Superfast teeth whitening by laser whitening technology

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Yellowed teeth will make the smile less charming which lead to the loss of confidence, superfast teeth whitening at a clinic by Laser whitening technology is a saving grace to help you get bright white teeth and confident smile.

Darkened, yellowed teeth due to smoking, antibiotics or external color pigment makes you lose confidence in communication, affect work and life. Teeth whitening is an effective way to improve your smile. It is the process of using chemicals to brighten and whiten the teeth, by means of oxidation to cut off the color protein chains in the teeth.

Superfast teeth whitening with laser whitening technology

Of all the dental aesthetic technology in the market, Laser Whitening is rated by experts as a super-fast whitening technology with optimum results. This is a teeth whitening method that has been certified by the French Dental Association (ADF) for its effectiveness as well as its safety, so you can rest assured when choosing this technology.

This is also the most modern whitening technology that many people around the world choose to use. The wavelengths of the laser activate teeth whitening and also have the ability to release tiny particles that cool the entire mouth during whitening. Therefore, whitening patients will not feel pain or numb.

Laser Whitening is considered to be a superfast whitening method by experts

Not only experts but many patients who had Laser Whitening are satisfied and considered this to be the ideal bleaching solution, takes less time and does not affect work as well as life. Laser Whitening gives clients the most gentle and quickest aesthetic experience.

Utilizing Laser Whitening for optimal results

Laser Whitening operation is based on the integration of the laser wavelength cluster, with the ability to increase the rate of bleaching molecules penetrating into the tooth enamel, which can be applied effectively in many cases. Resolving yellowed, black, dull teeth.

Teeth before and after whitening

More specifically, laser whitening uses oxidation-reduction reaction, releasing pure oxygen and break off the colored protein chains in the teeth, returning the original shiny white color, in a very short time. After about 10 minutes of whitening at a dental clinic, the whiteness of the teeth has dramatically improved. After about 30 minutes of operation, your teeth will shine bright white. However, the degree of whiteness depends on each person as well as the original condition of the teeth. One more note is that if yellowed teeth are due to extremely heavy pigment or inherited from the mother who had antibiotics, cannot be whitened this way but have to use dental bridge or veneer.

Laser Whitening technology is certified for health safety

Laser Whitening is a superfast whitening method at the clinic, this laser technology is created by quantum mechanic effect, therefore, the amount of heat generated is minimal and safe for the patient. Completely different from creating light by heating the tungsten filament in light bulbs. The laser has a pH value of 7, so it does not harm the enamel surface. The whitening process only changes the color of the teeth, not its structure, and does not cause any pain or sensitivity to the patient.

Laser Whitening technology is certified for health

Bleach used in Laser Whitening, when applied, show no signs of allergies or complications and certified by the World Health Organization as safe for human health.

Laser Whitening brings long-lasting result

Laser Whitening is a modern technology according to French standard that works by activating whiten molecules at the same time add fluoride under the deep penetration of laser wavelengths. This result in a far superior result compared to other common whitening methods. If you thoroughly care for your teeth and have a proper diet, the result can last for about 5 years.

The teeth whitening operations at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic are done in a sterile environment. Post-treatment services are also given special attention in order to provide the best experience for patients and clients. Shiny teeth and health safety are what Nhan Tam Dental Clinic strives to bring to you. The whitening effectiveness has been verified through thousands of whitening cases.