Underbite and treatment

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Underbite is a condition in which the mandible overgrow or the lower teeth angled outward. People with underbite will have bite joint misalignment because the upper teeth sit behind the lower jaw.

Underbite affects the psychology of patients as well as health. Because of bite misalignment, eating and communication become very difficult. These effects can last until the end of life if not treated. The doctor only treats retrusion after a detailed examination for each specific case. Depending on each case, there will be different solutions to overcome retrusion, providing a confident smile and a better life.

Causes of underbite

Underbite usually caused by genetic factors. Most cases of underbite are congenital and happened from a young age, but there are also some cases of underbite occur in adulthood due to bad habits.

Underbite has two form, due to the teeth and due to the jaw. For teeth underbite, the upper teeth angled too far inward, or the lower teeth angled too far outward, or both. Jaw underbite is caused by the protrusion and overgrowth of the lower jaw. Some have both problems. If this is the case, the treatment will be very complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Underbite leads to many different consequences, greatly affecting the patient's life.

Treatment of underbite

First is underbite treatment due to teeth. In this case, braces and crowns are two possible solutions. Depend on each specific case, the doctor will prescribe the most appropriate treatment to cure underbite, overcoming smile defects, giving you a better life. Crown treatment is prescribed for mild teeth underbite. At that time, the doctors will trim the real teeth, shaping the teeth and cover it with created crowns so to have a form that fit the teeth on the jawline.

This method of teeth correction is quite simple and only takes 2-3 appointments, ensuring good chewing but only effective when the condition is mild, not too complex. In severe cases, the teeth angled out too much then the braces method is required. Braces treatment is the process of moving the teeth to the correct, cosmetic position to have balanced, aligned and beautiful teeth. The braces duration can last from 1.5 to 2.5 years depending on the condition of each person.

Second is underbite treatment due to the jaw. Usually caused by jaw overgrowth, which makes it protrude to the front, causing underbite. In this case, orthodontic surgery is the only way to bring the teeth to the correct position, balanced with the upper jaw, ensuring normal chewing function, harmonize with the structure of the whole face. The surgeon will surgically remove parts of the lower jaw to correct teeth structure.

Braces treatment is also one of the complex surgical procedures that can lead to complications. However, if you choose a reputable clinic, you will have a satisfactory result. Doctors who have deep knowledge and experience will find appropriate treatment methods that will provide the best results for patients, minimize risks and complications that may occur.

The impact of underbite on life

Besides the aesthetic issues, aesthetics also affects life as well as communication.

  • Because the two functions do not match, it does not guarantee the function of chewing food, difficulty in eating.From the issue of nutrition is not guaranteed will be followed by a series of other effects such as stomach, digestion ... and overall health.
  • More likely to decay due to enamel wear.
  • Underbite patients often breathe through the mouth, because the mouth does not close. Tend to snore when sleeping which affects surrounding people, many cases it can cause breathing difficulty.
  • Frequently experiencing jaw pain, temporomandibular pain.

Underbite affects health and also the obstacles to communication, affecting career, study. Please, visit a reputable clinic for dental examination, receive consultation on your condition. The sooner the intervention, the more effective and the treatment will be.