I have a broken and decay incisor. What should I do?

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Dear doctor, I am 27 years old this year, I have a chipped front tooth. So what should I do? (Pham Trang, Dong Nai)

Depending on the condition of the chipped tooth, there will be appropriate treatment methods:

  • In case the tooth is slightly chipped, there is no damage to the tooth, just filling it.
  • In case the tooth has a large chipped, trauma to the pulp, it is necessary to treat the pulp, then restore it with cosmetic porcelain teeth.

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Hello Pham Trang, glad that you have submitted your question to the FAQ section of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. To find the answer to your question, please refer to the information below.

What to do with chipped front teeth?

Dr Vo Van Nhan said: Depending on the condition of the chipped tooth, whether there is damage to the tooth or not, there is an appropriate treatment method.

If the case is small, there is no damage to the tooth, it is only necessary to fill it with cosmetic materials such as composite. However, the durability of the filling is not high, especially the filling in the incisor position. Therefore, if you apply this method, you will have to reapply many times after 2-3 years of use.

If the tooth has a large chipped, trauma to the tooth pulp, it should be treated well, then restored with cosmetic porcelain teeth. For the incisors area, you can choose all-ceramic crowns. Because the characteristics of all-ceramic restorations are good biocompatibility with gum tissue, less cause gingivitis, no blackening of the gum line over time, clear color, natural shine like real teeth.

Simulate the method of porcelain crown

Ideally, you should research carefully and choose for yourself a reputable dental address so that the doctor can examine your oral condition, take 3D CT X-rays, and bring accurate diagnosis results. This helps the doctor to advise you correctly and to plan a specific treatment so that you can improve your smile as soon as possible.

Suggest a reputable dental address

Currently, it is not too difficult to find a dentist when there are a series of centers established and operating. However, the fact that the number of quality centers is not much, makes customers confused in choosing. To know which is a reputable dental address, you can evaluate through some of the following criteria:

  • Dental clinics must have a license to operate.
  • Good team of doctors licensed to practice.
  • Modern facilities.
  • Ensure sterility - sterility in dentistry.
  • Staff service.
  • Service Warranty Policy.

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