Replace elasitc tie (Braces done at another clinic)2 Jaws9 USD200.000 VND
Space maintainers130 USD3.000.000 VND
Braces removal (Braces at another clinic)1 Jaw43 USD1.000.000 VND
Braces removal (Braces at another clinic)2 Jaws87 USD2.000.000 VND
Horseshoe appliance217 USD5.000.000 VND
Palatal plate303 USD7.000.000 VND
Zygoma screw2 screws434 USD10.000.000 VND
Zygoma screw1 screw217 USD5.000.000 VND
Buckle seft screwScrew217 USD5.000.000 VND
Inclined plane217 USD5.000.000 VND
Minivit217 USD5.000.000 VND
EF braces appliance174 USD4.000.000 VND
Twin block217 USD5.000.000 VND
Lingual arch174 USD4.000.000 VND
Fixed Expander applianceTreatment174 USD4.000.000 VND
Removal Expander applicanceTreatment174 USD4.000.000 VND
Self-ligating porcelain bracesTreatment2601 USD60.000.000 VND
Self-ligating braces - Class 2 - 1 JawTreatment1734 USD40.000.000 VND
Self-ligating braces - Class 1 - 1 JawTreatment997 USD23.000.000 VND
Self-ligating braces - Class 3Treatment2818 USD65.000.000 VND
Self-ligating braces - Class 2Treatment2168 USD50.000.000 VND
Self-ligating braces - Class 1Treatment1951 USD45.000.000 VND
Ceramic braces - Class 3 - 1 JawTreatment1951 USD45.000.000 VND
Ceramic braces - Class 1 - 1 JawTreatment997 USD23.000.000 VND
Ceramic braces - Class 3Treatment2818 USD65.000.000 VND
Ceramic braces - Class 2Treatment2601 USD60.000.000 VND
Ceramic braces - Class 1Treatment2385 USD55.000.000 VND
Metal braces - Class 2 - 1 JawTreatment997 USD23.000.000 VND
Metal braces - Class 1 - 1 JawTreatment780 USD18.000.000 VND
Metal braces - Class 2Treatment1951 USD45.000.000 VND
Metal braces - Class 1Treatment1734 USD40.000.000 VND
Invisalign - Class 3Treatment5420 USD125.000.000 VND
Invisalign - Class 2Treatment4986 USD115.000.000 VND
Invisalign - Class 1Treatment4769 USD110.000.000 VND
TrainerTray174 USD4.000.000 VND
Retainer Braces - Adjustment2 Jaws87 USD2.000.000 VND
Retainer Braces - Adjustment1 Jaw43 USD1.000.000 VND
Retainer Braces1 Jaw65 USD1.500.000 VND
Retainer Braces2 Jaws130 USD3.000.000 VND
Space gaining in orthodonticsTreatment434 USD10.000.000 VND
Preparations prior BracesTreatment43 USD1.000.000 VND
Removable space gaining dentureTooth35 USD800.000 VND
Reattach braces bracket (Braces at another clinic)Tooth9 USD200.000 VND
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Note: 1 USD = 23.000 VND
(The exchange rate can vary depending on market)