What is Titanium dental crowns?

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Dental restoration with Titanium crowns is a solution chosen by many people due to high durability and reasonable price.

What is a Titanium crown?

Titanium crown is a type of cosmetic crown with the inner structure made from an alloy of Nickel - Chrome - Titanium, which contains 4% - 6% titanium and covered with Ceramco3 porcelain on the outside.

The Titanium material does not just meet the crown requirement, it exceeds it. The crown does not oxidize in the oral environment, does not affected by the saliva in the mouth. Especially, for people with severe metal allergy, this is the best solution.

Titanium crown anatomy

Suitable cases for Titanium crown treatment

  • Chipped, broken, missing teeth due to accidents.
  • Mild spacing, crooked teeth.
  • Discolored teeth due to color pigment and cannot be bleached.
  • Extremely mild retrusion or protrusion, etc.

All of these cases can be fixed with Titanium crowns, help you improve teeth from the shape to the color.

The advantages of Titanium crow

Titanium crowns satisfy the increasing need of patients due to the following benefits:

Does not require a large amount of dental trimming, avoid influencing the pulp, suitable for patients who are easily allergic or having wide pulp chambers.

Natural color, nearly identical to the real teeth due to the Ceramco3 porcelain layer, ensuring cosmetic after restoration.

High durability, can last up to 10 years with accurate technique and skilled doctors combine with proper dental care.

Good force-resistant like real teeth, can chew, bite like normally. In addition, the purity of titanium is high which can eliminate any allergic reaction to cold or hot food.

The cost of Titanium crowns are lower than all porcelain crowns, suitable for many customers.

Things to note after Titanium crown treatment

The age of Titanium crowns relies a lot on your dental care. Because of that, you should pay attention to the following aspects to keep the teeth long lasting and beautiful.

Use toothbrushes with soft bristle to clean teeth after a meal or at night before bed.

Always clean the oral cavity with mouthwash, at the same time, use dental floss instead of a toothpick to clean food stuck in gaps between teeth.

Refrain from chewing food that is too hard or too chewy to maintain balance chewing force, avoid cracking the crowns.

Balanced chewing force enable the teeth to clean each other, prevent cases of unbalanced jaw due to chewing in one side.

Dental examination every 6 months to check the tight fit of the crowns and the real supporting teeth and any gum swelling.

Dental checkups every 6 months after crown treatment

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