Digital Smile Design - Modern Dentistry Advancement

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Along with the increasing demand for beauty, in recent years, cosmetic dentistry has continuously developed with modern technology. That is why digital smile aesthetic design was born and quickly developed to become an indispensable tool of cosmetic dentistry.

Beautiful smile - no longer a dream

Psychological research shows that nothing can make a strong and positive impression on the other person when they first meet each other like a bright, radiant smile.

However, many people are often shy and do not dare to smile, or even cannot communicate comfortably in crowds, just because their teeth are not beautiful, their lips are unbalanced or they smile with exposed gums, etc.

These defects cause them to gradually lose confidence in communication, causing many barriers in life and relationships. For them, a beautiful smile with even, bright white teeth is a dream.

That is why digital smile aesthetic design was born and quickly developed to become an indispensable tool of modern cosmetic dentistry to help dentists correct the above defects. Therefore, today, the patient's dream of having a beautiful smile is no longer so far-fetched.

Smile design software – intuitive view before treatment

Smile design is the process of adjusting the smile to a more aesthetic appearance with the help of a computer through diagnostic, analysis and treatment planning software that includes comprehensive consideration, color harmony color, shape of the patient's teeth, gums, lips, skin and entire face.

Combined with other necessary dental procedures such as gum adjustment, gum grafting as well as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, grafting to restore bone defects, dental implants, etc. to overcome the resulting defects. Beautiful smile for patients.

Results and methods may vary depending on each person's physical condition

However, during consultation and treatment planning, an important question patients often ask is: what will the results be like after surgery? It will be difficult for the treating doctor to explain and describe the plan clearly to the patient if only through words.

Therefore, patients will be worried and confused about the treatment plan. Therefore, the birth of smile design software is a powerful arm for treating doctors and also a medicine to relieve anxiety for patients.

Because all patient image data is analyzed and calculated by the software, helping doctors predict treatment results using images that the patient can see.

This means that patients can easily understand the treatment plan as well as see the results in the most intuitive way on the computer before starting treatment.

Results and methods may vary depending on each person's physical condition

Advantages of smile design

  • Predict specific treatment results using images
  • Identify issues that need to be resolved to limit shortcomings during implementation
  • Easily discuss and choose optimal treatment methods
  • Meets the aesthetic wishes of each patient

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Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is equipped with modern machinery and equipment systems that meet international standards in the dental industry

Understanding the wishes of patients, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic has also successfully applied this modern technology in dental treatment.

With the support of copyrighted software Smile Design Pro, Doctors at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic always bring satisfaction to patients in building comprehensive treatment plans with optimal results for each patient.

Factors that determine the aesthetics of a beautiful smile

There are many factors that affect a smile. Therefore, to bring beautiful smiles to patients, the doctor needs to have a comprehensive view of the harmony of teeth, gums and lips in a unified way with face shape, skin complexion as well as age. the patient's gender and personality, not simply replacing teeth as previously thought.

The harmonious combination of the above factors along with appropriate dental treatment indications will bring optimal treatment results to the patient.