Does tooth filling requires pulp removal?

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Hello doctor, I have a tooth that being decay for more than 2 years old. I also don't know how bad it is. I want to go to the dentist and get tooth filling but I have heard that it require pulp removal. I hope you can advise me if it is necessary to remove my pulp for tooth filling? (Thu Hien - HCMC)


Hello miss Thu Hien!

Thank you for entrusting and sharing us your question. About your question of does tooth filling require pulp removal, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will explain to you as follows:

What is Pulp removal before tooth fillings?

Pulp removal before tooth fillings is a common prescription especially in cases of pulpitis or tooth decay. This approach is necessary and sometimes mandatory for teeth with pulp inflammation. When the pulp is inflamed, it can not be cured, but can only be removed and then the teeth cavity will be filled up. That is the only way to release patients from pain and other complications. If your tooth decay case is mild and you do not have pulpitis, you can just fill your tooth. However, to know the precise condition of your teeth, it is best for you to come directly to the dental clinic so that the doctors can give you an examination and the most suitable consultation.

Does tooth filling need pulp removal?

Severe tooth decay often requires the removal of the pulp because the decaying tissues will affect the pulp. To get rid of all decaying tissues, interaction with the pulp is unavoidable. Therefore, it is necessary to remove both the decaying tissues and the pulp only then the tooth filling will be applied to restore the shape of the teeth, offset the loss of real tissues to restore normal chewing, eating function.

Pulp removals in severe tooth decay are often unavoidable

Only in case of mild tooth decay that you can avoid pulp removal. In such cases, you only need to scrape a small amount of decaying enamel then fill it. The procedure can be completed without affecting the pulp.

If you have to remove the pulp, the procedure will be very gentle, fillings will also be applied with the modern Laser Technology. The technology that utilizes a dental laser to create a firm and stronger bond between the filling material and the surface of the tooth tissue. The adhesive material is enhanced, rigid and tight-fitting, eliminate the problem of air pocket cavities that conventional techniques are prone to. With this technology, tooth fillings will be completed in a short period of time, limiting the infection of the real tooth and pulp, preventing the teeth sensitivity after filling, restoring a normal, long-lasting chewing capability.

With the information we have provided, we hope you will come to the clinic as soon as possible so that the doctor can give you the most suitable treatment. If there are any questions that need to be answered, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is always ready to consult.