Does tooth decay have to be treated with fillings? Why?

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Question: Hello doctor! I have tooth decay and it seems to be more and more severe. Does decayed tooth need to be filled or what? Can it be restored like the original tooth? Sincerely! (Trinh Quynh Thy - Hanoi)


Hello Miss. Quynh Thy! Thank you for submitting your question. For your question of does decayed tooth need fillings, the answer will be as follows

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is currently the most common oral disease and also is the most damaging dental disease, it can even cause complete tooth loss. Prior to this, patients may experience many problems such as pain, sensitivity, chewing difficulty, bleeding, etc.

Therefore, when a tooth started to decay, treatment is essential to preserve the real tooth as much as possible.

Tooth decay is a common oral disease

So, does tooth decay require dental fillings?

The only way to treat tooth decay is to thoroughly remove the decaying tissues. Only then symptoms caused by tooth decay can be prevented. After that, a dental restorative solution will be utilized to recover chewing capability and protect the remaining healthy tissues to prevent the recurrence of the disease in the long run.

That dental restorative solution is dental filling. This is a form of dental restoration that uses artificial materials to compensate for lost tooth tissues. This material is shaped directly at the area of tooth loss and designed to form the natural teeth like the original. The fillings will be firmly bonded and secured to support the chewing function without worrying about falling off or cracking.

There are good quality materials and benign, highly durable and good strength when hardened so when used to fill teeth will bring long-lasting and extremely high efficiency.

Why you fill your decayed tooth?

After completely removing the decayed tissues, a dental filling is necessary. The following reasons will tell you why you should have dental fillings in the most detailed way:

  • The tooth needs to be restored to the original shape to ensure aesthetics.
  • The tooth needs to be restored to the original shape to ensure chewing function like the original tooth.
  • The remaining healthy tissues need to be preserved to maintain true the tooth root and pulp (if remaining) the best way.
  • It is necessary to avoid recurrence of the disease.

Dental filling is an effective solution to tooth decay

Therefore, we need dental filling after tooth decay treatment as only then we can ensure all the aspects mentioned above.

If you are interested in this treatment or need more advice about tooth decay, please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for direct and dedicated consultation by doctors, giving you the best treatment possible. However, the effectiveness of dental filling depends on the condition of each person.