Signs that you about to have tooth decay

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Tooth decay is a common dental disease that not only causes pain but also causes bad breath, even teeth loss. Therefore, as soon as the early symptom appeared, you should take good care of your teeth and go to the dentist for thorough treatment. Here are indications that show you are going to suffer from tooth decay that cannot be ignored.

Signs of tooth decay

Tooth decay if not treated in time will cause many other consequences, affect the overall health and lead to many other diseases. So do not ignore these signs if you do not want to have more severe tooth decay

Bad Breath

Food stuck to the surface of the tooth and forms plaque. These plaques will get thicker if they are not cleaned, causing the bacteria to grow and turn into foul odors when exposed daily to acids which present in saliva and food. This causes bad breath, which can lead to tooth decay.

White spots appear on the teeth

Bacteria attacking the oral cavity will cause the enamel to lose the minerals and calcium. Teeth with insufficient calcium will have white opaque spots, this is the symptom of first stage tooth decay.

Black spots appear on the teeth surface

Black dots on the surface of the teeth are also the indicators of early stages tooth decay. Most people ignore this sign, they are unaware that this is the start of tooth decay with bacteria causing the teeth to loose material, especially calcium in the enamel, lead to the appearance of black spots.

Tiny holes appear on the teeth

This is when bacteria start to attack the enamel, leaving tiny holes on the teeth, which are often difficult to see. It can only be seen during a dental examination.

Having toothache when eating

Once bacteria attacks the enamel, the teeth will be weakened, and you will feel pain, sensitivity when eating. Especially, when eating food that is too cold or too hot. Initially, these pain only lasts for a while or a few seconds.

These are the signs of tooth decay that you need to be aware of to monitor your oral health to have aligned teeth and a healthy oral cavity. It is important to visit your dentist periodically every 3-6 months to get proper care and treatment for dental problems.

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