Dr. Vo Van Nhan - The respected teacher of young dentists

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Dr. Vo Van Nhan is a talented leader, a caring doctor, and a truly admirable teacher. In September 2023, he was invited to teach for a group of Indian doctors with the topic: “Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation”.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan as a Trainer of Workshop Graftless Solutions in Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation

In September 2023, Dr Vo Van Nhan successfully completed a training course for a group of Indian doctors with the topic: "Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation".

The event created an environment for exchanging and sharing experiences among experts in the field. At the same time It once again affirmed Dr. Vo Van Nhan's professional competence and teaching ability...

Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Leading Implant Specialist in Vietnam

Dr. Vo Van Nhan is a pioneer in complex implant techniques to solve severe bone resorption clinical cases such as 3-dimensional bone grafting, suturing large perforated sinus membranes, Improved zygomatic implant combined with inferior alveolar nerve transpositioning and simultaneous implant placement in tooth restoration for patients with congenital edentulous ectodermal dysplasia, application of stem cells in bone grafting and dental implant...

Through continuous effort and dedication, Dr. Vo Van Nhan is actively contributing his knowledge and skills to elevate the status of Vietnamese dentistry on the global stage. He is a keynote speaker at various Implant workshops and conferences, earning numerous awards both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan reported at the VIETDANG SYMPOSIUM 2023 conference on Regeneration and Treatment of Complications in Dental Implants

With over 25 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Vo Van Nhan has successfully treated numerous patients, applying modern techniques to treat many special cases, helping them regain new smiles and improve their quality of life.

A Enthusiastic Teacher for the Young Generation of Dentists

Beyond excelling in his professional duties, Dr. Vo Van Nhan is a thoughtful leader and a teacher with vision. He consistently dedicates time to impart his experience to the young generation of dentists in Vietnam, fostering the development of skilled professionals to serve the community.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan is always ready to share the knowledge and expertise accumulated over 25 years of practice with both local and international dentists. In September 2023, Dr. Vo Van Nhan organized a class specifically for Indian doctors with the topic: "Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation”.

Workshop Graftless Solutions In Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Indian doctors have been fortunate to receive valuable insights from Dr. Vo Van Nhan on contemporary implantation techniques, including the All-on-4 implant and Zygomatic Implant. Through the dedicated training sessions led by Dr. Vo Van Nhan, the Indian doctors team not only gains theoretical knowledge and clinical experience but also engages in hands-on practice with dental models, enhancing their professional skills.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan guides practical sessions for doctors.

To provide a more enjoyable experience after intense study hours, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic organized a gala dinner on a 5-star cruise. The doctors chatted together, enjoyed the party and watched the sparkling and brilliant view of Saigon at night

Dr. Vo Van Nhan presents certificates to Indian doctors during the gala night.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan serves as a shining example for the younger generations of aspiring dentists. In the future, he will continue to steer Nhan Tam Dental Clinic towards sustainable development, carrying on the mission of "For a beautiful, confident smile - strong teeth to help improve the quality of life, happiness and success"