Braces treatment prices at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

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A beautiful smile and aligned teeth will project an approachable aura to other people. Because of that, many people today choose braces to improve their teeth so that they are both beautiful and aligned. Apart from paying attention to how long braces treatment last, many people are also wondering how much braces cost.

Cases that should be treated by braces

Not everyone is born lucky to own proper aligned and beautiful teeth. Because of that, many people want brace treatment but do not know the reasonable price. However, before you studying the price of braces, you should know your dental condition and if it is suitable for braces - orthodontic treatment or not.

Here are some cases that require brace treatment to acquire good and aligned teeth soon:

Crooked teeth: The teeth sprout disorderly, not according to the original position.

Protrusion: The upper front teeth protrude too much compared to the lower teeth, difficult to have a proper bite.

Underbite: The lower teeth protrude too much compared to the upper teeth.

Spacing: The distances between teeth are too great, creating gaps.

How much do braces cost?

Currently, the price of braces at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic range from 30 to 102 million. In particular, the method most people choose is the traditional braces with brackets because this is a cost-saving method yet effective. However, it is not very cosmetic during the treatment process. Therefore, depending on the condition of the teeth as well as cosmetic desire and financial ability, you can choose the method that suits you the most.

In particular, the brace price list of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is as follows:

Things to keep in mind before brace treatment

Prior to brace treatment, customers need to identify their oral condition (protrusion, underbite, buck tooth, spacing, etc.) For underbite cases, it is necessary to determine the cause whether due to teeth or both teeth and jaw. If it is due to the lower jaw, then jaw surgery is essential. Only then, underbite treatment can yield the best result.

According to experts, braces treatment is a difficult technique in dentistry, requiring specialized doctors with competency to perform well, if not, it can easily lead to unwanted complications. Evaluation of the teeth ability to shift back the standard position on the jaw is especially important, so do not underestimate the consultation stage from the doctors.

Dr. Tran Thi Nga advising patients

Customers should be careful with brace treatment prices that are too cheap, for instance, treatments that cost only from 7.000.000 VND or the prices below 30.000.000 VND because cheap braces are often do not guarantee quality results.

If you have any more questions about the price of braces or want to find out more about cosmetic braces services at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, please call 1900 56 5678 for a free and specific consultation.

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