmetic.

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