The process of porcelain crowns according to international standards

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Porcelain crowns are one of the most popular solutions for restoring teeth, giving very high efficiency in terms of aesthetics, durability as well as chewing ability. Performing this technique requires modern equipment, doctors must be highly skilled and must follow a specific process, international standards.

The basic steps in the process of implanting porcelain teeth meet international standards

A standard porcelain implant procedure includes the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

Before performing porcelain crowns, the doctor will conduct a general examination of the oral condition and guide the patient to take panorex X-rays to accurately identify the defects, and know the specific number. such as the position of the tooth, the degree of the defect of the tooth that needs repair.

Then take pictures and design a smile to foresee specific treatment results with images, from which the doctor will discuss and advise the client on the most appropriate adjustment.

Step 2: Make a treatment plan

Based on the examination results as well as the needs of each patient, the doctor will make a plan to make suitable porcelain teeth. After that, the doctor will hand over the plan sheet to the patient to agree on before starting treatment. Besides, if the patient has any questions that need to be answered, the doctor will advise in detail.

Step 3: Anesthesia and sharpening teeth

The doctor will first anesthetize and then proceed to sharpen the patient's teeth to prevent sensitivity and discomfort during the procedure. The grinding process will be conducted meticulously, without touching the pulp or affecting neighboring teeth.

Step 4: Take the jaw sample and design the porcelain crown

After grinding the teeth, the doctor will conduct jaw sample with rubber impression or 3D scan technology (depending on the type of porcelain teeth). Then transfer all these data to Labo to the technicians to manufacture porcelain teeth. While waiting for the porcelain teeth to be attached, the patient will be fitted with temporary teeth to ensure aesthetics and help the chewing process easily.

Step 5: Attach the porcelain teeth

The doctor proceeds to attach the porcelain teeth to the sharpened tooth, re-aligns the aesthetic and the bite to be optimal, then fix the porcelain tooth on the tooth that has been ground with dental cement, clean the residual cement and re-check the bite. .

For the case of making many porcelain teeth, the doctor will proceed to attach the cement tooth with temporary cement (can remove the teeth) for the patient to try chewing. After all the standards of porcelain teeth have been reached and the patient is satisfied with the newly made porcelain teeth, the doctor will attach the porcelain tooth with cement permanently.

Before leaving, the doctor will pay attention to some problems when taking care of porcelain teeth to maintain long-term results, and make a follow-up appointment.

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