Wisdom teeth (Teeth No. 8) and unforeseen problems

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In an adult, there are 32 permanent teeth, of which the number 8 (also known as wisdom teeth) consists of 4 teeth that grow in 4 corners in the same upper and lower jaw. Wisdom teeth usually erupt at the end of school age, but there are also many cases in young adulthood.

The process of eruption of 2 upper wisdom teeth usually takes place normally. Particularly, the 2 lower wisdom teeth, due to the narrow ascending and transverse branches of the lower jaw bone, are stimulated by the 7th tooth, so the eruption process is very complicated. In addition, the wisdom teeth of the lower jaw are often misaligned (upward, horizontally rotated, directly pushing into the 7th tooth, facing the ascending branch of the lower molar, sometimes facing outward or inward of the jawbone). Due to the eruption of the lower wisdom teeth and the narrow anatomical angle of the lower jaw bone, this eruption often causes complications.

Wisdom teeth and problems

The teeth are covered by the gums on the chewing surface, in addition to the food deposited under the gums covering this chewing surface, it is a source of nutrition for bacteria to grow, also a source of bad breath.

Some other cases have complications when wisdom teeth erupt, such as The teeth are tilted towards the cheeks or tongue, making it difficult to clean the chewing surface, easy to decay the chewing surface or this tooth grows in the jawbone. below, causing crown cyst complications

When wisdom teeth erupt, there is a sign that the gum area inside tooth 7 is full (although there is no pain or pain), you should go to a dental clinic to take an X-ray of tooth number 8 to determine the direction of tooth growth, prognosis. teething.

Wisdom teeth is covered by gums

  • If the tooth erupts in the main arch (growing in the right direction of the tooth), causing the 7th tooth to be inserted, the gums often cover the chewing surface and the body around the wisdom tooth, thus causing gingivitis and food retention, chronic periodontitis. In this case, just let the teeth grow on their own. When the tooth grows out of the gum surface and partially obscures the chewing surface, it is necessary to go to a dental specialist to handle tooth number 8 covered by the gums in each level.
  • If the tooth grows out of the arch, depending on the direction of the wisdom tooth surface, it is called external deviation, internal deviation, 45-90o deviation. Wisdom teeth that grow out of the arch often have a bad prognosis, need to be extracted early (because they are always extracted when there are consequences of misaligned wisdom teeth). Should be extracted at a hospital with a dental specialty to ensure safety. Some dental facilities solve the complication of wisdom tooth eruption by removing the 7th tooth next to it (because it's easy) which is not correct, because it will affect the chewing power of the teeth but still not solve the cause of the tooth loss. Complications later due to misalignment of wisdom teeth.
  • If wisdom teeth grow out, it can cause perforation of the cheek; if the wisdom tooth surface is displaced 60-90 degrees, it will cause the 7th tooth to shift; If the growth deviates, it will damage the gums and jaw. In these cases, wisdom teeth must also be removed.

Wisdom teeth that are misaligned should be extracted

No. 8 teeth often do not have a clear effect, so when wisdom teeth erupt, causing complications, tooth extraction is essential. Of course, in many cases when regular dental examination detects that wisdom teeth can cause complications, they can be extracted immediately to avoid complications later.