What is high-quality porcelain crowns?

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 813
The porcelain crowns is a popular dental restorative solution in modern dentistry. However, not every dental ceramic material can afford the requirement of aesthetic and durability requirements. Understanding the material as well as the price to be able to choose high-quality porcelain crowns is the necessity.

High-quality porcelain crowns require the material include optical properties and superiority. Moreover, it meets higher cosmetic requirements than conventional porcelain crowns, ensuring a good biocompatibility with the gums as well as the body. In a myriad of ceramic material originating from many manufacturers, many different countries, the CERCON porcelain crowns are the best quality.

Aesthetic, durable and highly functional

The high-quality Cercon porcelain crowns have the hard ability, highly biocompatible demonstrating in the patient's satisfaction over the past ten years. The aesthetic factor of this porcelain crowns, as well as the maintenance of chewing function and durability, became the ideal choice in dental porcelain restoration.

Selection of high-quality porcelain teeth together with modern science restoration will contribute to maintaining the durability ofporcelain crowns

In the case of other metal crowns, in places where the light is shining, the teeth will emit light that is not as natural as the natural teeth. Furthermore, after restoration for a short time, metal crowns will be black on the gum line, due to the alloy in the metal is very susceptible to oxidation in the saliva environment. In many cases, the reaction is caused by the body's inability to adapt to the alloy in metal crowns.

In the case of Cercon high-quality porcelain crowns, the above-mentioned reactions are completely overcome. Cercon porcelain crowns or complete porcelain crowns have optical properties, thus bringing natural beauty, lively as real teeth

Dentists give advice to each person depending on the economic conditions as well as the desire of each person. For the inside restoration, you can save the money by choosing metal crowns. However, you should choose porcelain crowns for incisors or the outlook teeth to gain aesthetic, charming smile and more confidence in communication.

Things to know when choosing high-quality porcelain teeth

In appearance, porcelain crowns have a very similar shape and color. Customers cannot distinguish easily, so the selection of high-quality porcelain teeth also depends a lot on the conscience of the dental clinic as well as the porcelain dental lab.

A high-quality porcelain crown is not simply quality material, it also requires a great deal of coordination between the treating physician and the lab technician. The correct grinding crown is required, in accordance with scientific standards, to match the shape of the remaining teeth to achieve optimum aesthetics.

Many dental clinics focus on the profit than the customer's health and professional conscience, are willing to use poor-quality porcelain crowns and originating in China with toxic chemicals. Easily attached by the promotion, discount, customers are vulnerable to cheating for lack of alertness.

Currently, the normal metal crowns and precious metal crowns are priced at between 50 dollars and 150 dollars. Non-metal crowns( porcelain crowns) cost from 200 dollars to 250 dollars. Based on the factors such as the reputation of the dental center, the professionalism of the treating doctor, the warranty and care services, price transparency,... Customers should find out and consider to choose the right address. You will soon have a bright smile, confidence with high-quality porcelain crowns restoration.