Braces for diviated teeth

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Deviated teeth, simply understand as teeth that grow unevenly, affect chewing capability as well as cosmetic. In this case, braces treatment is the most suitable solution to bring an aligned, balanced and beautiful teeth.

If deviated, crooked teeth do not receive timely treatment will affect dental as well as overall health. Braces treatment help patients with crooked teeth having aligned teeth, balanced face and a better smile. By using braces, applying force on the teeth on each specific stage will shift the deviated teeth back to the desired position.

Why should you get braces at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic?

There are many causes such as genetic, size imbalance between teeth and jaws, defects due to cleft lip/palate, bad habits such as finger sucking, lip biting, lip sucking, long-term use of pacifiers, untreated tooth decay lead to deviation due to the narrow jaw, undeveloped or overdeveloped jaw can all lead to crowding without proper fit, causing cosmetic and chewing problems.

Deviated, falsely erupted teeth can cause negative effects. Dr. Vo Van Nhan, the founder of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, said that crooked teeth or misplaced teeth will make it difficult for patients to maintain oral hygiene, causing periodontal disease and other dental diseases. Irregular position, the deviation between teeth can change the intensity and alignment of the chewing force and loosen the teeth. Braces treatment help keep your teeth healthy, avoiding other serious dental problems.

The ideal direction of force applied to the teeth must be parallel to the main axis of the teeth and the center of rotation. Angled or horizontal forces are very harmful because they tend to rotate and create areas where the periodontal membrane is compressed between the two hard tissues. Dental defects in which false teeth can actually affect the patient's psyche. Many people lose confidence in life, afraid to communicate so do not want to go to work and meet people. The desire for orthodontic treatment is no longer so distant for people with deviated teeth. The advancement of modern dentistry will correct your teeth, bringing your teeth back to its proper order in a short period of time.

Treatment of deviated teeth

Mild teeth deviation can be corrected by using dental crowns. However, severe cases require proper braces to restore the normal bite joint.

Braces treatment is a popular method and considered to be the most ideal solution for deviated teeth. Your doctor will use orthodontic devices to interact directly with the roots and move the teeth slowly until they properly fitted on the jawline. The duration of braces can last from 1.5 to 2.5 years depending on the specific condition of each person.

Braces affect the root and secure the teeth in the new position, so its effectiveness is permanent. If the patient complies with the dentist's instruction on wearing retainers, there is no chance of it shifting back to the old position. The advantage of this solution is not invasive to the teeth and preserve the structure of the real teeth. After the procedure, you can eat normally without sensitivity as some other methods.

Do not let ugly teeth interfere with your smile. Choose a reputable site for braces treatment before it is too late, causing unwanted dental diseases. In addition, this treatment helps you eat better, ensured health and a better life.

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