How much do dental implants cost? Do dental implants last forever?

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Dental implants are the current optimal dental technique to replace lost teeth, restore aesthetics and chewing ability. However, many people wonder how much dental implants cost and will they last forever over time? Please refer to the following article to get the answer for yourself.

Dental implant is the process of placing a titanium implant inside the jaw bone to replace the lost tooth root. After about 3 - 6 months, the implant post will integrate with the jaw bone, at this time the doctor will restore the crown to the top with a porcelain crown. Dental implants will restore aesthetics and chewing function like real teeth, prevent jaw bone loss, and have the ability to last forever over time if done with the right technique and proper care.

How much dental implants cost will depend on many factors such as: the state of tooth loss, the type of implant as well as the porcelain teeth you choose, the quality of dental services, etc. To know the exact price of implant teeth, you need to have a specific examination, take X-rays so that the doctor can make a detailed treatment plan for each customer case.

How much do dental implants cost today?

Dental Implants is considered as the most advanced solution to restore missing teeth today and possesses many outstanding advantages, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional methods such as removable dentures or porcelain bridges. Because there are many advantages, many people wonder how much dental implants cost?

In fact, the dental implant price list will be calculated based on the cost of the components that make up the implant teeth, including: Implant + Abutment + Porcelain prosthetic teeth above. In addition, in some cases of long-term tooth loss, the quality and quantity of jaw bone is not enough, customers will need to lift the bone graft before inserting the implant. This will ensure that the jawbone has enough height, density and volume for the implant post to attach. At this time, the cost of the implant will be included with the cost of bone grafting.

The price of implant teeth will be calculated based on the components that make up the implant teeth

Therefore, when you lose teeth, you should proceed to implant teeth as soon as possible, avoiding jaw bone loss to avoid affecting health and spending more money when planting teeth.

Implant post and abutment screw

Currently, there are many lines of implant posts and abutments such as: Korean Implant, French Implant, American Implant, ... Each type of abutment has its own unique characteristics, depending on the condition of the teeth as well as the economic conditions of each person, the doctor will advise you on the appropriate implant line.

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Sinus lift bone graft

In case it is necessary to raise the bone graft, the cost of implant teeth will take this extra cost. Depending on the condition of each person, it is possible to carry out autologous bone grafting or artificial bone grafting, the cost will also depend on the type of bone being transplanted.

Long-term tooth loss leading to jaw bone loss requires bone grafting

For more specific implant prices, you can refer to the price list of dental implants at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic below. The price of dental implants at Nhan Tam is clearly listed and is a package price, with no additional costs.

Do Dental Implants last forever?

Besides the question of how much dental implants cost, whether or not the implant teeth will last forever is also a matter of current concern. The lifespan of dental implants will depend on many different factors, specifically as follows:

  • Quality of implant post: This is the leading factor that determines the longevity of implant teeth. Therefore, to ensure that the implant post lasts for a long time, you should go to a reputable dentist to be examined and consulted by a specialist for a quality implant. If using poor quality implant posts not only reduces the life of the implant teeth but also causes significant impacts on the health of customers.
  • Skill of the doctor: Dental implant is a complex technique in dentistry, requiring the doctor to have a high level of expertise, thorough understanding of the customer's molar structure and long experience in the field of dentistry. profession. A good doctor will determine the exact position to place the implant as well as the appropriate depth and inclination of the implant, ensuring that the implant is firmly integrated with the jawbone.
  • How to take care of teeth at home: In case the customer takes proper care of their teeth, it is possible to maintain the durability of the implant teeth. Ways to take care of your teeth can include: brushing teeth regularly with a soft-bristled brush, complying with the medication prescribed by the doctor, not eating foods that are too hard or too hot or too cold. Do not use stimulants such as alcohol, beer, drugs, etc. In addition, you should eat soft, liquid foods, containing many vitamins and essential nutrients to help the life of the implant teeth be longer.

The skill of the doctor is an important factor determining the life of the implant teeth

Hopefully, the sharing in the above article has helped you answer the question of how much dental implants cost and will they last forever. For specific examination and advice, please immediately contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic or contact Hotline: 1900 56 5678, our experts will quickly support you.