Which teeth whitening gel should be used?

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Yellowed, darkened teeth due to antibiotics, smoking or heavy exposure to Tetracycline, etc., can make you lose confidence in communication. Teeth whitening is the solution to restore your bright white teeth and dazzling smile.

Currently, there are many teeth whitening methods such as superfast laser whitening at the clinic, combine whitening at the clinic and wearing trays at home, and whitening at home under doctors' guidance. Because of many aspects such as time, desire, etc., of each person, whitening at home was chosen by many people.

How to choose teeth whitening gel?

Before deciding to whiten your teeth by any method, you should consult dental professionals so they can give you the best insights. Darkened teeth have a variety of causes and not anyone can be whitened so it is best to go to the dentist for consultation and thorough examination to avoid unnecessary consequences.

According to the American Dental Association, you should look for products manufactured by reputable brands. The teeth whitening product line certified by the American Dental Association (ADA) is the safest and most effective product to archive results. You can search for these products at the ADA website. Products such as Crest, Ultradent, etc., are some noticeable choices.

You should look for products manufactured by reputable brands

According to the Journal of America Dental Association (JADA), whitening products contain safe hydroxide content:

  • Whitening gel used at the clinic can contain 30 - 35% HP (Hydroxide Peroxide) or 35% CP (Carbamide Peroxide).
  • Whitening gel used for home usage: 5.5 - 7.5% HP, 10 - 15 - 22% CP.

The whitening gel used at Nhat Tam Dental Clinic is the 15% Nupro White Gold teeth whitening gel by Dentsply Corporation (Germany): whitening process is quick, easy and safe, maintaining a long-lasting result for the user.

Teeth before and after whitening

Things to note for when whitening teeth

Teeth whitening is not a complicated procedure, but you should not buy any products that do not have the doctor's acknowledgment, because it might leave unpredictable consequences.

You should visit a reputable dental clinic for a thorough examination and consultation because there are cases of yellowed teeth that should not be whitening because it will have no result. For example, darkened browned teeth due to tetracycline stained cannot be whitened but have to be covered with the porcelain veneer to be effective.

Before deciding to whiten your teeth, you should visit a reputable dental clinic for a thorough examination and consultation

Drugs, whitening gel, etc., with unknown origin, ingredient, dosage is best not to be used. Choosing a good, high-quality and safety is an important aspect. The best approach is to go to a reputable dental clinic is to be accurately consulted to come up with the safest and most effective method.