How much does a lower jaw implant cost?

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Missing lower teeth not only reduce the aesthetics of the teeth, but also cause many people trouble in chewing. However, to replant the lower molars, which method should be chosen? What is the current price of lower jaw implant? All will be answered in detail through the information in the following article.

Molars are teeth number 6, 7, number 8 (wisdom teeth), located in the innermost part of the jaw. If teeth 6 and 7 play a very important role in chewing, wisdom teeth have almost no effect, moreover, there are many potential complications. Therefore, if you lose your 6th, 7th molars, you need to replant them immediately, and if you lose your 8th teeth, you don't need to be replanted.

The cost of replacing missing molars at each dentist will vary, depending on many factors such as: the method of implantation, the number of teeth to be planted, the technique and skill of the doctor, the quality of the dental service. … Currently, dental implants are considered as the optimal solution for dental implantation, offering many advantages over removable dentures or porcelain bridges. This is also the most expensive method.

Consequences of missing lower teeth

The lower teeth play a very important role in the arch, so when this tooth is lost, it will cause many unpredictable consequences. Here are some consequences of missing lower teeth that you should know:

  • The lower teeth hold the chewing function mainly in the jaw, so if the molars are missing, the chewing power is not enough to crush the food, making the eating process difficult. This condition can lead to stomach problems in the long run.
  • The loss of molars for too long, the jaw bone will be lost, the adjacent teeth will tend to shift into the missing tooth space, the opposite tooth has no contact point, so it will protrude. This will cause the bite to be displaced, the remaining teeth will also weaken and lead to the risk of losing more teeth.
  • Although the loss of molars does not directly affect aesthetics, in the long-term, the condition of jaw bone loss will make the cheeks sunken, the facial skin wrinkled, sagging and make you look older than your real age

Loss of lower teeth makes it difficult to chew food

How much does a lower jaw implant cost?

From the above harms, you can see that planting lower teeth is very necessary. However, many people wonder about the the price list of dental implants how much the lower jaw is? In fact, the cost of dental implants at each dentist will be different because it depends on the method of implantation that you choose. Currently, to replant molars, there are popular methods as follows:

1. Removable dentures

Removable dentures are a method that has appeared for a long time, consisting of a jaw base made of hard or flexible plastic, with hooks to fix on the adjacent teeth to keep the dentures fixed inside the mouth.

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The advantages of this method are low cost, partial restoration of aesthetics and chewing function. However, the disadvantage is that after a period of use, the jaw bone is destroyed, the gums atrophy, causing the dentures to become loose, chewing difficult, aesthetics are no longer the same as before, even a condition occurs. Losing teeth while eating, talking.

Removable dentures after a period of use will become loose, causing entanglement, discomfort

2. Porcelain dental bridge

Unlike removable dentures, porcelain dental bridge is a method of fixed teeth. To perform this method, the doctor will have to grind more teeth next to the missing tooth to make a pillar, then use a bridge series with the number of teeth corresponding to the missing tooth and the abutment tooth fixed on top.

Porcelain bridges restore about 70% of real teeth, although the aesthetics are very high, they cannot be maintained for a long time. Moreover, because it has to borrow force from neighboring teeth, porcelain bridges are not applicable to cases of consecutive loss of many teeth, loss of all teeth, loss of molars 7 (because wisdom teeth often grow crooked, grow underground, etc.) not meet the criteria to make abutments). In addition, this method does not fix the jaw bone loss, so it has to be redone after a while, consuming more time and costs.

Porcelain bridges need to grind the teeth on both sides to make a pillar to support the bridge

3. Dental implants

Dental implants are considered the most advanced method of replacing missing teeth today, restoring both the root and the crown. To perform this method, the doctor will implant the implant post into the jawbone at the location of the tooth loss. After a period of 3 - 6 months, when the implant post integrates with the jaw bone, the doctor will attach the porcelain teeth on top, completing the implantation process.

The implant post is made of Titanium, so it is safe, benign, and does not cause any side effects. Moreover, with this method, you do not need to invade the adjacent tooth because any tooth that is lost will be replanted, which is perfect for all cases of tooth loss. Moreover, implant teeth have high aesthetics, natural like real teeth, chewing power is 100% similar to real teeth. In particular, restoring the roots of the teeth will help prevent jaw bone loss, overcome sunken cheeks and can be used permanently if cared for well.

Dental implants are considered the most advanced solution to restore missing teeth today

Hopefully the above information has helped you answer the question of how much the lower teeth implant cost. If you have any further questions, please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic immediately to get specific and completely free advice from experts.