Dr. Vo Van Nhan: Indian Doctors's Perspective

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The training course on dental implants conducted by Dr. Vo Van Nhan in September 2023 had received enthusiastic responses and high praises from Indian doctors

With 25 years of dedication to the profession, Dr. Vo Van Nhan has made significant contributions to dentistry in Vietnam.

Not only known as the Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, but Dr. Nhan is also a lecturer at Hong Bang International University (HIU) and a speaker at various seminars both domestically and internationally.

Most recently, in September 2023, he was invited to impart knowledge on dental implants to an Indian doctor delegation. The sessions conducted by Dr. Nhan received numerous positive reviews.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan and the Journey of Elevating Vietnamese Dentistry to Global Standards

The Vietnamese dentistry is making remarkable progress through the application of advanced technologies and the contributions of many talented and dedicated dentists. One such accomplished and experienced dentist in Vietnam is Dr. Vo Van Nhan, the Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Vo Van Nhan has successfully handled numerous complex clinical cases. While dealing with cases involving the extraction and replacement of a single damaged tooth is a common occurrence for many dentists, Dr. Nhan's clientele often consists of cases considered "impossible" and unprecedented in Vietnam.

In 2010, Dr. Vo Van Nhan made a strong impression with the success in performing 3-dimensional bone grafting, excellently solving severe bone resorption.

In 2012, Dr. Vo Van Nhan invented and successfully applied the technique of grafting two pieces of iliac crest cortical bone in the restoration of dental clefts to perform lip and palate plastic surgery for patients with cleft lip and palate. This groundbreaking procedure aimed to reshape the mouth of patients born with a congenital defect causing incomplete formation of the lips and oral cavity. The surgery helped them achieve a harmonious facial appearance, normal eating and speaking abilities, and improved communication skills. This work was published in The Cleft Palate - Craniofacial Journal, affiliated with the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association, in 2017.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan – Vietnam's leading implant expert

In 2013, Dr. Nhan once again proved his talent and bravery when he was the first Vietnamese doctor to successfully perform the technique of inferior alveolar nerve transpositioning and simultaneous implant for a 40-year-old case of a bullet that fractured the jaw.

Continuously conquering challenges, Dr. Vo Van Nhan has restored smiles and improved the lives of many patients with congenital ectodermal dysplasia, characterized by the absence of teeth and hair. A notable case is that of Ms. N.N.H (27 years old, Hanoi) in 2020. At that time, many large hospitals refused treatment for this case due to its extremely complex nature and time-consuming requirements. With compassion and the responsibility of a doctor, he determinedly accepted the case for treatment and sponsored 100% of the expenses. After collecting sufficient data, Dr. Nhan identified this as an extremely complex case where the patient had no teeth, severe gum atrophy, and no jawbone. The only remaining structure was the zygomatic bone, but it was deformed, extremely thin, and had a complex anatomical structure. Facing the daunting challenge, Dr. Vo Van Nhan not only confronted the hang by a thread situation but also the pressure that failure could lead to the revocation of his medical license due to treating beyond the allowed scope. With determination and confidence in his own capabilities and experience, Dr. Vo Van Nhan dedicated 90% of the research time to finding a solution. He successfully performed the surgery to zygomatic implants in the upper jaw and nerve transpositioning surgery for dental implants to restore teeth for Ms. H. After 2 years, the surgical procedure was successfully completed.

Ms N.N.H with congenital edentulous ectodermal dysplasia syndrome finds her smile again after 27 years

Recently, in 2023, Dr. Nhan successfully researched and applied subperiosteal dental implant techniques for the first time in Vietnam. This technique is considered a highly valuable solution for cases of severe bone loss that current implant techniques cannot address.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan has achieved remarkable successes, not only helping many patients regain confident smiles but also elevating Vietnamese dentistry to stand alongside countries with advanced dental care worldwide.

In addition to focusing on examinations and treatments, Dr. Vo Van Nhan is also a lecturer at Hong Bang International University (HIU). Furthermore, he regularly participates in dental forums both domestically and internationally to share his knowledge and experience. He has made a significant impact on a large number of dentists and medical students in the Dentistry field, helping the younger generation of dentists gain a better understanding of modern dental methods.

What did Indian doctors say about Dr. Vo Van Nhan's class?

With his talent and achievements for the Vietnamese dental industry, Dr. Vo Van Nhan was honored to be invited by Medent Company – Representative of Nobel Biocare Vietnam to share knowledge and clinical experience on dental implants for Indian Doctors in September 2023 with the theme "Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation". The 2-day session attracted the participation of nearly 30 dentists and received appreciation.

The program includes in-depth lectures on the All On 4 Implant and Zygomatic Implant methods, along with sharing typical examples of clinical cases from simple to complex in boneless solutions, nerve relocation. At the same time, the practical session on All On 4 Implant and Zygomatic Implant techniques on tooth models, and temporary denture cushioning on Implants at the Nobel Biocare Vietnam office has provided valuable learning experiences, helping Indian doctors have clear access to dental implantation methods. Not stopping there, doctors also observed a clinical case of Implant placement using stackable guide performed by Dr. Vo Van Nhan and the team of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.

Dr Rohit Kulkani (Mumbai, India) said, "Dr Nhan came to India to teach in 2022. At the time, I was really impressed and eager to take his course, and he did not disappoint. I have to say, Dr. Nhan is one of the most dynamic speakers and teachers I have ever met in the world."

Not only that, he added, although he performed the All On 4 implant method 6-8 years ago, after attending Dr.Vo Van Nhan's class, he felt the workflow became easier and faster than before. He shared that after attending the class last year and feeling impressed was the reason why he decided to choose Dr. Nhan to supplement his knowledge.

Dr. Arjun (New Delhi, India) shared that Dr. Nhan is both an excellent doctor and a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. In 2022, after attending Dr. Vo Van Nhan's "Train the trainer" class in India, he felt very interested in the lectures and had a good impression of the Vietnamese doctor. That is also what made him come to Vietnam to join Dr. Nhan's class to update his knowledge and improve his skills in treatment.

Like the sharing of other doctors in Dr. Nhan's lesson, Dr. Tashveen Singh (India) with 12 years of experience in the field of dental implants had honest feelings about the class: "What I want when participating in this seminar is how to correctly do Zygomatic implants. Thanks to Dr. Nhan's well-designed lecture and clear instructions, I was fully absorbed. He's an excellent speaker and has a lot of hands-on clinical experience, so that can help us understand the issue clearly."

With in-depth knowledge and experience, Dr. Vo Van Nhan has contributed to improving the skills of Indian dentists. The success of the class through positive comments has affirmed the position of Vietnam's dental industry in the international arena.

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Training program information "Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation":

Time: 09/2023

Day 1: Dr. Vo Van Nhan gave an in-depth lecture on All On 4 implants and Zygomatic implants, and shared good examples of simple to complex clinical cases in graftless solutions. Not only that, but the Indian doctors also have the opportunity for direct practical learning by witnessing dental implant surgery for patients with complete edentulism with X-guide Navigation technology and stackable surgical guide.

Day 2: Indian doctors were instructed by Dr. Nhan to practice the technique of Implant All On 4 and Zygomatic Implant on dental models, and temporary prosthesis conversion on implants at Nobel Biocare Vietnam office.