How much do dental fillings cost at Nhan Tam dental clinic?

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Nowadays, many people wonder how much dental fillings cost. To answer this problem, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will specifically analyze the factors that determine the cost of fillings. At the same time, a price list of dental fillings is offered at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for customers and readers to easily follow.

The cost of fillings depends on the condition of the teeth

PhD.DDS Vo Van Nhan, Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic said that each level of the damaged tooth will have a different price. Therefore, the cost of fillings will first depend on the condition of each person's teeth. In the case of chipped, thin enamel, broken teeth, and decayed teeth, the cost will be different from when the filling is severely damaged, affecting the pulp.

Specifically, filling teeth with light decay, less breakage will have a lower cost. Because it only needs to restore the shape of the teeth and does not require too much time and does not require complicated techniques.

In contrast, with cases of severe tooth decay and pulp caries, it is necessary to treat tooth decay and pulpitis before filling. Otherwise, it will cause many dangerous complications, directly affecting oral health. Therefore, the cost of cosmetic dental fillings with severe disease will be more expensive due to the cost of root canal treatment.

The price of fillings depends on the filling material

Currently, in most dentists, there are two commonly applied filling methods, which are direct fillings and indirect fillings. With each method, the cost of fillings will also be different.

Inlay / Onlay indirect fillings: This method is often quite expensive because it takes longer to perform than conventional fillings. Besides, because the filling is molded outside according to the teeth, then it is attached to the position of the missing or broken tooth. Dental fillings Inlay/Onlay have high durability, are usually made from porcelain or rare metal, have very good tooth restoration ability.

Direct fillings: With this method, the doctors will use Composite or Amalgam materials to make up for the missing teeth. This way of filling is quite simple, just put the filling material directly on the tooth to be restored and adjust the aesthetic shape accordingly.

The price of fillings depends on the number of teeth

PhD.DDS Vo Van Nhan said that the number of teeth that need fillings also directly affects the cost of fillings customers have to pay. If filling many teeth, the cost will certainly be different when filling one tooth.

For more details about the price of regular fillings, customers can refer to the price list of cosmetic dental fillings being applied at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic below:

In addition to the above factors, how much money to fill teeth also depends on the pricing policy of each dental center. This is determined by equipment, machinery, facilities as well as technology, and the doctor's performance.

For more details, please come directly to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for a detailed examination of the condition of your teeth. From there, the doctors will advise you on methods, treatments and inform you how much the fillings cost.