When should you get porcelain crowns?

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Without good teeth, beautiful and natural white light, many have chosen to cover porcelain teeth. This is a popular cosmetic and aesthetic procedure in dentistry. Not only aesthetic factors or chewing function, but porcelain crown also bring a lot of benefits for you.

When should you get porcelain crowns?

In cases of dental failure, it is not possible to wear a porcelain crown, depending on the specific case. With more than 20 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Vo Van Nhan, Director of Nhan Tam Dental Center, said: When the tooth is too many cavities, dental caries are too large, the filling method is not effective, then the dental porcelain is used.

In some cases, such as widely spaced teeth, maleruption, underbite, overbite or bucktooth in slight level, it should also be coated porcelain crown to save time and cost. In addition, cases such as tooth infected with antibiotic too heavy, lose one or more teeth, dental porcelain is also the best solution.

Aesthetic porcelain teeth are suitable for many cases of tinted teeth, broken, missing teeth,etc.

At present, Nhan Tam Dental Center has 3 methods of porcelain crowns that are porcelain bridges, porcelain crowns, and porcelain veneers. In the case of missing teeth, the bridge will be applied. In particular, the doctor will grind two adjacent teeth to make bridge porcelain. In cases where the root is still good, but the tooth is infected with antibiotics, the doctor needs to grind the tooth enamel and then paste porcelain veneer. People with a big tooth decay, teeth will be trimmed and porcelain crown will be covered. This is the method of dental crowns.

Benefits of porcelain crowns

Although it is a kind of denture, but the porcelain teeth color, style, durability and functional eating is no different than real teeth.After theporcelain crownfinish, you can be more confident with teeth, beautiful, white light and compact.Here are some benefits of porcelain crowns:

1. Bring aesthetics to the teeth

Whether porcelain crown, ceramic porcelain or porcelain veneer, after wrapping, your teeth will always be aesthetic. Because the porcelain glaze is bright white and shiny like pearls, and resistant to staining. So you can be assured throughout the using process. Just smile that the people around are attracted by the whiteness of the teeth. In addition, the defects such as overbite, underbite, gapped-tooth, cracked tooth, tooth colored, etc. will also be overcome effectively.

Dental porcelain ensure aesthetic for the treatment

2. Ensure chewing capability

Many people have lost a tooth or some tooth, but the eating process becomes more difficult. Situations like interstitial swelling, soreness or tenderness often occur, resulting in a decrease in the quality of your meal, which you do not feel good about when eating. After the porcelain crowns are finished, the porcelain teeth can withstand a great deal of force, ranging from 360Mpa to 900Mpa, while genuine teeth can withstand only 80Mpa to 120Mpa, so your chewing ability will improve substantially. The quality of meals is improved, and you do not have to worry about any pain or stiffness.

3. Improve voice

Missing teeth, the gap of teeth is too large will cause your voice to be altered, the sound is rounded, the pronunciation will be limited. In addition, long-term tooth loss can also lead to bone loss, which continues to affect the voice as well as a huge defect of a smile. Porcelain crowns will help you overcome all these weaknesses. You can be confident when meeting and chatting with others. Because now the voice was back to normal tone.

Porcelain crowns help improve the pronunciation after long periods of tooth loss

4. High durability

Top dental experts say that the durability of porcelain teeth has an average life expectancy of 15 to 25 years. Among them, the titanium porcelain crown will usually last 15 years, all porcelain crown and precious metal porcelain crown will be 25 years. Of course, the durability of porcelain teeth depends directly on the care and protection of your teeth. If you clean your teeth thoroughly, limit the eating hard, too hot or too cold, the longevity of teeth will be longer.

5. Preserve the real teeth

When used for wrapping and covering up real teeth, porcelain crowns not only play the role of restoring teeth as well as creating a more aesthetic smile but also perform a role in preserving the real teeth and avoid effective bone loss. Because porcelain teeth are like a splint, which binds the rest of a cracked, chipped or broken tooth, it is a shield to bacteria as well as food particles that can not cling to and penetrate the teeth.

High-tech porcelain dental treatment system at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

The process of porcelain crowns at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic takes place quickly and safely. Thanks to the modern CAD/CAM technology, the time for making porcelain teeth has been greatly reduced. This technology allows the use of laser scanners to imaging the teeth and jaw of the patient. Then combined with specialized graphics software, prosthodontists will design crowns, bridges of optimum shape and structure to withstand the complex chewing force in the mouth.

Depending on the number of patient teeth restorative, aesthetics that will have a corresponding implementation period. However, there are cases we just do in a day is completed all processes.