Warranty policy and condition for implant restoration

The warranty policy after implant placement is always a top concern for customers. The following implant placement warranty policy of Nhan Tam dental clinic will help you feel more at ease when having treatment at the clinic.

1. This warranty apply to

All customers who had implant restoration treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

2. Warranty method

  • Warranty card
  • Online warranty

3. Warranty period

Korean Implant Fixture8 years
French Implant Fixture20 years
USA Implant FixtureLifetime
Abutment + Titanium Porcelain Crown4 years
Abutment + Cercon Porcelain Crown5 years
Porcelain Implant in cases of placement in other center3 years

4. General terms

  • The success rate of implant placement is very high, from 97% to 100%. However, there is a low rate of 3% that the implant will not integrate with the jaw bone due to many different factors. In this case, dentist will place a different implant (for free) at the same area. If the patient wants a refund (i.e do not want to continue treatment), the patient will lose 30% of the implant fee.
  • Incase of fail implant and need to place again, the clinic will place the implant of the same type for free, if patient wants to change to a different type of implant, patient will pay a variance in the cost of these 2 implant types.
  • If patient’s crown is cracked or broken within the warranty duration, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will replace another crown with same material for free.
  • If patient’s crown is cracked or broken beyond the warranty duration, a new crown will be charged following to the price list of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic at that time. However, patient will have a certain percentage of discount depending on the level of crown damage.

5. Warranty Scope

Warranty is applied when:

  • Patient have regular oral cleaning every 4 to 6 months
  • Patient re-examine following to doctor’s appointment
  • Does not smoke or smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day
  • Stable bite (occlusion)
  • Using night-guard if suffered from bruxism
  • Notify the doctor immediately if there are signs of pain, swelling or bleeding

Patient re-examine following to doctor’s appointment

Warranty is not applied when:

  • Patient do not attend at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.
  • Patient do not re-examine following to doctor’s appointment.
  • Patient eats hard food and bite hard stuff.
  • Patient has improper oral-hygiene maintenance before and after treatment.
  • Patient smokes a lot.
  • Patient has new periodontal problems.
  • Patient has unfavorable medical diseases, affecting oral dental health: endocrine disease, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  • Allergic reactions and medical conditions that are not clearly detected before proceeding with the dental procedure.
  • Damage due to excessive stress (bruxism, teeth clenching, etc.)
  • Broken crowns due to accidents.
  • If teeth have any problems, patient needs to inform the clinic immediately to proceed with the repair. Nhan Tam Dental Clinic does not responsible for or take payment for cases that patients do not return to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic but repair the teeth at another clinic.
  • For porcelain teeth, in cases patient want to change the color and shape of teeth after agreeing on permanently attachment, it will not be warranted.
  • Implant placement warranty does not apply to patients who have implant placement from other clinics and come to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic to have crown placement, those cases can only be covered by Crown warranty.

Advises after Implant placement

There might be mild pain lasting a few days after implant placement.

Swelling on the second day after implant which will subside in the following days.

During the first day (the day of the implant placement), place ice packs on the lip or cheek corresponding to the implant area. On the following days apply warm water to dissolve clotted blood and reduce swelling.

There might be bruises in the lips or cheeks (These bruises will be reduced when applied with a warm towel)

When you are about to cough, you should open your mouth wide to reduce pressure on the operated sinus area.

Do not clean the white film on the wound with your tongue or hand.

Avoid spitting continuously.

Do not smoke for 2 weeks before the implant placement and 2 - 4 weeks after implant placement

Drink the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Revisit after 10 days (or according to the scheduled appointment at the receptionist)

The sutures used in surgical procedures are absorbable.

However, if the patient was to experience discomfort, the doctor can remove the excess sutures

If there are abnormal signs such as excessive bleeding, big swelling, side effect after taking the medicine (hives, itchiness, breathing difficulty, etc.), do not treat it all by yourself and contact the clinic instead.

After implant placement, oral hygiene require special attention

Advice after attaching the temporaty crowns and permanent crown restoration

If you have temporary crowns attached, you should avoid chewing on the operated area.

Around 6 weeks after securing the crowns, you should eat soft food, chew slowly and softly. After 6 weeks you can eat normally but avoid the following things (see below).

Do not eat within 60 minutes after attaching the crowns

If experiencing bulging, entanglement or misalignment when biting 2 teeth together, please return to the clinic for adjustment, do not chew if there is a bulge as it can break the crown.

Brush normally including the porcelain crowns.


Bite, tear food that is too hard or too hot with your porcelain crowns.

Do not drink hot drinks (implant fixtures are usually made of metal so that it can absorb heat much more than normal tissue, using hot drinks can affect the tissues around the fixtures).

Do not eat hot and cold food at the same time (Crowns are made of porcelain, because of that it will continuously shrink and widen when interacted with cold and hot food respectively, which can break the porcelain crowns)

Avoid food with high stickiness.

With a clear warranty policy, a team of implant specialists with more than 20 years of experience, modern facilities, and machinery, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the implant treatment result. Please contact Nhan Tam dental clinic consultation team right away to have more information about the service.