Pain-free tooth extraction with the ultrasonic tooth extracting device Piezotome

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 874
One of the biggest worries of all patients when having the 8th tooth extracted is fear of pain. With pain-free tooth extraction with the ultrasonic tooth extracting device Piezotome at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, you completely forget about those worries. The ultrasonic tooth extraction device Piezotome helps extract teeth 8 safely, without pain, shortening the time of tooth extraction, and helps to heal quickly with all cases of difficult root growth.

What is the ultrasonic tooth extraction device Piezotome?

In 2007, the scientist Acteon-Satalec invented Piezo-Ultrasonic technology for use in dentistry, opening a new era: the application of Piezotome ultrasonic surgery, using Piezo-Ultrasonic technology to perform surgery. Successfully and safely extracted teeth, Implant surgery, bone grafting, maxillary sinus lift ...

  • Piezotome ultrasonic wavelengths move flexibly with selective frequency from 28 - 36 Khz, impact on hard tissues, do not hurt soft tissues.
  • Frequency modulation of ultrasonic wavelengths provides comfort during surgery, optimal cell regeneration, effective pain relief after tooth extraction, and rapid healing.
  • Therefore, the ultrasonic tooth extraction device Piezotome is highly appreciated by experts and is the first choice in tooth extraction technique, especially wisdom tooth extraction.

Advantages of the ultrasonic tooth extraction device Piezotome

New anesthetics

In addition to the professional skill of the doctor to help the difficult cases of teeth to be handled gently and quickly, anesthetics are an effective support tool to help customers not feel pain.

With local anesthetic imported from Germany, right from the first injection, the drug will act immediately within 1 second around the area of the 8th tooth root by freezing mechanism, making the customer completely no longer feel. in this area. During the 8th tooth extraction process, you will hear the doctor talk to relieve anxiety and the 8th tooth will be processed at any time without you even knowing it.

Painless tooth extraction

The sharp ultrasonic piezotome wavelengths move flexibly with a selective frequency from 28 - 36 Khz, impacting hard tissues, without damaging soft tissues. With this selected frequency, the doctor will bring the ultrasound machine head around the tooth root gently, at this time the ligaments around the tooth will automatically break.

The roots and gums will be separated from each other, the gums will no longer cling to the teeth, making it easier to fold the extracted tooth out of the jaw. Because ultrasonic waves are used to separate the teeth from the gums, this technique does not cause damage or invasion to the gums, so the extraction will be gentle and painless like traditional tooth extraction techniques. The ultrasonic head does not affect the gums, so the patient does not need to worry about tearing the gums when the tooth is extracted. The manipulations are done gently, the patient only feels a slight numbness in the teeth, not the complicated and heavy feeling like the previous tooth extraction.

Help heal quickly

Ultrasonic technology is not only applied in the case of tooth extraction 8 but with all other tooth extraction cases to help patients feel comfortable and light. In particular, painless tooth extraction by the ultrasonic tooth extraction device Piezotome with large and complex molar roots such as tooth number 8 when extracted often leaves large holes, requiring several stitches, and ultrasonic Piezotome waves will help speed healing. injury faster due to no impact on soft tissues.

Customers will quickly be able to eat and drink normally, with less abstinence than a normal tooth extraction. Painless tooth extraction with the ultrasonic tooth extracting device Piezotome is done quickly, only about 20-30 minutes; With cases of wisdom tooth extraction, it can take a little longer, not hours like before.