Root canal is not clean

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 636
Sometimes after making dentures, there is pain and swelling in the gums in the denture area, on the gums, there is a white protrusion, sometimes when you press on, you can see cloudy yellow mucus flowing out, sometimes you can't see it. what. Those are signs that the root canal is not clean.

According to Dr Vo Van Nhan: These symptoms indicate that your tooth has not been extracted or has root canal treatment but is not satisfactory, thereby leading to infection, creating a pus-filled cavity in the apex of the tooth bearing tooth fake.

Although oral medications can stop the pain after a while, this is highly undesirable for many reasons: the disease cannot be completely cured with medication alone, the disease will recur many times, and the pus pocket in the jawbone will become more and more frequent. It grows larger and can damage nearby healthy teeth, not to mention buying medicine (without a doctor's prescription) leading to drug resistance that makes it difficult to treat later.

Root canal is not clean causing severe pain

The treatment of unclean pulp affects your teeth in the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a dental clinic for treatment as soon as possible.

Since it is desirable to treat but not remove the existing dentures, this can be done with surgery (a small operation with local anesthesia). However, it is the doctor's decision based on the specific examination of the patient's oral condition and health to have a reasonable treatment regimen, bringing the best treatment results.