Defects in the smile

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Smile design is the process of improving a customer's smile through specialized smile analysis software to find suitable dental treatment solutions, helping customers visualize their future smile. and can safely perform treatment.

Smile design is considered the "effective arm" of the Dentist

Advantages of smile design in dental treatment

Preview treatment results with images, creating peace of mind for customers

Trong điều trị In modern dental, treatment , smile design is considered the "effective arm" of the dentist. Through the data on the computer software, doctors will comprehensively review the harmony of color, shape of teeth, gums, lips, skin and entire face, helping to find defects in the smile. of the Customer, thereby providing the most perfect treatment plan.

For customers, smile design is considered a "sedative" that helps them clearly see the corrected smile in the future, clearly understand the defects in the current smile, and thereby feel secure in the future. throughout the treatment process and can coordinate well with the treating doctor.

Shorten treatment time

The smile design process helps find defects in the smile, thereby accurately determining the problems that need to be solved and minimizing errors during the treatment process.

Therefore, smile design helps shorten treatment time, smile design prices are often quite reasonable, thus helping to maximize cost savings for customers.

In what cases should smile design be performed?

Designing a beautiful smile before treatment is one of the necessary steps to improve the aesthetic smile for the following cases:

Uneven tooth shape and size: Kích thước răng không đồng đều, thân răng quá dài hoặc quá ngắn sẽ khiến cho nụ cười kém thu hút, đồng thời gây khó khăn trong việc vệ sinh răng miệng và khả năng ăn – nhai.

Smiling with exposed gums: Cases of smiling with exposed gums, uneven gum lines, gaps between teeth, etc.

Unaesthetic tooth color eeth color must match skin color and maintain a natural look to truly be a beautiful tooth color. Teeth that are dark, yellow, contaminated with tetracycline or contaminated with food coloring will be improved to correlate with skin color and gum color, helping the face become more youthful.

Deviated dental arches and smile lines: Irregular dental arches, the middle line of the upper molar arches is deviated to the left, unaesthetic smile lines,...

Things to do to have a beautiful smile

Improve tooth color: Use teeth whitening technology to improve tooth enamel color, helping teeth become brighter and more evenly colored.

Rearranging teeth: In cases where teeth are crooked, underbite or have gaps, they will be improved through orthodontics with braces - orthodontics.

Customers get braces at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic to have a beautiful smile

Removing holes in teeth: Holes in teeth will negatively affect the smile. At this time, cosmetic tooth filling solutions and hole removal will be performed to improve aesthetics and make tooth care easier.

Changing tooth shape: Comprehensive aesthetic adjustment of teeth in terms of color and shape with cosmetic porcelain teeth solutions.

Gingivectomy: In many cases, gingivectomy is necessary to adjust the size of the gums, especially for people with gummy smiles. However, with laser surgery technology, the surgical process will be very gentle and quick.

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