Defects in the smile

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According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: a smile is a delicate expression of human emotion. With a smile, people around you can see and feel your emotions. But according to scientists, smiling is not a simple expression.

What is a smile?

First of all, smiling is a controlled activity by the brain and smiling reflex begins with a stimulation in the front of the hypothalamus, a central nervous system that influents all independent nervous system activities.

Stimulate smiling that spreads like waves and transmits a nerve to the central emotion system at the edge of the brain. After the signal is emitted: the facial muscles will stretch and the expression of contentment will appear in the face. If stimulated in the back of the hypothalamus, the response to it would be dissatisfaction. To have the simplest smile, such as a slight movement in the eyes and lips, there must be at least 15 muscle units working at the same time. But not only that, each type of smile is related to different muscle units, to create a unique feature.

Cosmetic science has identified four factors that determine a beautiful smile: crowns, smile lines, tooth ratio, and color.

However, you will not have a perfect smile when there are some defects such as unbalanced lips, dark teeth, smiling with too much gum exposed,...

These deficiencies are also of interest to clinicians when performing prosthetic dentistry. Because if you can not correct these deficiencies, the results will not as good as you would expect.

Things to do to have a nice smile

Enhance teeth color: Use bleach and modern lighting technology to improve enamel color, making teeth white, bright and evenly colored.

Teeth repositioning: With distorted, grooved, or gapped teeth, they will be reposition properly and aligned neatly with braces or Invisalign.

Removing teeth cavities:Removing teeth cavities: Teeth that have cavities will affect badly on your smile as well as the bite joint and increase the risk of tooth decay. Therefore, filling these cavities is essential.

Altering the shape of teeth: The teeth located in the front teeth area that can be seen when you smile will be reshaped and resized to create balance. The teeth that are too large, too small, too short, too long, the shape is naturally unusual or broken can all be adjusted with porcelain veneer, cosmetic mask or new teeth.

Gum Surgery: In many cases, gum surgery is needed to correct the size of the gum, especially for those with a gummy smile. However, with laser surgery technology, the surgery process will be very smooth and fast.

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, we utilize the most modern technology of cosmetic dentistry, together with a team of leading doctors, because of that, there will definitely be solutions to restore your beautiful smile in the shortest time.