The team of doctors - Endodontics and general dentistry division

The team of doctors in endodontics and general dentistry division specialized in treating dental diseases such as pulpitis, tooth extraction, etc.

Team of doctors - Endodontics and kid's teeth devision

The team of doctors in endodontics and kid's teeth devision specializes in treating children's dental diseases such as (tooth extraction, tooth decay treatment).

Team of doctors - Cosmetic dentistry division

The team of doctors in the Cosmetic dentistry division specializes in treating dental defects such as crooked, underbite, misaligned, chipped, stained teeth.

Introducing the team of doctors at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Before deciding to perform surgery, orthodontics, dental crowns or teeth whitening, etc., patients tend to find out whether the doctor is qualified and experienced or not. This is completely normal because dental care or cosmetic restorations does not only affect health but also have cosmetic significant.

Team of doctors - Dental implant specialists

The team of doctors in the dental implant specializes in treating conditions that require dental implant by the implant method such as loss of all teeth, loss of 1 tooth or many teeth.