Dental Orthodontics - Price list for braces at Nhan Tam 2024

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Nowadays, in order to have beautiful teeth and a balanced, harmonious face, many people often turn to braces. This method helps correct tooth misalignments without invading real teeth. The following article will help you know the necessary information about cosmetic braces.

Braces are a solution chosen by many people to have beautiful, straight teeth

What are dental orthodontics?

Braces are a method that has become popular with many people recently. However, not everyone knows what braces are? This is a technique that uses dental instruments such as brackets, wires, transparent braces, etc. to create traction to help teeth move to the correct position on the jaw, resulting in beautiful, even teeth. , standard bite.

Cosmetic braces help pull teeth into the correct position on the jaw

Cosmetic braces are often prescribed to correct teeth with defects such as:

  • Bucked teeth: is a condition in which the upper teeth are pulled out more than the lower teeth, or the lower teeth are brought in too much compared to the upper teeth. Braces not only improve the aesthetics of teeth but also make the face more attractive. Before and after braces, your teeth will change significantly. Normally, after braces, your teeth will be more beautiful, your upper lip will shrink, your face will become more attractive, your nose will be higher than before, even creating the V-line chin that many people dream of. In addition, braces also help straighten teeth and make them easier to clean, stronger teeth, and rosier gum tissue. A beautiful set of teeth and a radiant smile will definitely make you more confident and successful in work and life.
  • Underbite teeth: is a condition in which the upper teeth recede inward, while the lower teeth protrude. This condition makes eating and chewing difficult, even leading to slurred speech and poor pronunciation. Many people wonder if they should get braces if they have an underbite. In fact, braces for underbite teeth will help effectively overcome this condition. However, depending on the severity and cause of the underbite, there will be different treatment methods. To know if you can wear braces to fix underbite in your case, you first need to go for a check-up at a reputable dentist to clearly determine the cause of this underbite condition.

Skeletal underbite: Skeletal underbite is a condition in which the lower jaw bone grows faster and stronger, causing the lower jaw to protrude more than the upper jaw. In this case, your teeth may still be straight. In this case, the best treatment is surgery.

Underbite due to teeth: If the cause of underbite is because the teeth and jawbone are still completely normal, braces are the recommended solution to overcome this condition.

  • Sparse, gapped teeth: is a condition where there are gaps between the teeth. These gaps easily cause food to be crammed and also affect pronunciation. Normally, you often encounter gaps in your front teeth. Braces will help the teeth fit closer together without harming your real teeth.
  • Crooked teeth, messy growth, crowded together: is a condition in which the teeth do not grow in a straight line, some teeth protrude, some recede, and even overlap each other.
  • Open bite: is a condition in which the teeth do not touch each other, often formed due to bad habits from childhood such as: tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, mouth breathing,...
  • Deep bite: is a condition in which the upper jaw covers the lower jaw when biting back, causing the chin to be blocked and making the face lack balance and harmony.

Cases where braces are recommended

Benefits of cosmetic braces

It is no coincidence that the cosmetic braces method is highly appreciated by experts and favored by a large number of customers. So what effect do braces have? Let's take a look at the great benefits of braces below.

Enhance facial aesthetics

Braces will help align the bite so that it is balanced, the teeth will become beautiful, and the face will also be harmonious and increase aesthetics. A beautiful smile will definitely help you attract the attention of others and help you be more confident and successful in life.

Braces help make the face more balanced and harmonious

Improve chewing function

The condition of crooked teeth, protrusion, underbite, etc. will more or less affect the chewing function, thereby leading to gastrointestinal diseases such as: digestive disorders, stomach pain, etc. Teeth after braces will evenly, standard bite, helps food to be crushed into smaller pieces, improves chewing function and ensures health.

Convenient for oral hygiene

Teeth that are arranged regularly will help you clean your teeth more easily, removing leftover food and plaque from your teeth. This will help protect oral health and prevent diseases such as: tooth decay, gingivitis, bleeding gums, periodontitis, etc. Furthermore, during the period of braces, you will practice the habit of Get used to caring for and cleaning your teeth thoroughly and effectively.

While wearing braces, you will practice thorough oral hygiene habits

Overcome pronunciation shortcomings

There are many cases of unclear pronunciation and lisp due to uneven teeth. Therefore, with braces, your teeth will become regular, thanks to which your pronunciation will also improve, the sounds will be more accurate, the letters will be rounder and clearer.

With the development of modern dentistry, there are many methods of braces today. Depending on each person's situation, needs and financial conditions, the doctor will advise on the most suitable braces method. Below are popular types of braces that you can refer to.

Metal braces

Metal braces are a traditional braces method that has been around for a long time but is still highly appreciated for its effectiveness. Metal braces use brackets and wires made from high-quality stainless alloy.

Metal braces are highly appreciated for their effectiveness


  • Effective quickly, shortens braces time, teeth will move quickly into the correct position on the jaw.
  • Braces elastics come in many colors, you can freely choose the color you want, helping children enjoy braces more.
  • Lowest cost among all types of braces.

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  • Not highly aesthetic because the appliance is clearly visible on the teeth.
  • Some cases are irritated by metal archwires.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces have the same structure as metal braces, including brackets combined with elastic bands to fix the wire in the bracket groove to create traction to help teeth move. However, this method is different in that the braces are made from ceramic material, considered a transparent bracesmethod, bringing high aesthetics.

Ceramic braces are highly aesthetic


  • The color is natural and similar to real teeth, providing high aesthetics even while wearing braces.
  • The porcelain used is very benign, does not cause irritation, and ensures safety for body health.


  • The cost of ceramic braces is higher than metal braces, so many people ask how much do ceramic braces cost.
  • Porcelain material is easy to break or break if subjected to strong impact.
  • The pulling force of ceramic braces is not as strong as metal braces, so treatment time may be longer.

Braces with lingual braces

Lingual braces are also known as lingual braces. With this method, braces will be attached to the inside of the teeth instead of the outside like other methods. Therefore, when performing lingual braces , the doctor must be really good, highly qualified, and experienced to bring about the expected orthodontic effect.

Lingual braces require a good and experienced doctor


  • High aesthetics because the braces are inside, other people will not see them, suitable for people whose work requires a lot of communication, requires high appearance,...


  • The braces come into contact with the tongue, so they can feel awkward and uncomfortable when first worn.
  • Oral hygiene is difficult because the braces located inside easily trap food but are difficult to clean completely.
  • The cost of internal braces is higher than conventional braces.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces are a modern braces method with many outstanding features. The bracket will be fitted with a sliding cover or metal wing that covers or holds the wire in the bracket groove, allowing the wire to slide freely, without the need to use elastic bands. You can choose self-ligating ceramic braces or self-ligating metal braces. Depending on the needs and conditions of each customer, you can choose the appropriate type of braces.

Self-ligating braces have made significant improvements


  • The effect of self-locking braces that cannot be ignored is that the bracket and wire system is automatically designed, so it has good adhesion, helps hold the wire tightly, and limits deformation and falling off braces.
  • Applying steady force helps teeth move in the right direction, shortening braces time compared to traditional methods.
  • Self-ligating braces have the ability to fix the archwire very well thanks to the self-closing slide system that does not create much friction for the teeth. Thanks to that, you will also feel more comfortable and not have tooth pain like other types of braces.
  • No need to waste time going to the dental clinic for regular adjustments.


  • The thickness of the braces is quite large, easily causing a feeling of entanglement and discomfort for the user

Braces without brackets

Braces without braces also have other names such as: Invisalign braces, invisible braces, clear aligner braces, etc. Instead of using a system of brackets and wires, this method uses removable braces. Made from transparent plastic based on each customer's tooth impression to move teeth to the desired position.

Invisalign braces possess many outstanding advantages


  • The transparent braces tray fits closely to the tooth surface, providing high aesthetics, making it difficult for others to recognize that you are wearing braces.
  • Braces are easy to remove and install, convenient for eating, drinking and oral hygiene.
  • High treatment efficiency, you can know the treatment results in advance through Clincheck software.
  • Doesn't take much time for follow-up examinations, very convenient for customers who live far away or have to go on business trips, etc.
  • The braces will be carefully crafted to fit 100% of your teeth. Therefore, when used, the transparent braces are tightly fitted to the teeth, helping the teeth move according to the planned plan.


  • Invisalign braces cost much more than braces.
  • Not applicable to cases of severely misaligned teeth.
  • It is necessary to wear it for the correct time (guaranteed 20-22 hours per day) to ensure treatment results.

You should consider carefully before choosing the transparent braces method. The factors you need to pay attention to are choosing a reputable dentist with a team of good and experienced doctors. Besides, you can refer to the reviews of that dentist's clear braces to better understand the quality of the dentist's service.

Braces trainer

Trainer braces, also known as silicon braces, are an orthodontic method that uses braces made of flexible silicon to help you straighten your teeth effectively and safely at home. This measure helps control misaligned teeth in young children and supports the orthodontic process later.

In addition, trainer braces can also help avoid damage caused by bad habits such as thumb sucking, chin support, lip sucking, tongue thrusting,...


  • The trainer brace tray is made of soft silicone so it is safe for children. In addition, this type of tray is also easy to remove and assemble at home, mainly used at night, so it will not cause any difficulty in eating, studying and daily activities.
  • Trainer braces are much less expensive than braces or clear braces. Therefore, this method can be chosen in orthodontic treatment of young children.
  • Align teeth to the correct position: Wearing a trainer brace tray as prescribed by the dentist will help move misaligned teeth to the correct position. Thanks to that, having orthodontics in adulthood helps bring high efficiency with economical costs.
  • Control children's bad habits: When wearing silicone jaws, bad habits that affect the teeth such as chin propping, tongue thrusting,... will be limited and eliminated.
  • Reduce discomfort and pain: Silicone braces are flexible and highly compatible with children's teeth, so they will reduce discomfort and pain.


  • Not suitable for adults: The first limitation is that this method is only suitable for young children. When applied to adults, the adjustment time can be long and the effectiveness is not high, because the bone structure of adults is already complete and solid.
  • Failure to completely improve tooth defects: In cases where teeth are extremely misaligned, dentists often prescribe children to wear this jaw for a period of time before intervening with other measures.
  • Easy to fake or imitate: Due to its relatively simple structure, trainer braces trays are easy to fake. This greatly affects the health of the user, and can even make the degree of tooth misalignment worse.

Cosmetic braces process at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

For the braces process to be safe and achieve the expected results, a standard procedure is essential. The following is the cosmetic braces process at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.

Step 1: General examination, x-ray

Before performing braces, the doctor will conduct a general examination of the customer's oral condition. Then, take X-rays to evaluate tooth misalignment most accurately (causes of tooth misalignment, degree of misalignment, etc.) and take tooth impressions to design braces or appliances. appropriate orthodontics.

Take X-rays to plan specific treatment

Step 2: Create a specific treatment regimen

Based on the tooth condition as well as previously collected data, the doctor will create a specific treatment plan for each person. The regimen will include procedures as well as time and cost for the entire braces process.

In the case of clear braces, the doctor will plan the treatment through ClinCheck software, allowing customers to see the results in advance through a video. Then, the doctor will send the data to the Invisalign facility in the US to produce braces.

Doctors advise on treatment plans for each customer

Step 3: General treatment

You need to have strong teeth before getting braces to ensure the braces process goes smoothly and is not affected. Therefore, before braces, the doctor will treat dental diseases if any, and also perform scaling to clean the teeth and remove plaque on the teeth.

Teeth scaling before braces

Step 4: Attach braces

With braces using braces, the doctor can prescribe appropriate appliances for each tooth condition to create a foundation for braces to achieve the desired effect. For example, in case the jaw is narrow, it may be necessary to wear a jaw expander, screw braces , followed by separation, sutures, etc.

Attach elastic bands before braces

Step 5: Attach braces/ Deliver braces tray

Depending on the type of braces you choose, the doctor will fix them for you. As for clear braces, the doctor will deliver the first set of braces and instruct you on the correct way to wear them so that the braces are maximally effective. Every 2 weeks, you will replace a new pair of trays.

The braces will be permanently attached to the teeth

Step 6: Regular check-ups

This is the time period when customers need to go to the dentist for regular check-ups according to the doctor's appointment. Depending on each stage, at each follow-up visit, the doctor can check the speed of tooth movement, or perform operations such as changing elastics, tightening teeth, inserting minivis, etc.

Regular check-ups will help your doctor monitor the movement of your teeth

Step 7: Remove braces

When the teeth are in the correct position, the jaw bite is balanced, and the results are as expected, the doctor will remove the braces. No matter which braces method you choose, be it braces or clear braces, you must wear a retainer after braces to stabilize your teeth long term. Depending on the condition of each person's teeth, the doctor will prescribe a long or short period of wearing the retainer.

When the teeth are beautiful, the braces will be removed

Cosmetic braces price list 2023 at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

How much braces cost is the issue that many people are most concerned about when intending to choose this method. However, you can see that price of braces will have a certain difference, there is no general number for the cost of braces. The reason for this is because the price of braces depends on many factors, specifically:

Dental condition

The cost of braces depends a lot on the condition of each person's teeth. If the teeth are slightly misaligned, the price of braces will definitely be lower than in complicated cases. In addition, if you suffer from dental diseases (tooth decay, gingivitis, etc.), you need to thoroughly treat these diseases before getting braces. Therefore, the braces price list will incur these additional costs.

Besides, many customers wonder if it is possible to get braces on one jaw (upper or lower braces) , and how much it costs to get braces on one jaw. In fact, in some cases, only needing braces on one jaw is enough to ensure aesthetics and bite. You don't need to wonder how much 1-jaw braces cost because the price will definitely be lower than 2-jaw braces.

Braces for 1 jaw will cost less than braces for 2 jaws

Braces method

Each method of braces will have different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, so the cost of braces will also be different. Normally, the price of traditional metal braces will have the lowest cost, the price of Invisalign clear braces will have the highest cost. Depending on the tooth condition, needs and conditions of each person, the appropriate braces method can be chosen.

Dental facility

How much braces cost depends on the dental facility you choose. Dental clinics that specialize in braces, have high service quality, and ensure the requirements of doctors, facilities, equipment, machinery, etc. will often have braces at higher prices than other dental clinics. Poor reputation and quality. Even though the price of braces from a reputable dental clinic is higher, you should still consider your choice to ensure you get the desired results.

The cost of braces will depend on the dental facility you choose

If you want to know the latest price of braces in Ho Chi Minh City today, or wonder how much ceramic braces cost , how much clear braces cost or want to know the cost of braces by condition such as: braces How much do underbite teeth cost , how much do overbite braces cost , how much do underbite braces cost ,... please refer to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic's braces price list below.

Replace elastics – Orthodontics elsewhere2 jaw200,000 VND
Reattach fallen brackets – Orthodontics elsewhereTooth200,000 VND
Orthodontic space maintainer...3,000,000 VND
Removing braces (patients with orthodontics elsewhere)1 jaw1,000,000 VND
Removing braces (patients with orthodontics elsewhere)2 jaw2,000,000 VND
Horseshoe appliance...5,000,000 VND
Palatal screw splint...7,000,000 VND
Zygoma Screws2 Screws10,000,000 VND
Zygoma Screws1 Screws5,000,000 VND
Buckle Self ScrewsScrew5,000,000 VND
Incline...5,000,000 VND
Minivit...5,000,000 VND
EF appliance...4,000,000 VND
Twin Block reverse/forward...5,000,000 VND
Tongue bow...4,000,000 VND
Fixed jaw expansionTreatment4,000,000 VND
Expanding the removable jawTreatment4,000,000 VND
Orthodontic self-locking ceramic bracesTreatment60,000,000 VND
Orthodontic self-locking braces - Level 2 - 1 jawTreatment40,000,000 VND
Orthodontic self-locking braces - Level 1 - 1 jawTreatment23,000,000 VND
Orthodontic self-locking braces - Level 3Treatment65,000,000 VND
Orthodontic self-locking braces - Level 2Treatment50,000,000 VND
Orthodontic self-locking braces – Level 1Treatment45,000,000 VND
Orthodontics with ceramic braces - Level 3 – 1 jawTreatment45,000,000 VND
Orthodontics with ceramic braces - Level 1 – 1 jawTreatment23,000,000 VND
Orthodontics with ceramic braces - Level 3Treatment65,000,000 VND
Orthodontics with ceramic braces - Level 2Treatment60,000,000 VND
Orthodontics with ceramic braces - Level 1Treatment55,000,000 VND
Orthodontics with metal braces – Level 2 – 1 JawTreatment23,000,000 VND
Orthodontic metal braces – Level 1 – 1 jawTreatment18,000,000 VND
Orthodontics with metal braces – Level 2Treatment45,000,000 VND
Orthodontics with metal braces – Level 1Treatment40,000,000 VND
Orthodontics without braces – Invisalign – level 3Treatment125,000,000 VND
Orthodontics without braces – Invisalign – Level 2Treatment115,000,000 VND
Orthodontics without braces – Invisalign – Level 1Treatment110,000,000 VND
Trainertrough4,000,000 VND
Retainer trough – Rework2 jaw2,000,000 VND
Retainer trough – Rework1 jaw1,000,000 VND
Maintenance trough – Refresh1 jaw1,500,000 VND
Maintenance trough – Refresh2 jaw3,000,000 VND
Orthodontic space creationTreatment10,000,000 VND
Preparation steps before orthodonticsTreatment1,000,000 VNĐ
Removable teeth create spaceTooth800,000 VNĐ
(Price list is applicable from January 15, 2018)
(*) Complicated procedures/surgeries will be transferred to the hospital to be performed.

Invisalign clear braces

What Invisalign braces are has been answered above, but you probably still don't know why this type of braces is chosen by many people. Besides the issue of how much Invisalign cost , the advantages of this method are also an issue that many people are interested in. Although the cost of clear braces is quite high, the benefits it brings will certainly not disappoint you.

- Outstanding aesthetics with braces made from transparent material. When worn on your teeth, the braces will hug the sides of your teeth so the other person will not be able to tell that you are wearing braces. This is also the top choice of famous stars in the country and around the world.

- Feeling comfortable when wearing braces, does not cause any discomfort. Furthermore, the braces tray does not irritate the environment inside the mouth, ensuring quality and hygiene, so you can be completely assured.

- Because it can be easily removed and installed, you can eat and drink comfortably, without having to cut it into small pieces like when using braces. In addition, you can remove the trays to clean your teeth, thereby helping your teeth stay strong during the braces process.

- Reduce the number of follow-up visits because you can proactively change braces without the intervention of a doctor. Furthermore, there have been no incidents of braces falling off, so you only go to the doctor for a check-up every 6-8 weeks.

Invisalign braces are considered the pinnacle of orthodontic technology

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are always the number 1 choice for those who want high aesthetics while getting braces at an affordable cost. Compared to clear braces, cosmetic ceramic braces will cost much less but still ensure aesthetics, very suitable for people whose work requires them to communicate with customers.

In addition, this braces method also has high durability, can withstand traction at many levels, and brings high orthodontic effectiveness. Furthermore, ceramic material does not cause irritation, is friendly to the oral environment, does not cause harmful reactions or cause problems for lips, gums and cheeks. Therefore, this is also one of the braces methods that captures the hearts of most customers.

Ceramic braces are both aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced

Metal braces

Although metal braces appeared first, they still receive the trust and love of many people. Although the aesthetics are not high, metal braces are still popular because of great advantages such as:

- Surely because it is made of metal, it will not break easily and affect the treatment process.

- Stable traction force, helps teeth move quickly, responds well to even complex cases of misaligned teeth, thereby shortening braces time compared to other methods.

- Low cost, suitable for many people's budgets. This is also the main reason why metal braces still stand firm in the market today.

- Elastic bands come in many different colors, depending on each person's personality, you can choose the color you like, especially to help children feel more excited about braces.

Metal braces can use elastic bands of many different colors

In what cases do teeth need to be extracted when getting braces?

In some cases, to create space to help teeth move easily, tooth extraction is necessary. Cases where teeth need to be extracted when getting braces can include:

Bucked teeth, severe underbite

If teeth are severely overbite or underbite, the teeth will protrude or recede too much. Therefore, to pull teeth into the standard position, it is necessary to have teeth extracted to create appropriate space. You can rest assured that the price of braces does not include the cost of tooth extraction. In cases where braces are widely spaced, braces can be performed without tooth extraction.

For the braces and tooth extraction process, the doctor will usually instruct you to extract tooth number 4, tooth number 5 or tooth number 8. Which tooth to pull and how many teeth to pull will depend on the degree of overbite as well as the characteristics of the tooth. jaw bone point of each customer.

Proper tooth extraction and precise manipulation will minimize the impact on the soft tissue surrounding the tooth, avoiding damage to the jawbone. The tooth extraction process will also go smoothly, gently, with less swelling, pain and bleeding. Therefore, on the first day of tooth extraction, you can still eat foods that are easy to swallow such as smoothies, porridge, and soup. By the 3rd day after tooth extraction, you can live and eat normally without any pain or complications.

In case of protruding teeth, teeth need to be extracted during braces

Teeth grow haphazardly and crowded together

The condition of teeth growing crooked, messy, and crowded together often occurs due to a small jaw frame, which does not have enough room for all the teeth. Therefore, when braces are crooked or crooked teeth, it is necessary to remove excess teeth to create space for the teeth to return to a regular position.

Teeth that are crowded together do not have enough space for braces

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last to grow, so there is not much space left in the jaw, which in turn tends to crowd adjacent teeth, shifting the teeth and affecting the results of braces. Not to mention, wisdom teeth also pose a risk of cavities in the adjacent teeth, causing damage to these teeth, leading to loosening and tooth loss over time. For this reason, in many cases, doctors will prescribe wisdom tooth extraction with braces.

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or grow crookedly causing complications will be considered for extraction during braces

Why is it necessary to wear a retainer after orthodontic braces?

After finishing the braces process, you still need to wear a retainer. Although the teeth after braces are regular and have a standard bite relationship, they are still not stable. It takes time for the gum tissue and periodontal tissue to adjust their structure. In addition, you also have to eat and drink, and your teeth have to work a lot. If you do not wear a retainer at this time, it will cause your teeth to move back to their old position.

Retainers will help ensure braces results

Retainers will help your teeth stabilize more quickly, ensuring braces results. The time to wear a retainer will depend on the degree of misalignment of the original teeth, the age of braces, etc. Normally, for children, the doctor may require wearing a retainer until adulthood, while others Adults may have to wear it for 6 - 12 months. Particularly in cases with weak teeth, you may have to wear a retainer for a longer time, even permanently, to support long-term results.

Installment braces service at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic launches a 0% interest installment braces program to help customers have the opportunity to experience high-quality services without having to worry too much about costs.

Applicable services:

  • Invisalign invisible braces
  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Self-locking braces
  • Lingual braces


Pay in installments directly at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

  • Pay at least 50% for the first time (close immediately after you decide to get braces). The remaining amount will be paid in monthly installments.
  • Monthly installment = (total amount payable - first payment) / number of months of braces (minimum 1 million / month).

Pay in installments via bank credit card

  • Applicable to customers using Sacombank credit cards.
  • Installment term: 6 months, 9 months or 12 months, depending on agreement between customer and bank.

During the braces process, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic commits not to incur any additional fees beyond the listed price for dental services.

Summary of frequently asked questions about cosmetic braces services

How long does it take to have braces for teeth to be straight and beautiful?

When synthesizing frequently asked questions about braces, we found that the question most people ask is how long does it take for braces to look good?

Dr. Tran Thi Nga, a braces specialist with over 23 years of experience, said: For normal cases, braces will take about 18 - 24 months to have beautiful, even teeth. However, the length of time it takes to wear braces can be longer or shorter for each person, depending on many factors.

Subjective factors:

  • Customer's tooth condition: Customers with crooked or crooked teeth will take more time to move their teeth into the correct position than mild conditions. Besides, if the customer has dental disease, it needs to be stabilized before wearing braces, so the time to complete the orthodontic treatment will also be longer.
  • Age for braces: The ideal age for braces is between 12 - 16 years old. Therefore, if you get braces at this age, the time for braces will be significantly shortened.
  • Customer cooperation: In the orthodontic process, customer cooperation is one of the important factors leading to the success or failure of this service. If customers follow the doctor's instructions and conduct regular check-ups, the time spent wearing braces will also be reduced, and the doctor can quickly detect abnormalities and make timely adjustments.
  • Doctor's qualifications: For doctors with high professional qualifications and extensive clinical experience, the orthodontic process will also go faster and more smoothly.

Objective factors:

  • Quality of braces: High-quality, high-quality orthodontic appliances help the orthodontic process take place quickly, without needing to waste time adjusting or replacing appliances during the orthodontic process.
  • Glue quality: For braces cases that require glue to keep the braces attached to the teeth, using a quality glue system and correct technique will help the braces adhere firmly to the teeth, avoiding time-consuming reattachment. braces, wire repositioning,...

Braces hurt? What should I do to reduce pain during braces?

Does braces hurt? This is a fear of many people. When you first wear braces, you may feel a little pain and discomfort because there is a strange appliance in your mouth. But this feeling only lasts for the first few days, then you will gradually get used to it and no longer have that feeling. However, after each follow-up visit to increase the tightening force, you may still feel pain and it will go away after about 2-3 days.

To reduce pain when wearing braces, you can apply methods such as: applying compresses or using cold drinks to reduce discomfort; Eat soft, liquid, easily digestible foods; protect tissues with orthodontic wax; Take pain relievers as prescribed by your doctor...

Do braces weaken teeth?

Many people believe that the harmful effects of braces are that they weaken teeth. In fact, braces do not weaken teeth, unless the doctor does not have good techniques, the materials are not up to standard, etc. And if the doctor is highly qualified, experienced, and uses high quality materials. If customers follow the doctor's instructions, their teeth will not only be beautiful but also stronger than before.

How much does braces cost on average?

As mentioned above, the cost of braces will depend on the condition of your teeth, the braces method you choose as well as the quality of dental service. At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, the average price of metal braces will range from 40 - 45 million, ceramic braces 55 - 65 million, self-locking braces 45 - 65 million, clear braces price around 110 million. – 125 million.

Does braces weaken teeth? Is it possible to get braces on one jaw? How much does it cost?

To ensure the best treatment results, doctors will usually prescribe braces for both jaws. However, in some cases, the deviation only occurs in 1 jaw and customers who want to save time and money can still get braces on 1 jaw. According to the doctor, this method can be applied but only when the bite is relatively standard and the molars grow straight.

Normally, 1-jaw braces will be applied to the following cases:

  • Underbite teeth, protruding upper or lower jaw (mild severity).
  • Teeth grow sparsely in the lower or upper jaw, a few teeth on one jaw grow sparsely.
  • Teeth growing crookedly or unevenly in the upper or lower jaw. A few teeth on one jaw grow in the wrong position.
  • There is no problem of tooth loss.
  • Balanced face.

Normally, the dentist's listed price list will only include the cost of braces for two jaws. With the 1-jaw braces method, you need to go directly to the dentist so that the doctor can check the condition of your teeth and give an accurate fee. Single-jaw braces will be cheaper than two-jaw braces.

Where to get braces with good reputation and quality?

Many people often pay too much attention to the price of braces and ignore the quality factor, which leads to broken braces. Therefore, the experience with braces is that you should choose dentists with doctors who specialize in braces, have extensive experience, and have successfully performed many different cases from simple to complex, along with the Support of modern technology to ensure good, highly aesthetic results.

Currently, the reputable braces address that you can refer to is Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. This is a top quality braces center in Ho Chi Minh City with a team of doctors with over 23 years of experience, using the most advanced equipment in the world, and the braces process strictly complies with medical standards. internationally, ensuring absolute sterility. In particular, attentive customer service will be a plus point to help you always feel comfortable and satisfied when getting braces here.

How long after braces can I eat normally?

Experts say that while wearing braces, people often have difficulty eating.

The new phase begins with braces

During the first 1 - 2 weeks after wearing braces, you will definitely feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable because the braces rub against your inner cheeks, gums and tongue. However, when you get used to wearing braces in your mouth, these feelings will pass and of course all activities return to normal, including eating.

The period after changing elastics and bowstrings periodically

Every 2 weeks - 1 month, you will go to the dentist for a re-examination and to change the elastic. Changing the elastic band and tightening it will exert a moderate force on your teeth, causing pain, numbness, and difficulty eating and drinking. However, don't worry too much, this feeling will only last 1-2 days and is a positive sign that your teeth are changing and moving.

What is the diet like during braces?

In the first days of braces, you should choose soft, liquid and nutritious foods such as milk, yogurt, sponge cake, tofu, porridge, soup, fruit juice, smoothies, etc.

Once your teeth are stable and used to it, you can eat and drink normally, but you need to avoid hard, crunchy, chewy, and sticky foods. Instead, cut food into small pieces, chew with your teeth, eat slowly, etc.

Does braces change the face?

Whether braces change the face or not is a question many people wonder. Facial changes before and after braces can be:

  • For cases where teeth grow crookedly, causing the face to be misaligned, tense, or cause postural disorders such as shoulder tilt, neck tilt, etc., after wearing braces, the face will become balanced and the muscles will become more balanced. The face is relaxed, creating a feeling of lightness and serenity.
  • If the lower jaw is in the wrong position, causing the face to be misaligned, then after braces, the face will be balanced and harmonious.
  • Another change before and after braces is the angle of the nose. For example, a person with a nose will pull their upper lip inward while wearing braces, creating a higher and straighter nose. People with high noses actually have developed cartilage. The thickness of the nose has nothing to do with the jawbone or teeth. Therefore, braces will only make the teeth more beautiful, the face more harmonious, and the nose look slimmer and taller.
  • Cases of lifting the joint, spreading the lower teeth evenly or pulling the lower jaw back can make the chin become slimmer, sometimes appear longer and have a more V-line shape.
  • After braces, your teeth will be straighter, stronger and easier to clean. In addition, gum tissue is also stronger, limiting inflammation. This creates a radiant smile, a more harmonious and attractive face than before braces.
  • Changes before and after braces can also include the lips. In people with protrusion, the upper teeth protrude forward, causing the lips to become crooked and unsightly. In this case, braces will help pull the lower and upper jaw back to help prevent the lips from being upturned like before, while creating the feeling of fuller and sharper lips.

Is screwing braces painful?

Screw braces or minivis is a special instrument that is currently being used very commonly in braces - orthodontics. Minivis is a spiral instrument made of titanium, small in size, about 6 to 12 mm in length and 1.4 to 2 mm in diameter. In some cases, the doctor will place this screw into the customer's jawbone to create a fixed anchor, helping the orthodontic process go smoothly in the shortest time possible.

During the screwing process, you will not feel pain but only slight numbness due to previous local anesthesia. When the anesthetic wears off, you will feel some discomfort and pain (depending on each person's condition). Normally, people with soft, spongy jawbones experience less pain, but if the jawbone is hard, the pain may be more severe.

However, this feeling only appears for the first time or one day after the braces are screwed in. In addition to anesthesia, the doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and pain relievers to reduce discomfort after screwing for customers.

Should adults get braces?

Just because you're an adult and having crooked teeth doesn't mean your teeth can't move. Braces adjust your teeth to the correct position, helping you have a brighter smile than ever. In addition, this method can also help you improve your oral health thanks to easier chewing and oral hygiene, thereby minimizing possible dental diseases go out.

Unlike children, adults' jaws are no longer growing, so braces take longer, usually 18-24 months, depending on the dental condition. But in some complicated cases, the time can be up to 3 years. In the case of supporting porcelain tooth restoration or implant placement, it may only take about 6 months.

Types of removable braces available today

Currently, there are two basic types of removable braces, including:

Instruments for children

The following devices will be suitable for orthodontic treatment of children under 13 years of age:

  • 2×4 appliance: Effectively straightens the upper and lower teeth when children's teeth are protruding or growing crookedly.
  • Headgear appliance: Has the effect of adjusting the growth of the jaw bone, reducing overbite in cases of bone-related overbite.
  • Twinblock appliance: Used to push the lower jaw forward in balance with the upper jaw. This appliance has the effect of adjusting the jaw without affecting the teeth and is considered the starting stage of the orthodontic process later.

Devices for adults

Invisalign braces are a removable braces method for adults. The transparent braces tray is designed to fit tightly around the teeth, creating a strong impact force to help restore the teeth to the correct position on the jawbone. The braces are made specifically for each customer and each customer will need about 20 to 40 braces during the orthodontic process, depending on how misaligned the teeth are.

How much does it cost to get braces on front teeth?

There are many reasons why front teeth are spaced, including:

  • Due to lack of tooth germs: For some reasons, some people do not have permanent or empty tooth germs, the adjacent teeth will grow to replace the lost teeth but are not completely filled, leaving gaps. Normally, if the front teeth are spaced due to this reason, the gap will be large.
  • Due to impacted teeth: Teeth growing underneath the roots of the incisors instead of coming out of the gums will cause the incisors to separate, creating a small space between the two teeth.
  • Due to dental diseases: Gingivitis, tooth loss and other diseases are all problems that can cause gapped teeth. Because these diseases can lead to bone loss and receding gums, making teeth not only spaced out but also longer.

How much it costs to get braces on front teeth will vary at each dental center. At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, the cost of braces for missing front teeth is listed publicly and clearly. The cost of braces will be decided by the doctor after examining the customer's oral condition.

Why should you wear a retainer after braces?

The retainer after braces is a support device for stable braces results. The role of this appliance is to keep the teeth in the correct position after the braces are removed. People with braces need to wear retainers after braces because:

  • The tooth structure is adjusted according to the tightening force of the wire and brackets over a certain period of time. However, teeth can still move or become misaligned during activities such as eating and drinking. Therefore, after removing braces, customers need to wear a retainer to fix their teeth to avoid them returning to their original position.
  • Periodontal tissue and gum tissue have just undergone a long period of adjustment, so they are especially sensitive. After repair, they need more time to adapt and restructure. The maintenance function is an effective support tool for customers to do this.

Why is it necessary to wear braces?

In the braces technique, the doctor will use a system of wires and brackets to create force to pull the teeth into the correct position on the jaw. Elastic braces are used to create more force, help teeth move quickly, and arrange the upper and lower teeth in proportion to each other for a standard bite.

The braces will be attached to the corresponding brace system between the upper and lower teeth. In addition to adjusting the bite, braces also have the effect of pulling crooked teeth, or teeth that are not aligned properly, into the correct position. At the same time, in the case of protruding teeth, the elastic band will be placed on the front hook of the upper jaw and connected to the back hook of the lower jaw to pull the upper teeth back, and pull the lower teeth forward, creating balance for teeth.

When is the most appropriate age to get braces?

The age of braces is divided into three main stages. Each stage will correspond to a different treatment regimen. Below are 3 common stages of braces age:

6-11 years old: Orthodontic Trainer

Trainer braces are an age-appropriate method for children who have replaced baby teeth and newly grown permanent teeth. The trainer jaw is made of silicone material and is removable, so it is very suitable for young children, helping them minimize dental defects. However, it should be noted that this tool only has the effect of guiding teeth to grow in the correct position, supporting balanced development of the jaw bone and helping children eliminate bad habits.

12-16 years old: The "golden" age for braces

12-16 years old is considered the golden age of braces. At this time, baby teeth have been replaced by permanent teeth, but the jawbone is not completely stable and will be easier to manipulate and shape. Therefore, the facial skeleton will become balanced and not deformed.

Braces at the right age in young children will reduce discomfort, pain, and difficulty chewing. In addition, braces at this age have less impact on the communication process, and the braces effect is more obvious and faster.

17-35: Braces as prescribed by the doctor

If 12-16 years old is the "golden" age to get braces, are braces still effective from the age of 17? When you are an adult, your jaw bone is complete and your teeth are firmly fixed, so the time for braces will definitely be different from braces at the "golden time". However, wearing braces in adulthood is still very effective.

After getting braces, will my teeth move back to how they were before?

Despite the outstanding advantages that braces bring, there is still a possibility that teeth will return to their old position after braces for a number of reasons:

  • Wrong treatment direction: If the doctor does not specialize in braces - orthodontics and has no treatment experience, it is easy to misdiagnose the tooth condition and create an unreasonable treatment regimen. This will seriously affect the results of braces.
  • Not guaranteed time to wear braces: In some cases, the time to wear braces is not guaranteed, due to personal reasons such as: going on a business trip, studying abroad, getting married,... so the braces process has not been completed yet. completed, easily leading to the teeth returning to their original position.
  • Do not wear a retainer: After the braces process is complete, the doctor often recommends that you wear a retainer to maintain the orthodontic effect. If you do not meet this requirement, your teeth will move back to their old position.
  • Wisdom teeth growing: Wisdom teeth growing crooked during the braces process can also affect the results.

Which color elastic braces is the most beautiful?

Dental braces elastic plays a very important role in the braces process. Currently on the market there are many types of elastics such as: split elastics, single elastics, chain elastics, intermaxillary elastics... Which type of elastic to use depends on each person's specific tooth condition. Among them, the type of elastic with the most diverse colors is single elastic. This type of elastic has the function of fixing the archwire and brackets together, has a certain elasticity, so in general it needs to be replaced after about 2 weeks of using.

Usually, braces with colored brackets are popular among children. Many of you wonder which color elastic braces are the most beautiful? With a variety of colors such as red, yellow, white, blue, and even five-color strings, children can freely choose according to their needs and preferences, or to correspond to certain festive occasions, such as For example, red and green for Christmas, yellow and red for Tet.

These elastics will be replaced during the braces adjustment process, so you can easily change the color to your liking. Choosing the color of the elastic will help children participate in the treatment process, creating a close relationship with these instruments that cause more or less discomfort.

How much does orthodontic braces currently cost?

How much does orthodontic braces cost today is a question that many customers are interested in, especially those who are planning to have orthodontics.

Currently, the cost of braces is not a general rule nor is it fixed. The price of braces depends on each individual customer's case and each clinic. To know the exact cost of this service, customers should go to a reputable dental facility for the most accurate advice. At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, the cost of braces ranges from 60-120 million.

How long does braces take?

In fact, the amount of time it takes to get braces will be different for each person, because the degree of tooth misalignment will be different. The average time for braces is about 1 to 2 years.

In addition, how long you wear braces depends on the type of braces you use, the doctor's expertise and your daily oral care and hygiene. Therefore, if you intend to get braces, talk to your doctor for specific advice. Based on the results of the examination and X-rays, the doctor will determine the condition of your teeth and come up with a specific treatment plan.

Discover the prestigious address for braces in Ho Chi Minh City today

Criteria for evaluating reputable braces addresses

A reputable braces address in Ho Chi Minh City must fully meet the following criteria:

Good, experienced doctor

A good orthodontist needs to have a thorough understanding of the structure of the craniofacial region, at the same time grasp the impact force of each type of appliance, and have rich clinical experience to be able to bring high efficiency and ensure safety. all for customers.

Modern equipment

Any dental service will have a higher success rate if it uses modern machinery and equipment during the treatment process. Prestigious and quality braces locations will be fully equipped with facilities and apply high technology, supporting the braces process accurately, quickly, conveniently and preventing complications.

High quality orthodontic materials

Ensuring the quality of orthodontic equipment and materials meets standards requires significant investment capital and not all facilities can meet this requirement. Therefore, when mentioning braces, don't forget to ask about the quality of the materials used, the advantages and disadvantages of these materials.

Service quality and warranty

One criterion that cannot be overlooked when looking for a reputable braces location in Ho Chi Minh City is the quality of service and warranty of that dental clinic. Go there to see if the staff is welcoming and ask them about the warranty policy before making a decision.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic - A reputable braces address not to be missed

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic - The leading reputable braces address in Ho Chi Minh City

To answer the question of where is a good place to get braces, we cannot help but mention Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. Over 25 years of establishment and development, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic has successfully performed thousands of braces cases from simple to complex, helping customers effectively overcome buck teeth, underbite, misalignment... and Conquer beautiful, even teeth with standard bite.

Coming to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, you will be directly examined, consulted and treated by Dr. Tran Thi Nga, Professional Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic - Orthodontist with more than 25 years of experience. Graduating from the first orthodontic course and the advanced orthodontic course at the National Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery, and having been trained in orthodontic courses in France, the US and Korea, Dr. Nga has full expertise and experience to successfully perform orthodontics. Handles all braces cases. The doctor has treated all complicated cases, such as open bites, overbites or underbites using TADS techniques, zygomatic screws to reduce tooth subsidence, solving difficult cases, etc.

In addition, Nhan Tam is also equipped with the most advanced machinery system imported from Europe: 3D Cone Beam CT X-ray machine, Cephalometric skull film machine,... Helps doctors accurately diagnose the structure of the head. maxillofacial structure, level of tooth defect, to plan detailed treatment. In addition, V-ceph 3D orthodontic software helps predict braces results, providing maximum support for doctors during the braces process. At the same time, the dental clinic is equipped with a sterile system that meets international standards, an independent treatment room, and a separate set of tools for each customer.

Images of customers before and after cosmetic braces at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

If you are still wondering whether to get braces or wondering how beautiful braces are , let's see pictures of beautiful braces at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic below.

Customers' braces experience at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Stage before braces

The first thing you need to do is find a reputable braces dental clinic. Your doctor will check your teeth for any problems and take X-rays of your entire jaw. Then, make a treatment plan appropriate to your dental condition, advise on completion time, and make an appointment to install braces or make transparent braces.

Currently there are many braces methods such as: metal braces, ceramic braces, braces without braces... depending on your needs and economic conditions, you can choose the appropriate method.

Follow-up phase

The doctor will take an impression of the jaw model using plaster casting or using 3Shape 3D digital technology, then design a suitable brace frame for each customer.

Depending on the situation, it is possible to make an appointment to place elastics at the first appointment. The doctor will place elastic bands between the teeth to create space between the teeth. This will make it easier to attach the sutures to the molars. After placing the elastic, you will feel a little uncomfortable when biting your teeth. At the end of the first appointment, the doctor will make an appointment to come back 5-7 days later to attach stitches and braces.

Wearing stitches and attaching braces will take a lot of time. After attaching braces, you will feel entangled and uncomfortable. When the braces rub against the inner cheek, it causes burning, but this feeling only lasts 2-3 days because you are not used to it.

During the first 3 months after braces, you will feel the change in the position of your teeth. But the teeth are still not as straight as desired.

After 6 months, tooth movement will be slower than the first time. Significant changes will be apparent after 9 months. The teeth will be arranged more regularly, the two jaws will look related to each other, and have a symmetrical shape.

By the 16th month, the braces process was almost complete, according to the doctor's treatment plan. The dentist will recheck and correct any imperfections.

The final stage of braces

Braces Diary - Month 19: Completed braces case. However, according to the doctor, some teeth are misaligned too much and orthodontic time will take longer. In addition, after braces, you should wear a retainer to get the best results and avoid your teeth moving back to their old position.

Honest sharing from customers after cosmetic braces at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Customer Tran Thi Thuy (25 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) shared: "My teeth were slightly crooked before, so I didn't know if I should get braces or not. I wondered how much braces would cost . But when I saw many people wearing braces and becoming more beautiful, I went to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for advice. Because I was impressed with the dedicated doctor, friendly staff, and spacious and modern facilities, I did not hesitate to decide to get braces here. After a journey of more than 2 years, my teeth have now become beautiful, my smile is brighter, so I am more confident."

Customer Nguyen Xuan Khanh (26 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) said: "My teeth were only slightly misaligned and slightly spaced, so the doctor advised me about clear braces. I was extremely impressed with the doctor. Not only did he specifically analyze my teeth's flaws, but he also gave me very dedicated advice, telling me how long it would take to get braces , how much Invisalign clear braces cost , and how much clear braces cost. long time in my case. Indeed, having braces with transparent trays is very convenient. I can eat and drink comfortably without causing any inconvenience. People also don't know that I have braces. After only 1 year, my teeth are beautiful and I am very satisfied with the service at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic."

What does the press say about the cosmetic braces service at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic?

Above is all the information about cosmetic braces. Braces are a long process, so don't worry too much about how much braces cost and ignore the quality factor. Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will be a reputable braces address that you can trust and choose. For specific advice, please immediately contact Hotline 1900 56 5678 or go directly to 807 Street 3/2, Ward 7, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City .


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