Implant placement at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

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Dental implant placement is an advanced dental procedure that is considered to be the specialty of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic with fast, beautiful dental restorations that have the durability and effectiveness of real teeth as well as many other outstanding benefits.

What are dental implants?

The structure of a dental implant in implant placement include:

  • The implant fixture is made of titanium which is placed directly into the jaw bone, replacing the missing root, after the healing and integration time, the doctor will proceed to secure a dental crown onto the implant.
  • This dental crown has the chewing capability of real teeth because it has both root and the crown.

Comparison (Real tooth/implanted tooth)

When do you need dental implant placement?

The benefits of dental implants

Improve cosmetic

  • Color, shine, and shape exactly like real teeth, indistinguishable from real teeth.
  • Can replace lost teeth.

Completely restore dental function

  • Does not cause any reaction to the oral cavity or other complications.
  • New teeth made from Titanium and porcelain, durable, high force resistance, help restore chewing capability, stop wind when pronouncing.

Perfect the teeth, accurate to the jawline

  • Durable, does not deviate, does not fall out, can last for a lifetime.
  • The new teeth are secured accurately, appropriate with the jaw, does not cause discomfort when chewing

Does not affect other teeth

  • Does not affect the surrounding real teeth, does not require teeth trimming like bridgework.

Prevent alveolar bone resorption

  • Limit bone resorption after the implant process.
  • Prevent bone resorption due to long-term teeth loss.

Quick and painless

  • Does not cause pain during the implant process.
  • Quick healing, only took 2 days for normal eating.

Dental implant procedure at Nhan Tam dental clinic

1. Overall examination and consulation

Dr. Vo Van Nhan giving advises and implant treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Consultation before examination: Let the staff collect some information about the patient's medical and dental history.

2. Taking x-rays and 3d conebeam ct to survey the jaw surface

Modern 3D ConeBeam CT system at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

At this stage, the doctor will get: the jaw's 3-dimensional images


  • Accurately evaluate the quality and quantity of the bone.
  • Locate the ideal implant placement area.
  • Increase the safety level with maximum accuracy in implant placement, avoid errors.
  • Check the tightness of implant restoration.
  • Reduce treatment duration.
  • Identify the size, length, depth, and width of the jaw bone tissues to determine whether the placement is suitable to plan effective treatment.

3. Analyzing the images and give feedback to the customers

After analyzing the images, the doctors will proceed to identify each case and give feedback to the customers, usually, there are 2 cases:

Sufficient bone and thick gum: Sufficient bone and thick gum are advantageous factors for good estimation, qualify for implant placement.

Insufficient bone and thin gum:

  • Solution: If there are not enough bone or gum then the additional bone and gum graft is required to ensure 2mm of bone surrounding the implant, at least 1,1mm of gum tissues and interdental papilla.
  • Bone material: Up to now, the patient's real bone is still the best material because it has growth factors that help heal wound fast, have live bone tissue, limit rejection. However, in some cases, artificial bone can be used.

4. Acquiring the teeth impression, fabricating crowns & simulate the implant location

Acquiring the teeth impression: To get the specific parameters about the customer's dental condition

Simulating the implant location: Analyze the bone and simulate the implant location on specialized software

Many types of crowns: Currently, there are many types of crowns with appropriate price and cosmetic, giving patients more choices

Meeting technological requirement: Finishing line, ridge, color, shape

Strictly follow the procedure: Any crown that does not meet the quality and cosmetic requirement will be eliminated and start from the beginning

5. Implant placement

Implant placement procedure

Before implant surgery:

  • Oral hygiene, remove all plaque, treating periodontitis (if available)
  • Use mouthwash that contains the antibacterial chlorhexidine
  • Use prophylactic antibiotics

During implant surgery:

  • Local or general anesthesia
  • Proceed to separate the gum and drill a hole on the jaw bone then place the implant fixture
  • To ensure cosmetic, the doctor will attach temporary tooth during crown fabrication

After implant surgery:

  • Continue to use a mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine
  • Schedule a follow-up visit
  • Eat soft food when using the temporary tooth so that the fixture stabilized in the bone

6. Restoring the crown on to the implant

Restoring the crown is the last step to complete the procedure

This is the last and very important step as it is more difficult and complicated than normal crown restoration. If it failed to achieve a tight fit, there will be problems such as:

  • Bad breath
  • Gingivitis
  • In more severe cases, it could lead to implant fallout

When leaving the clinic, you can be confident with aligned and beautiful teeth, freely eating.

The benefit of implant placement at Nhan Tam dental clinic

Modern facilities: International standard equipment, providing elegant convenience and comfiness.

Modern facilities at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

A team of doctor - high specialization: Trained from the top reputable facilities across the country, many doctors have worked overseas with many decades of experience, ensuring the best "safe and cosmetic" result

Strict standardized procedure: Absolute sterile, ensure safety, minimized all post-surgery complications

Sterilization procedure that meets international standard

Appealing offers: Provide customers with many opportunities to take care of dental health with the most reasonable price on the market. At the same time, provide installment plans with high-cost services

Complete insurance: Creating an absolute trust for customers, focus on nature and ensure the stability, long-lasting for "LIFE-LONG TEETH" service.

Customer care & ensuring the best customer service

Provide customers with many opportunities to take care of dental health with the most reasonable price on the market. At the same time, provide installment plans for each service such as (braces, implant) help customers to freely choose the payment method.

With a team of experienced consultation staff and assistants, we guarantee that customers coming to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will be given a warm and enthusiastic welcome.

We can:

  • Provide you with online consultation anytime you need
  • Provide phone consultation on any problem you are facing
  • Provide direct consultation if you come to the clinic
  • Provide transportation and hotel reservation if you come from distance area
  • Especially, you can use Dental Tourist service so that you can have dental care in Vietnam while on vacation

Customers' impression after experiencing implant services at Nhan Tam dental clinic

Frequently asked questions - expert implant consultant

At what age can you have dental implant placement?

Answer: Implant can only be stabilized in the jaw bone and give harmonized, durable restoration result when the jaw bone is developed. Because of that, the appropriate age for implant placement is over 18 years old.

Beside implant placement, is there any other implant placement method and what is the best and safest method?

Answer: Besides implant placement, there are 2 other methods which are "removable denture" and "crown restoration". However, the result is not stable and to recover all dental function, the implant method is still the best solution to date.