What causes toothache and treatment?

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Hello doctor, I am 24 years old this year, my upper front teeth have been hurting for a few days now. I feel my teeth are a bit loose, especially when I eat cold food, it hurts even more. Can you advise me on the cause of my toothache and how to treat it, doctor? (Kim Anh - Can Tho)


Hello Kim Anh! Thank you for trusting Nhan Tam Dental Clinic and sending us your questions. Regarding your concerns, we will specifically answer you as follows.

Causes of toothache

The phenomenon of loose front teeth and pain is often caused by periodontitis (inflammation around the teeth). Periodontal disease is a disease of the supporting tissue around the teeth including the gums (gingiva), ligaments, and alveolar bone. When you have this disease, the gums are often inflamed, bleed, and will gradually fall away from the teeth, creating deep pockets and causing sensitivity. When exposed to cold water, you will experience more pain.

Normally, the gums will stick around the neck of the tooth. There is always a narrow gap between the teeth and gums and is only about 1-2 mm deep. When the state of oral hygiene is poor, there is much food debris entering the gum gap, deposited there, gradually hardening into tartar, causing gingivitis and causing you to have pain in the front teeth, if not corrected soon, it will disappear. more severe periodontitis.

The phenomenon of toothache is often caused by periodontitis

Moreover, if not cared for and treated properly, the bones and ligaments surrounding the teeth are also gradually destroyed, making the teeth have no support, become wobbly, and eventually fall out or be forced to pull out. tooth.

In addition, some causes of pain in front teeth can be mentioned such as dental caries, dental trauma (chipped teeth, broken teeth, worn enamel ...).

How to treat toothache pain?

Pain in front teeth is mainly caused by bacteria in plaque or tartar that persists in the mouth for a long time, not from eating too many hard and cold objects. You should visit a dental clinic to determine the exact disease, then have specific treatment support.

With gingivitis, periodontitis is the first thing you need to think about. Removing tartar means removing bacteria and ending gum swelling and bleeding gums.

If the gums are diseased, removing tartar will cause a lot of pain in the front teeth and bleeding if done in the usual way, so the doctor recommends choosing a method of periodic tartar to protect the jaw. strong teeth.

Visit a dentist for effective treatment of dental disease

If the pain in the front teeth still does not go away, the doctor will assign you to use gel to support the treatment of gingivitis. To prevent the gel from being washed away by saliva, you will be wearing a medicine tray (similar to a tray used for teeth whitening), until the disease is cured, the teeth are strong again.

You can choose a filling or porcelain crown for each specific case for tooth decay or other tooth trauma.

With the information we give, you can completely understand the causes of toothache pain and how to treat it. If you have any problems with your teeth, please contact Nhan Tam dental clinic for free advice and answers. Wish you always be healthy and have a bright smile!