Some tips for wisdom teeth pain relief

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Hello doctor, I am 21 years old, currently have one wisdom tooth, now I am preparing to grow a second one in the upper jaw. I'm waiting for it to grow all the way and then pluck it once. However, I was in so much pain that I could not eat or speak. The doctor can advise me some tips for wisdom teeth pain relief. Thank you. (Phuong Nhi – Long An)


Dear Phuong Nhi! Thank you for submitting your question about Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. With your sharing, we will give you some tips for wisdom teeth pain relief.

Wisdom teeth eruption is one of the most frightening obsessions for most people because of the intense pain, causing the patient to lose sleep and eat. To minimize that discomfort, our forefathers have researched and re-shared many effective ways to relieve pain when wisdom teeth erupt. Let's see Nhan Tam Dental Clinic what those ways are and how they are done in this article.

How to relieve pain when wisdom teeth grow with cloves

Using cloves to relieve pain when wisdom teeth are teething is a fairly common method used to relieve pain at home. Cloves have high anti-inflammatory properties. In particular, cloves also have "anesthetic" properties, so they can create a feeling like when we are under anesthesia with drugs. After using, people with toothache will no longer feel pain.

How to use: You just need to put a clove in your mouth and hold it for about 5-10 minutes. Or use a cotton swab to apply clove powder to the gums and wisdom teeth to relieve pain for both teeth and gums, and enhance the antiseptic properties of the teeth.

Using cloves can maintain the cooling of wisdom teeth for a few hours. Therefore, after this period of time, you repeat one time putting or applying cloves on your teeth until the pain is gone.

How to relieve pain when wisdom teeth grow with garlic

Garlic can be used for temporary relief of pain. This is an effective way to relieve pain when wisdom teeth are growing, and easy to do. Garlic has very high antibacterial properties, especially against bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and effectively reduce inflammation

How to cure painful wisdom teeth is very simple, just use peeled garlic cloves to rub gently on the painful tooth, both teeth, and around the gums. Do it gently until the pain subsides, then bite the garlic on the tooth for a while until the pain is gone. The duration of maintenance depends on each person, but every time you feel the feeling of dampness return, you will need to rub garlic once.

Onions cure pain when wisdom teeth teething

Onions are also effective in treating toothache because onions have very good anti-inflammatory properties, effective pain relief, but the degree of reduction may vary from person to person.

Mint leaves help relieve pain when wisdom teeth teething

Mint leaves have many uses in the treatment of oral diseases, can be used to freshen the mouth, and cure wisdom tooth pain.

Peppermint has many uses in pain relief

Take dried mint leaves and put it on your teeth for about 20 minutes, repeat several times a day, the amount depends on the condition and the pain. Using mint leaves, you will not only feel less pain but also see stronger gums.

Use olive oil to relieve pain for wisdom teeth

In addition to the beauty effect, olive oil can also relieve pain for wisdom teeth. The method is simple, just apply olive oil on the wisdom teeth, surrounding gums, and adjacent teeth. As the mixture is absorbed, the sensation of pain is lessened.

Cucumber "cools down" wisdom tooth pain

Just a few slices of cool cucumber placed on the teeth, around the teeth and gums for about 30 minutes can effectively cut the toothache. The vitamins and minerals in melon will be absorbed by the tissues and reduce the pain.

Cucumber has many uses, one of which is to relieve pain when wisdom teeth teething

How to relieve pain when teething wisdom thanks to saltwater

Saltwater is a good friend of the mouth, gargle with salt water daily to disinfect. When a toothache occurs, you can increase the number of saltwater rinses per day. Rinse your mouth once every hour for good effect. Saltwater is also a good way to relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction.

Toothache pain reliever

This is the fastest effective pain reliever, in many cases, and depending on the medicine you buy, the pain will sometimes go away completely, only when the effect of the drug is over, the pain will return. Your job is just to take the next pill, maintain it until the pain is gone. Usually, each toothache lasts only a few days.

In order for the pain not to have a chance to "torment" you anymore, the only way is to remove the wisdom tooth. This is an indication that not only has the benefit of cutting pain in the short term, but also helps prevent disease in the long term. At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, doctors have applied the most modern anesthetic techniques to minimize pain and complications when removing wisdom teeth.

With modern techniques, a team of doctors with long experience and dedication to the profession, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is confident to be one of the reliable addresses in the field of dentistry.